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Snakes of Central and Western Africa Nobody knows exactly how many snake species live in the biodiversity hotspots of Western and Central Africa While field guides abound that make mammals birds and even insects identifiable for residents travelers and scientists half a continent's herpetological richness has remained shrouded in mystery In a region where nearly 30000 people die from snake bites every year even dire medical necessity has been an insufficient inducement for researchers to take on the daunting task of assembling an authoritative list of extant species let alone a full descriptive record to aid in identification the essential first step to administering an effective antivenin The reptiles of Central Africa particularly are the most poorly studied in the world despite their crucial role in the survival of threatened ecosystemsWith Snakes of Central and Western Africa Jean Philippe Chippaux and Kate Jackson have created a game changer The result of years of field research and systematic study in the world's leading museums this book compiles for the first time a comprehensive guide to the region's snakes Covering a vast swath of the continent ranging from Mauritania in the northwest to Rwanda in the east and Angola in the south Chippaux and Jackson provide detailed accounts for the than 200 species of snakes that inhabit the regionThe first part of the book is devoted to the taxonomic characters used for identifying snakes The authors deal with the evolution and biogeography of African snakes as well as epidemiological and clinical aspects of snakebite The remaining chapters are organized phylogenetically following the latest consensus on evolutionary patterns of major snake lineages in sub Saharan Africa Species identification is facilitated by simple and accessible dichotomous keys and detailed descriptions of morphological characteristics complemented by numerous drawings photos and distribution maps Invaluable information on taxonomy and natural history is also included The book concludes with a comprehensive index and a list of nearly 600 references Snakes of Central and Western Africa illuminates a previously little known part of the natural world provides vital information that could save many lives and will make an excellent addition to any herpetology library

  • Hardcover
  • 448 pages
  • Snakes of Central and Western Africa
  • Jean-Philippe Chippaux
  • 22 August 2014
  • 9781421427195

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