Ians Ultimate Gamble Seduction Westland Style ePUB ì

Ians Ultimate Gamble Seduction Westland Style Two determined men are about to meet their match Don’t miss a single classic story in this sweepingly romantic duet from New York Times bestselling author Brenda Jackson originally published in 2006 and 2007Ian’s Ultimate GambleCasino owner Ian Westland thought he had seen the last of Brooke Chamberlain until she checked into his resort claiming to need some rest and relaxation Brooke had betrayed him years before and Ian was willing to bet there was to her visit than she would admit No woman had even come close to igniting the heat and passion inside him as Brooke once had And if Ian was going to discover what Brooke was hiding what better way than through seductionSeduction Westland StyleMontana horse breeder McKinnon uinn savored his “no women on my ranch” rule So when Casey Westland asked for a job training horses he turned her down flat For despite her innocent looks she tempted him beyond reason Casey had vowed to get McKinnon to hire her and make him her first—her only—lover Yet after every steamy encounter the infuriating man dodged her It was as if he had a secret he was desperate to keepmaking Casey just as desperate to uncover it

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