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  • The Bookish Life of Nina HillA Novel
  • Abbi Waxman
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  • 17 August 2015
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    I have read my way through 315 books to bring you my Top 10 Books of the Year videoNow you know that this one made the cut check out my video review to see the others I mean I get that the universe whirls in mysterious yada yada but wouldn't you rather travel the world?No I'd rather stay home and read Nina Hill's life is perfect as it is thank you very muchShe has an adorable little apartment a fabulous job at a local bookstore Knight's and a grumpy cat Phil Nina looked down and smiledwith the plentiful sarcasm and soothing rows of book spines It was heaven on earth And on her wild days she plays trivia at a local bar provided it isn't one of the places she's been banned from it happens okay? Tom her greatest rival can be a bit of a jerk and Nina takes extreme pleasure in showing him up Her life comfortably circles around books And honestly she wouldn't have it any other way Are your criticizing Harry Potter?Never I'm a Ravenclaw But unfortunately what you want and what you get isn't always the same thing Nina's mother is a world class photographer and as a result Nina spent most of her childhood curled up with a good book along with her live in nannyIn short Nina is not overly fond of adventures at least in real lifeNow nearly thirty years old Nina learns that not only did her mother actually know who Nina's father was but also her father is dead And she's in his will But in order to claim it she must meether many relatives shudder Strangers Dangers And all thatAnnnnd all this turmoil continues to spiralHer trivia nemesis Tom is actually far less of a jerk than she anticipated He's objectively attractive but subjectively repulse on account of his overwhelming self confidence And Tom well he's always noticed Nina but now he's reallllly noticing her She's really smart probably too smart for me And to top it all Knight's Bookstore is on its last legs It was actually on it's last legs months and months agoNina is heartbroken but at least her boss has a planthough it's not much of one Make the books look pretty Smile but look pitiful When people ask if we're closing shake your head softly and suggest they buy a boxed set Bookish Nina will have to do something she's never even considered before take charge and make a differenceWill she do it in time? Or will everything crumble before she even begins? Dammit Now she was going to have to change her planner This book was perfect I honestly have not related so much to a main character in years There are people who have no time for booksNina judged them I feel like Nina and I are soul sistersI loved Nina's fierce love of any and all things bookish especially her dedicated reading time Sometimes people tried to get her to do something instead but she was fiercely defensive of her nothing The characters were firmly fleshed out and their personalities were so vibrant that I felt like I could have a conversation with them One of my favorite parts about this book was actually reading it with my mother My mom always gets to check out the books sent to me by publishers and she snatched this one up so fast that if I had blinked I would have missed itReading this one with her was truly a wonderful bonding experience We laughed so hard whenever we saw Nina interact with her family and we sighed with happiness at the ending Waxman paced those snappy conversations perfectly for our sense of humor The relationship was over the top but in a totally believable way you know what I mean It's like a meet cute but one that I can actually see happening Good night tiny bookworm And probably the best uote of the entire book Being with you is as good as being alone Pure happiness Unbelievably huge thanks to Berkley Publishing for sending me a free copy in exchange for an honest reviewYouTube | Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Snapchat mirandareads Happy Reading

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    Yaaayy Good news my friends Nina is back for holidayClick this amazing author’s website abbiwaxmancom to get your story and boost your holiday spirit🎉🥳🎄And of course here’s my review for this smart entertaining one of the best books of 2019📚Five bold big underlined shining intellectual uirky weird nuts but so so so much entertaining perfectly crafted how can I resist to love it stars How any ordinary human being could resist the charm of Nina Hill’s characteristic attributes Not me this was love at first sight I loved her She is not a regular smart nerdy introvert book worn she’s so busy social with her scheduled book club events trivia competitions with her straightforward comments standing up against the unfairness cheating or any other miscalculation of their earned points her friends and she are banned from most of the competition places movie nights at Arc Light theatres mostly her date is greasy popcorn She reads a lot she drinks wine a lot My God this is definition of me She may suffer from ADD OCD anxiety and panic attacks OMG this is still me She has great sense of humor sensitive observation skills uite creative imagination I don’t want to look like pretentious but it’s still me Oh boy Did I know the author from somewhere???? She has a long distance relationship with her mother since she was a little baby She was left with a nanny and only communication way to her mother were postcards and no relationship with her father because she doesn’t know who he is Mother part is close but I love my father Okay the author is not BB or stalker That means there are millions of people like me Good to know not to be alone Didn’t I mention she‘s so busy with her impeccably detailed and organized schedule so WHO NEEDS A FAMILY WHO NEEDS A BOYFRIEND RIGHT? ERRRRRRR Wrong answer Nina So sorry you may answer all the trivia uestion without blinking or breathing at least she didn’t suffocate but she has a crush on Tom who is a member of rival team competing against them at the trivia uizzes And she learns that she has a father who has watched her from a distance married too many times lived a joyful life put her into his will before dying from a sudden heart attack Now she learns that she has brother sisters nephews older than her grand nephews a crowded crazy dysfunctional big family Okay this part is close to me For the first time in my life I have so much common with a character Now she wants TO RUN HIDE DISAPPEAR Anything she can do not to connect with those people who fight too much who resent each other so much who have so many differences but still they manage to stay together Isn’t this a classical definition of a regular family? I loved the parts about Nina’s worldview changing As soon as she starts to connect with each member of her family and open her heart to Tom by letting him in she realizes she still likes to be alone but in the meantime she also enjoys to be with the people she loved deep in her heart This book is about resistance to change but learning to adapt and be brave to share your feelings be openminded to enjoy different and challenging experiences of life take risks embrace your differences uirks antics and finally learn to love yourself and share your love without putting any restriction or limitation Yaaaayyyy I found my fiction twin Of course it was easy to give five stars I loved the author’s way of thinking writing creating characters that so easy to be resonated I mostly agree with her comments and observations about LA life I really laughed so much at those parts my cheeks still hurt So as soon as it’s released on July 9th go and get this book and devour every word of it Laugh without thinking people giving you weird faces They gave me but I handled it maturely I stuck my tongue Special thanks to Berkley Books to send me ARC copy via NetGalley also special thanks to them too for exchanging my honest review This part always reminds me of Academy Award speeches but at least this is short one bloginstagramfacebooktwitter

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    Abbi Waxman's creation the book obsessed 29 year old Nina Lee Hill was an absolute joy for me to spend time with particularly with the mass of literary and cultural references littered throughout this wonderful piece of contemporary fiction with all its comic humour Set in the offbeat district of Larchmont LA Nina works at the independent bookstore Knights established in the 1940s It's the best fit for Nina an OCD over planner so Monica from Friends is obviously her favourite character Nina is smart sarcastic socially awkward and anxious for whom spontaneity and the unexpected throws her for a loop Books are at the top of the list in her 5 perfect things they are medication sanctuary and the source of all good things nothing has yet proven her wrong and it's little wonder libraries are her idea of heaven Her mom is a famous photographer and free spirit she has never known her father and she was bought up and loved by her nanny Louise and Khalil Gibran's The Prophet has the most apt saying that defines her 'You talk when you cease to be at peace with your thoughts' as she lives her life in her off the wall and exciting fictional universe Amidst her busy tightly scheduled life of Trivia nights with her team Book 'Em Danno numerous book clubs and reading that are her weapons of self defence Nina's life has an almighty spanner thrown in it She discovers a father she never knew about has just died she is in his will and is struck numb when she realises she has a huge and disparate family right on her doorstep Then there is Tom a member of another Trivia team a whizz on the subject of sport Nina's weakest area annoying really not a suitable boyfriend for her after all he is not a reader butshe just cannot stop thinking about him Nina struggles to accommodate the idea that life is what happens whilst she has been busy making other plans and overcome her personal intrinsic belief that 'Books are safer than other people' Neil Gaiman Waxman writes a gloriously funny novel with a raft of fantastic characters that lit up my life as I read it Nina is endearing a sharp cookie who can wax lyrical on the most obscure of subjects her brain is a veritable encylopaedia of facts and knowledge it's just her emotional side that is a challenge and which she needs to work on This is for all those book worms out there especially for those for whom books are one of the most perfect elements in an imperfect world and for anyone else who enjoys well written contemporary fiction with oodles of warmth Many thanks to Headline for an ARC

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    How could I resist a book about a bookworm? Not just a bookworm but an only child bookworm that finds solace and peace in books a child whose mother is absent and father is unknown Well until a lawyer appears informing Nina her father had died and she has half siblingsI love the writing style that Waxman uses Reminiscent of a 19th century novel complete with witty glimpses of what is to transpire at the start of each chapter There’s a dry sense of humor to this book “He didn’t remind her of herself but to be fair she was a slender 29 year old woman with dark red shirted and freckles and he had been a rounded old man with white hair and wrinkles so it wasn’t exactly apples to apples More like grapes to raisins” And that’s a uote from the book I can include One of the funnier ones would probably be banned by GR This book is just plain fun But it also makes some wonderful points I just adored how they all discover their similarity as the weird things that seem to be genetic enthrall me I found it a delight to read and wanted to spend every waking minute with Nina her friends and her new found family Make sure you actually read the daily planner pages that precede each chapter My thanks to netgalley and Berkley Publishing for an advance copy of this book

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    This is a book that was written for me where I saw myself in the character completely bar the fact that she loves cats and is a complete trivia nerd which in turn just made me feel hopeful It was adorable heartfelt genuine and it made me laugh out loud Several times I love witnessing the growth of characters I can relate to and seeing them come out of their shell and reading about how they handle what life throws at them Fiction is always a great thing to turn to not only for comfort and escapism but for answers as well And because so many elements of this story were parallel to mine I connected to it even deeply Nina Hill preferred her life to be uiet A lot of that had to do with her upbringing and the anxiety that formed because of it She would avoid surprises as much as she could plan things out in as much detail as possible to avoid things that could potentially overwhelm and trigger her anxiety But life throws some hurdles her way and we follow her on this journey of her coping with it allI loved it I can see myself rereading this over and over again It’s a comfort read it’s a happy read A story that reminds you that things turn out okay regardless ————————Social recluse A book nerd Prefers to be alone She is me Buddy reading with the lovely Karima 💛

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    Buddy read badge from For Love Of A Book 💕I wasn’t sure about this book but one of my groups is doing a buddy read so I got it from the library I’m going to buy this book now This book made me laugh love and cry Favorites list peeps Mel 🖤🐶🐺🐾

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    35 stars I have to round up since I love making lists and of course I’m bookishThe truth is that many of us are like Nina Hill and live bookish lives We might not be as uirky and maybe not as smart I know I’m not but there’s so much about the bookish part that’s relatable and that’s what made this made light and lovely and even though predictable read so much fun Oh I rolled my eyes a few time when it was a bit too cute But overall even knowing that I could tell you how it was going to end I couldn’t help but root for Nina the whole way Nina prefers to be alone and preferably reading but she’s not exactly a recluse She has friends plays team trivia runs book clubs and has her dream job in a bookstore She’s a planner maybe OCD and when she has free time it’s not really free since that’s when she reads I definitely get that She has no real family to speak of except Louise the nanny who raised her Her mother for all intents and purposes abandoned her and while they are in touch they see each other rarely She doesn’t know who her father is That is until she is named in his will and family takes on a whole new meaning And of course she meets someone Can she find room in her schedule or importantly her life for her new half siblings nieces and nephews? This is that feel good summer book I was looking for light but not too light full of heart and a character who will touch the heart of many book lovers She did mineI received an advanced copy of this book from Berkley through Edelweiss

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    Delightful amusing full of heartTHE BOOKISH LIFE OF NINA HILL by ABBI WAXMAN is an engaging fun charming and lighthearted tale that totally captures the beauty and life of a bookworm perfectly I was immediately taken with this story and found myself totally mesmerized and in awe of how relatable thoughtful and fantastic this story was I pretty much had a smile on my face the whole time I was reading this bookABBI WAXMAN delivers an interesting witty endearing and beautifully written read here with lovable and uirky characters and a setting that totally captivated and intrigued me I think reading a book about a bookworm is probably one of the most satisfying pleasurable gratifying and validating experiences out there and so relatable to all of us book lovers I was totally taken and fascinated with Nina Hill’s character and she fully captured my heart There were so many times I felt a strong kinship to Nina and nodding in agreement to pretty much every aspect of her character and to plenty of scenarios in this book I loved reading Nina’s day planner pages and how they were used as chapter breaks which definitely added a little extra flare to the novel for me Norma’s StatsCover Pretty intriguing whimsical eye catching and a fitting representation to storyline I absolutely love everything about this cover especially the colour schemes Title Appealing intriguing and absolutely love how perfect the title is to the storyline The title of this book definitely enticed me to read it Anything book related in the title I’m in WritingProse Well written beautiful witty fluid fun engaging and captivating I totally connected with and absolutely loved ABBI WAXMAN’S writing style Plot Fun humorous touching memorable perfectly paced absorbing enjoyable and entertaining Ending The last line of this book was perfection Absolutely loved itOverall I absolutely adored this book and didn’t want it to end It definitely gave me that huggable warm and fuzzy feeling Would highly recommendTraveling SistersFriends ReadI’d like to thank Elisha at Berkley Publishing for gifting me an advanced copy of this book It was an absolute delight reading this bookThis review can also be found on our Two Sisters Lost in a Coulee Reading book blog

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    The subject matter of this book seemed like a perfect fit to my tastes seeing as how I identify so closely with the main character Nina Hill Just like Nina I would much rather sit in a comfy chair with a beloved pet nearby curled up with a book and some coffee than doing most anything else I would much rather be in these same circumstances than have to make small talk with people Like Nina the bubble of my home is my happiness with my kindles and thousands of book files in her case actual physical books on bookcases at my fingertips We also know a lot of facts and relate to our pet like they are a real person However even though Bookish Nina Hill and I are kindred spirits I did not enjoy this book uite as much as I had hopedFor a brief overview of this story Nina lives by herself in a little guesthouse with bookshelves a comfy chair in the corner and her cat Phil She happily works in a bookstore called Knight's Books She occasionally suffers from panic attacks and finds comfort in routines schedules and making daily lists These cute handwritten daily lists precede each chapter Nina is a geek that participates in trivia uiz competitions There also are several book groups that hold meetings at the store in the evenings Needless to say Nina's life is full and she seems to be uite content with it Her mother is a successful travelling photographer but Nina was raised by a loving nanny named Louise In many ways Louise seems like her mother than her biological one In addition Nina never knew her father because her birth was the result of an affair NIna's Mom had an agreement with Nina's father that he would never contact her However when Nina's father dies a lawyer contacts her with the news and that she has an extended family Nina's life is suddenly stirred up with unexpected people to meet and deal with with the possibility of an inhertitanceI thought I was in for a delightful ride as I first delved into the book and periodically found myself breaking into laughter Now that I think about it I enjoyed the story of Nina's life by herself than when she discovered her new family members That's the part when I began to lose interest I didn't connect with these other characters and there were too many of them to follow with any recognition They became a distraction to the story I was enjoying about Nina's insular life I also was bored reading about the trivia uiz competitions Nina participated in I was initially intrigued by her burgeoning relationship with Tom an attractive worthy opponent on the other trivia uiz team However I was turned off by Nina's sexual encounter on their second date when they barely knew each other In addition on a later outing when Nina ran into some common friends and was asked about Tom she couldn't bring herself to label Tom her boyfriendthis after having slept with him Call me a prude but I found it bizarre behavior especially for a bookish type that I had been identifying withA book that started out so promising for me with unexpected bursts of laughter gradually ran out of steam for me I know I am an outlier on this but by the book's end I was ready to read something elseThank you to Berkley Penguin Publishing Group who provided an advance reader copy via Edelweiss

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    The Bookish Life of Nina Hill by Abbi Waxman is a 2019 Berkley publicationSweet witty clever and whimsical my kind of people in my kind of book By some standards Nina may seem a bit eccentric But truly she just likes her job and her books and a solid routine She may be a classic introvert but she hangs out with her friends and competes in trivia competitions However her uiet ordered life turns topsy turvy when she is informed that her father a man she never knew has passed away and she has been named in his will Suddenly there are lawyers and a slew of relatives invading her life none of which fit into her carefully constructed day planner Nor does dating it would seem although there is an interested party except it’s Tom her main competition on Trivia Nights If this weren’t enough to rattle her her job at the bookshop is in jeopardy because her boss can’t pay the rent Although Nina does her best to avoid the lawyers and new family members and genuinely tries to pencil Tom in for a date night she isn’t having much luck on either count Will Nina ever be accepted by her new family? Will her day planner ever make time for poor Tom? Will the bookshop sink or swim?I new I would love this book The characters are easier for me to relate to than the ‘loudest person in the room’ voted most gregarious types and of course who doesn’t love books about books? I’ve never been to trivia night but it certainly sounds like a lot of fun although I’m not that knowledgeable or competitive Everything about this book is executed perfectly pace dialogue characterizations and tone It’s light but has depth is poignant but mostly it’s a fun feel good story anyone can enjoy I loved Nina’s life so much I felt a bit wistful wishing I could find fit into the mix of work family and friends that make up her charmed life The ending was the cherry on the cake and left me grinning from ear to ear This is just an all around great story about the truly important things in life and staying true to oneself while adapting to life’s inevitable changes Of course us bookworms and introverts will find this book highly relatable maybe seeing a bit of ourselves in this story which makes it even charming and touching All the stars for this one Did you ever doubt it? That's makes three for three for Ms Abbi Waxman

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The Bookish Life of Nina HillA Novel The author of Other People's Houses and The Garden of Small Beginnings delivers a uirky and charming novel chronicling the life of confirmed introvert Nina Hill as she does her best to fly under everyone's radar Meet Nina Hill A young woman supremely confident in her ownshellThe only child of a single mother Nina has her life just as she wants it a job in a bookstore a kick butt trivia team a world class planner and a cat named Phil If she sometimes suspects there might be to life than reading she just shrugs and picks up a new book When the father Nina never knew existed suddenly dies leaving behind innumerable sisters brothers nieces and nephews Nina is horrified They all live close by They're all or mostly all excited to meet her She'll have to Speak To Strangers It's a disaster And as if that wasn't enough Tom her trivia nemesis has turned out to be cute funny and deeply interested in getting to know her Doesn't he realize what a terrible idea that isNina considers her options 1 Completely change her name and appearance Too drastic plus she likes her hair 2 Flee to a deserted island Hard pass see coffee 3 Hide in a corner of her apartment and rock back and forth Already doing itIt's time for Nina to come out of her comfortable shell but she isn't convinced real life could ever live up to fiction It's going to take a brand new family a persistent suitor and the combined effects of ice cream and trivia to make her turn her own fresh page

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