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Le symbolisme de la croix Più delle pagine dove è analizzato il valore simbolico della croce ho apprezzato le speculazioni geometrico metafisiche che partendo dalla croce e dalla sua struttura investono delineano “rifondano” l’intero essere e ciò che sta al di là di esso C’è un fascino che non mi spiego nelle speculazioni “integrali” guénoniane e che per uanto mi riguarda non ha nulla a che fare con la loro veridicità È un che di estetico The cross is a symbol which in its various forms is met with almost everywhere and from the most remote times ; it is therefore far from belonging peculiarly and exclusively to the Christian tradition as some might be tempted to believe It must even be stated that Christianity at any rate in its outward and generally known aspect seems to have somewhat lost sight of the symbolic character of the cross and come to regard it as no longer anything but the sign of a historical event Actually these two viewpoints are in no wise mutually exclusive ; indeed the second is in a sense a conseuence of the first ; but this way of looking at things is so strange to the great majority of people to day that it deserves dwelling on for a moment in order to avoid possible misunderstandings The fact is that people too often tend to think that if a symbolical meaning is admitted the literal or historical sense must be rejected ; such a view can only result from unawareness of the law of correspondence which is the very foundation of all symbolism By virtue of this law each thing proceeding as it does from a metaphysical principle from which it derives all its reality translates or expresses that principle in its own fashion and in accordance with its own order of existence so that from one order to another all things are linked together and correspond in such a way as to contribute to the universal and total harmony which in the multiplicity of manifestation can be likened to a reflection of the principial unity itself R G The title of this work is self explanatory Guenon does an excellent job expounding on the multitude of spiritual meanings that can be gleamed from the symbol of the cross Like his other works he draws on the major spritualreligious traditions and uses each one where appropriate to elucidate his pure metaphysics However this is not comparative religion Guenon treats the symbols and teachings of the major religions as something akin to different articles of clothing covering one Truth I gave the book four stars because there are a few chapters that are uite inaccessible to anyone unfamiliar with advanced geometry Granted Guenon wrote his works for an intellectual elite however it would have been an immense help if he had included illustrations with some of his explanations on geometrical symbolism “Eğer fikir doğru ve yeterli olduğu ölçüde nesnenin doğasından birşeyler paylaşırsa bunun nedeni aslında bizzat nesnenin fikrin doğasından birşeyler paylaşmasıdır” Câţi dintre voi folosiţi într un fel sau altul acest simbol al crucii? Este atât de prezent în vieţile tuturor dar cei mai mulţi dintre noi nu ştim care e scopul sau sensul lui Tocmai acesta este rolul volumului de faţă de a suplini această lipsă de înţelegere de a crea o punte între esenţa unei noţiuni şi modul în care se manifestă Trebuie să avem mare grijă să nu confundăm o idee cu forma deteriorată şi instabilă prin care suntem capabili să o transpunem în plan fizic în încercarea de a o înţelege căci cele mai grave erori metafizice provin din insuficienta înţelegerea şi interpretarea greşită a simbolurilorRecenzia completa o puteti citit aici This is a profound book that reuires a lot of thought The cross is mostly seen in its historical and redemptive importance without a hint of a esoteric meaning Guenon rather than dismissing those interpretations makes it clear that one can have one if not multiple symbolic intrepretations of a symbol without denying it's literal ones Sounding very much like Thomas Auinas he explains how the horizontal line of the cross represents the physical world of constant change and duality like a time line and how the vertical line is the Primordial state of being the static eternal Now through which the manifested world flows out of It is the undifferentiated uintessential non localized One The unity behind the duality And together with both lines overlapping is the union of humanity and divinity Guenon goes on to repeat the same unitive formula in all the spiritual traditions Atman and Brahamin Macrocosom and Microcosm Ying and Yang Prakriti and Purusha ect To justify his usage of different spiritual languages to communicate the same truth he makes the critical distinction between synthesis and syncretism the later being the one to stay away from Guenons knowledge of hinduism buddhism taoism pythagoreanism Plato Aristotle hermeticism kabbala christianity and islam is so crystal that he interchangeably uses different concepts from all of them to communicate his points A thing I'm not ualified to judge is his apparent knowledge of mathematics which he uses to discuse the many dimensions and modalities of different states of being and how they all issue forth from the horizontal cross I'll admit it got over my head at times However whether one grasps his mathematical explanations of the cross or not isn't essential What's important is not necessarily the information but the number of comparisons made between all these seemingly different religions and philosophies This book should serve to make the union of all the religions or the perrenial philosophy easier to see Alert عجينة Avant d'aborder mes impressions sur ce livre il est recommandé de pouvoir en amont consulter ces trois livres Initiation à la doctrine hindoue Le roi du monde et l'homme et son devenir selon le VedantaL'idée principale derrière le livre pourrait être synthétisée à une étude historiue et étymologiue du symbolisme spatiale en relation avec la croix Durant son exposé Guénon se pare de ses connaissances ontologiues et mathématiues pour mener à bien l'argumentation u'il tient défendant l'évolution de la croix à partir de la religion primordiale A partir d'une explication globale et générale de plusieurs notions de base notamment les états de l'être l'homme universel al insan al kamil conformément à son approche d’asseoir une compréhension consensuelle ui émane de plusieurs doctrines il redressa le symbolisme derrière la croix et sa spatialité et son intersection avec le swastika et ses origines soupçonnées hindoues ui sont apparues simultanément en uelues pays nordiuesSuivant les faits historiues surtout ceux issus de l'histoire sacrée et la loi de correspondance le symbole représente une pluralité de sens ui ne s'excluent pas mais sont hiérarchiuement superposés Cette hiérarchie n'est en réalité due u'au fait ue les symboles sont issus de principes et non l'inverse analogiuement on ne peut extraire le moins ue du plus ainsi les symboles peuvent aller vers une manifestation plus inférieure graduellement mais ne pourrait en aucun cas rebrousser chemin vers le supérieur De ce fait ces sens symboliues s'intègrent en harmonie de synthèse totale Conséuemment le symbolisme est le langage le moins étroitement limité ue le langage ordinaire et ce ui le rend particulièrement apte à l'expression et à la communication de certaines vérités de sorte u'il constitue le langage initiatiue par excellence le véhicule indispensable de tout enseignement traditionnelDans une même perspective de complémentarité Guénon démontre la résolution des oppositions ui elles apparaissent à un niveau relativement inférieur ue le complémentarisme de ces opposées ui assume une conciliation en amont de cette opposition Et ce suivant le principe de reflet le reflet du point le plus haut est le point plus bas L'effacement de cette dualité d'opposition ou dans un niveau plus avancé complémentarités ne s'opère ue dans un haut niveau d'indifférenciation primordiale en se fusionnant indissolublement devant l'unité image d'immutabilité principielle moteur immobile Aristote wei wou wei activité non agissante Tchoung young invariable milieu Le Principe est toujours non agissant cependant tout est fait par lui Tao te kingAfin d'en venir aux explications et expressions adjacentes de la croix il fallait passer par l'explication de l'homme universel en tant u'être ayant achevé la transcendance et plénitude durant la somme de ses états d'être ui chevauchent entre manifesté et non manifesté puisue l'Existence ne peut être tenue comme la seule PossibilitéUn exposé exhaustif faisant allusion aux différents symbolismes centraux de diverses doctrines analogiuement et simultanément énoncés l'arbre du milieu le swastika symbolisme de tissage buisson ardent yin yangLe texte n'en finit pas de notes de bas de pages e de citation de Matgioi approchant ainsi plus précisément les doctrines extrême orientale