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    FIVE SOLID STARSPoor Phoebe Miller She’s in a bit of a life slump right now Oh she’s still filthy rich but she is on the other side of 30 and the pounds are creeping on while the once gorgeous face is fading Her late father has been exposed as a nasty creep and she would rather hide out in her mansion with her expensive wine and plenty of Haagen Daz than venture out to the shops where she will be recognized She has a sappy husband no friends or family Phoebe is lonely Her interest is piued when she notices new neighbors moving in across the street Hmmm an arguing couple with a gorgeous college age son Also what the heck? There is often a little blue car manned and stationed within spying distance of her house These two events keep Phoebe busy behind her own blinds peeping out It took a while to get to a dead body in this story but when it happened—I was shocked Believe me you don’t want to take your attention off a page for a minuteIn The Other Mrs Miller we have a legitimate Hitchcock ian thriller Lots of The Last Mrs Parrish vibes but completely unexpected and TWISTIFIED This may sound like the premise of The Woman in the Window but it is different than that book and in my little ole opinion remarkably better That is all you really need to know to get started I had absolutely no idea what the book was about so very few reviews yet and I think it is better that way Addictive and just plain crazy this novel speaks my language Mark down this author Allison Dickson this is her fabulous debut and I cannot wait to see what’s next from her The Other Mrs Miller is set for publication on July 16 2019 Thanks to Edelweiss for my advanced galley All opinions are mine

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    45This book is the total package It’s fun surprising shockingdid I mention fun? Mrs Miller known to her friends if she had any as Phoebe has turned into somewhat of a recluse after her father died amidst a massive scandal She rarely leaves the house now other than to pick up groceries and importantlywine Her marriage is on the rocks precisely hanging by a thread Recently a new couple moved in across the street with their college bound son Phoebe takes notice and actually begins coming out of her shell embracing the possibility of a new friend Dear Phoebe may end up with a lot than she bargained forWell nowthen there’s the other Mrs Miller That’s right But you’ll just have to read this book to find out about her Your welcomeThere are moments that will make you laugh You will be shaking your head at the antics You will be shocked What funAs with most thrillerssuspend your belief keep an open mind sit back and enjoy the ride A super fun buddy read with SusanneThank you to Edelweiss Penguin Publishing Group and Allison Dickson for an ARC to read and review

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    4 Stars Did that just Happen? Really? Say WHAT? Yeah it did Ha “The Other Mrs Miller” is a very weird book Like weird Wild and yes it was in fact far fetched and in this instance it actually worked you heard me say that yes you can cover your mouth in shock because normally I am not a fan of far fetched plots but in this case it was outlandish and crazy and yes it worked So settle in grab a copy of this novel and prepare to be ENTERTAINED Phoebe Miller never leaves the house She has her reasons and they are good ones Phoebe is rich and does everything to excess including eating ice cream and drinking wine which irks her husband Wyatt to no end Shocking right? What irks Phoebe most is a little blue car that is parked outside her house most days – such that Phoebe keeps a log of its comings and goings Thank goodness a new family moves into the neighborhood to distract her Enter the Napiers Mrs Napier aka Vicki uickly becomes Phoebe’s new best friend Then there’s Jake Vicki’s gorgeous teenage son Can you feel the excitement? Ooh la la What happens next is a freaking DOOZY I certainly did not expect THAT to happen So when I said that this book was far fetched I meant it That said it totally freaking worked Like holy crap for the first time ever I did not roll my eyes BAAH I therefore look forward to seeing what all of your reactions are to this wild and crazy novel Thank you Kaceey for sharing in this awesome read with me Thank you to Edelweiss Penguin Publishing Group and Allison Dickson for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Edelweiss and Goodreads on 72519

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    4 What did I just read stars 😳Twisty Plot ✅Secrets and Lies ✅Marital Discord ✅Dysfunctional Families ✅Over the top ✅Suspension of Disbelief REUIRED ✅Cray Cray ✅Yes the Other Mrs Miller was ALL of those things making it uite an engaging page turner This book was like settling in with a good friend for some juicy gossip pure entertainment

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    Part One Oh Mrs Miller Your rich Daddy has died in scandal and you are hiding out in your house wearing yoga pants with no intention of doing posesYour favorite synonym for serenity is French Cabernet Sauvignon But someone has been sitting outside your house and you are sure that they are watching you You start a logbook noting the dates and times of when the car and that person are thereYou are ever so snarky but a lot of what you think and say resonates with me as a reader What you DO however does not Part Two Oh Mrs MillerYou are ten pounds lighter and your skin looks like porcelain You now hold hands with your husband when you go out to play You seem so much happier is it your husband making you feel this way? Have you really turned over a new leaf? 🍁 Or is it is because of your new neighbors and friends The Napiers who have moved in across the streetIf you like your thrillers fun and CAMPY and full of twists this one is for youEven I didn't mind having to suspend disbelief just a bitIt was delicious fun And is still one of my FAVORITES for 2019 I would like to thank Edelweiss for the digital ARC I received in exchange for my candid review This book is available now

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    Phoebe enjoys the uiet ease of a shut in lifestyle She is an heiress after all she can do what she wants That is until this annoying little beat up blue car starts parking down her block in the same spot This is Lake Forest Drive and those types of cars don't belong on her streetWhy can't she get a good look at the driver?Then some new neighbors move in reasons for her to peer out the window  A typical day monitoring the street with a full wine glass in hand  She isn't a complete hermit though when the doorbell rings she prepares herself to play well adjusted human Let the masuerade begin So many twists and turns that I could barely keep up and had a dizzying affect A clever domestic thriller with a high dose of crazy its out thereCan the real villain please stand up?Thanks to EW for my review copy OUT July 16 2019

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    Over the top too much in every way and reuires an unreasonable suspension of disbeliefI totes loved it

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    Phoebe's recently lost her wealthy father Daniel and is literally shutting herself in her suburban house in a uiet cul de sac She has no desire to interact with other people and most definitely she'd like to avoid the press Since his death Daniel has been accused of rape and various kinds of harrassment by numerous women who were too afraid to talk about it earlier for the fear of retribution Phoebe did not exactly have a happy childhood herself Most of the time her father didn't acknowledge her existence and when he did it was only to put her down or label as worthless Phoebe had her moment of rebellion when having got accidentally pregnant she got married to Wyatt Unfortunately the baby died numerous fertility treatments proved to be futile and Phoebe gradually realised that becoming a parent was her husband's dream not hers as she is not a maternal type Phoebe's marriage is on the rocks she doesn't want to leave her house for any other reason apart from grocery shopping Slowly but steadily Phoebe is letting herself go I was fascinated by this description of a middle life crisis because let's face it it doesn't happen only to rich and socially disgraced heiresses it can happen and happens to a lot of people who are missing meaningful relationships and interactions in their life A new family moves in the house next door and Phoebe gets involved with the Napiers family life in all sorts of predictable and unpredictable waysIn the second part of the book we see a different Phoebe Miller somebody who is bold and resourceful and is willing to act I kept thinking about The Likeness by Tara French where the murder victim was also somebody who kept reinventing herself and trying out diffrent lives friendships and relationships Of course if you lead this kind of exhilarating life what you cannot afford is trust in other people which is earned and built over time Is the other Mrs Miller ready to pay this price?The Other Mrs Miller was a fast and engaging read I just had to know what was going to happen next At several points I wrote a note for myself with what I thought the future had in store for Phoebe Miller and of course I was wrong This dark and humorous book may not be particularly realistic but it is an interesting example of a domestic thriller Thank you to Edelweiss and GPPutnam's sons for the ARC provided in exchange for an honest opinionMy reviews can also be found on

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    Domestic suspense with a big heaping side of FUN for the winI don't typically enjoy books which reuire such a blatant suspension of belief Having said that this book was so campy and entertaining particularly with a completely unexpected murder or two that I was in it friends One hundred percent Go into this story with every intention of not taking it too seriously and I think you'll also wind up giddy about indulging in this witty twisty and fun loving novel

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    The dead don't often stay buriedAnd it's the living that rattle the chains and keep you up at night Phoebe Miller is a prisoner of her own making Much like a shut in these days our gal Phoebe sits beside the pool drinking bottles of wine in a daze from early morning until night She's gained weight and lost confidence Her husband Wyatt a psychologist has kept her in the spin cycle of trying to become pregnant with no results And no amount of invitro treatments ever seems to take With plenty of time on her hands Phoebe has taken to staring out the front window Was she becoming paranoid or was that small blue car parked across the street on a daily basis? Each day every day that driver sits behind the wheel Hour after hour Phoebe doesn't have the energy to confront the driver Knowing or not knowing doesn't even seem to matterBut then Phoebe's usual mundane landscape will take a radical turn when a new family moves in across the street In a rare sober moment Phoebe forces herself into the shower and into a change of clothes Next stop Neighbor upon neighbor This little community outreach is gonna be the strike of the match for all parties concerned No going back with all escape bridges burnedThe Other Mrs Miller is a darkly written adventure into the deep recesses of the mind Allison Dickson has created a tightly ruffled storyline that leaps well beyond the believability factor You've got to check that at the door before entering into this one Agatha Christie would be gaspingbut Alfred Hitchcock would certainly not The Other Mrs Miller holds at center stage very bad people doing very bad things Ol' Phoebe should never have ventured out that day but perhaps evil would have slipped under the crack in the door anyway Prepare yourself to find out just who this other Mrs Miller truly is

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The Other Mrs Miller Two women are watching each otherPhoebe Miller isn't sure when the rusty car started showing up in the cul de sac she calls home or why its driver would be spying on her What could be interesting about an unhappy housewife who drowns her sorrows in ice cream and wine and barely leaves her houseOnly one knows whyWhen a new family moves in across the street the exuberant Vicki who just might become the gossipy best friend Phoebe's always wanted and her handsome college bound son Jake who offers companionship of a different variety Phoebe finds her dull routine infused with the excitement she's been missing But with her head turned she's no longer focused on the woman in the car And she really should beAn addictive domestic thriller for fans of The Last Mrs Parrish and The Couple Next Door The Other Mrs Miller serves up a delicious brew of dark secrets and stunning plot twists that will keep you captivated until the very last page

  • Kindle Edition
  • 336 pages
  • The Other Mrs Miller
  • Allison M. Dickson
  • English
  • 17 February 2015

About the Author: Allison M. Dickson

Allison M Dickson is the author of several well reviewed independently published novels and short stories covering everything from horror and sci fi to suspense Her major debut thriller THE OTHER MRS MILLER is due out from Putnam on 71619 Learn at her work at allisonmdicksoncom