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The Art and Making of The Lion King Stunning concept art powerful behind the scenes photography and fascinating interviews with the cast and crew pack The Art and Making of The Lion King offering an inside perspective on how director Jon Favreau and his talented team used the most advanced virtual cinematography and computer graphics techniues to craft a film of both legend and hyperrealism The story of The Lion King has entered the pantheon of cultural mythology as has its iconic music In revisiting this tale the filmmaking team set off for an adventure of a lifetime an expedition across the southern portion of Kenya in Africa These seasoned filmmakers gathered reference photographs scans and other materials to apply to the digital moviemaking process and in turn were immersed in the nuances of the real environment Once back at the studio they utilized common filmmaking tools with state of the art virtual reality VR technology and new ultrafast rendering technologies to create a virtual production a concept they pushed further than it had ever been before The Art and Making of The Lion King documents this captivating journey and closes the circle with a discussion on a modern day conservation program called the Lion Recovery Fund LRF

  • Hardcover
  • 224 pages
  • The Art and Making of The Lion King
  • Michael Goldman
  • 24 October 2014
  • 9781368023436

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    #partner Thank you to disneybooks for this beautiful finished copy The Art and Making of The Lion King by Michael Goldman released July 16 and is available nowI took my girls to see The Lion King on Friday they had been asking all week to go see it I was especially excited to take them because The Lion King was the first movie I remember being obsessed with as a kid I had every toy imaginable I was also excited with the reincarnation of characters in the new film My kids loved it and we had a great time togetherImagine my surprise then when I got home and had a mystery box on my doorstep This was inside I'm serious here I literally opened this box up when I got home from seeing the movie I was blown away by this book It details the incredible art that went into such a beautiful movie My kids loved flipping through and seeing their favorite characters again I loved seeing the incredible art that came first The book is full of incredible stories of creating this beautiful film This book is beautiful and we will treasure it for years to comeThank you again disneybooks

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    A very beautiful book which is how ever a deception in terms of content I read Charles Salomon's book on Beauty and the Beast and I was expecting something similar; going from the elaboration of the animated movie storyline through the different adaptations to finish by the live action movie This book kind of follow these lines but goes way too fast for my appetite on the animated mobie and the choice that were made for it; speaks a bit longer of the musical but clearly focuses on the live action; detailing it very carefully This is wonderful but it was not what I expected Sorry However it is still interesting and definitely a very nice art work book to have in one's collection

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    The Art and Making of The Lion King by Michael Goldman is a frustrating book On one hand the imagery is fantastic featuring pre production photography visual development images and stills from the final film On the other hand the text reads like a first draft with flashes of interesting content concerning the technology behind the film but alongside trivia about each cast member's biography that feels ripped from Wikipedia and other evidence of padding Some might say the final product mirrors the film itself

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    This book includes a lot of details around the film making process for the new Lion King movie along with how the main characters were designed while trying to keep it similar to the animated version There are lots of concept art and final renders to accompany the text that help show their processIt's a great book if you're interested in how they balanced retelling a very popular storymovie in a new medium

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