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Sorry Grown Ups You Cant Go to School I gave this book 5 stars because it is about getting kids ready and excited for school That first day is tough and this book is great in helping making that first day easier This book has an entertaining premise of using a humorous bit of reverse psychology a kind of parental wish for a FREAKY FRIDAY moment to make kids want to go to school Christina and Tim capture this role reversal brilliantly by having all the fun things that a child would be excited about new backpacks with secret pockets playing games reading on the cozy carpet science experiments and recess drive the adults nuts with longing Overall it is a fun read especially when the grownups imagine themselves at school Tim Bowers' bright playful illustrations are absolutely delightful And it could help ease a child's nerves as they face the first days of a new school year The book Sorry Grown Ups You Can’t go to School is a book about a brother and sister that are about to go to their first day of school While eating breakfast on the first day their mom comes downstairs with her new backpack and then her dad comes downstairs with his new sneakers Soon their grandparents arrived at their front door also with backpacks The kids explained that none of them could go to school only they could In response their parents and grandparents replied that they wanted to go to school to participate in all the fun activities that they would be participating In like playing with their friends at recess science experiments and read books After that the parents dropped the two kids off at school to have a very enjoyable first day A major theme of this story is to get kids excited about attending school Reading this kids may start to like school better because they could become aware that they do fun things at school and they may even start to believe that school is so fun even their parents want to go too I thought that this book was exceptionally creative It is a great way to get kids excited about attending school as many kids could be very sad that summer is over After reading this book they could realize that attending school is very cool This book could leave kids with a positive viewpoint of school and it could help them get excited about attending every day I think that kids in all grades of lower school should read this book I think it is important for kids to have a positive mindset about school at an early age so they always think highly of it and always want to attend school Reading this book could get kids to get excited to attend school and they may even start to like to school I think it would be very beneficial for adults to read this to their children so that they can always think of school as a positive thing all throughout their life As far as back to school books go this book had a relatively uniue fun premise which featured an entertaining role reversal In which the parents grandparents wanted to go to school and the kids denied them saying that school was only meant for kids and teachersNow I am sure nothing works on all kids but I personally feel like this kind of reverse psychology works on most kids I know it works on mine Especially considering that this book portrays school as something really desirable fun and importantly super exclusiveWhich is why I definitely recommend to keep this one in your back to school books collection Shantala Shanaya Tales A funny take on 'take your kids to work day' these grown ups want to go to school but the kids keep telling them no In the end the kids remind the parents that they are going to work with them the next day The book Sorry Grown Ups You Can't Go to School is about grandparents and parents who want to go to school with their children The kids repeat that school is only for kids and teachers The parents end up not attending school and dropping the kids off At the end the kids mention that they will be going to work with the adults tomorrow This fun role reversal picture book will help reluctant students see the appeal of schoolIt's just another school morninguntil Mom Dad Grandma and even Bow wow the dog BEG the kids to let them come to school too Dad can tie his own shoes why can't he come Mom is all ready with her brand new backpack she's allowed right No Only kids and teachersChristina Geist's warm interactive story is the perfect tool for parents of kids who are reluctant or nervous about going to school The fun refrain Sorry grown ups You can't go to school Only kids and teachers Only kids and teachers brilliantly paints school as something exclusive and desirablewhich kids can access Tim Bowers's lively illustrations enhance the fun and heighten the hilarity This is sure to be a back to school classic in many families and classrooms Okay this was better than I thought it would be I wasn't wild about the illustration style but the story is pretty cute Mom dad grandpa grandma AND their dog all want to go to school with the kids The kids have to be like Noooo The day begins normal as Lady and Buddy prepare to go to school but things are flipped on its head as Lady and Buddy's parents and grandparents are asking to attend school also After several negative responses to their reuests the parents are left behind for the day I wish the book wasn't so 'white'

  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Sorry Grown Ups You Cant Go to School
  • Christina Geist
  • 11 July 2016
  • 9781524770853