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    Actual rating 45 starsWhy you need to read this series right meow you ask? Because it's fun as fish and entertaining as shrimp And also because it's fresh and original and stuff And also also because the kick ass heroine is Native American and a gamer and a nerd and a um sorceress and stuff And also also also because yes it's a 10 book series but the instalments are both super extra short and super extra cheap And also also also also because it's just what the doctor ordered to make our newly turned Dystopian world go away for a few blissful hours Pre review nonsenseTechnically and very scientifically speaking I'm not sure this book deserves such a high rating BUT The world is going all doom and oblivion on us so who the bloody shrimping hell of the stinking suid cares about puny meaningless ratings? I read the book and enjoyed the fish out of it so there Also THERE Also also Jade Crow for president And now for our celebratory dance sessionReview to come and stuff· Book 1 Justice Calling ★★★★· Book 2 Murder of Crows ★★★★· Book 3 Pack Of Lies ★★★★ · Book 4 Hunting Season ★★★★★· Book 5 Heartache ★★★★★· Book 6 Thicker than Blood ★★★★· Book 7 Magic to the Bone ★★★★· Book 75 Harper's Tale Tribes to be published 2019? · Book 8 Dungeon Crawl ★★★· Book 9 River of No Return ★★★★

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    So It was not exactly perfect and I especially wished some time would have been spent with view spoilerthe final fight and the dragon stuff and also the end of the world stuff hide spoiler

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    This was every single one of my least favourite tropes in one tiny infuriating package What a chore to read

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    WowAwesome ending to a wonderful series Jade Crowe has been a great character to follow through her journey I highly recommend this amazing author

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    Balancing the Scales by Annie Bellet a bitter sweet five star read This is number ten in the Twenty sided sorceress series and an epic conclusion to the world as Jade Crow knows it but leading the way for a new hero to rise This picks up after book nine and continues the thrilling action packed story its difficult to put into words how epic this story is as there is such a scant description so I will just leave it at this there may be twenty sides to this sorceress but there are only ten books that means each book is packed full of everything you need to take you on a twenty sided journey

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    AwesomeThis is an excellent conclusion to the saga of Jade Crow and her friends I devoured it in a day and I look forward to new adventures with Aleks sister Kira

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    This is definitely one of my favourite series and while I am sad for it to end I really enjoyed this last installment in this 10 book series Jade has one last battle on her hands but luckily for her she has people around her to help her when she needs it most Unfortunately though they have no idea where she is neither does she for that matter and has no clue how to get out of the situation she finds herself in at the beginning of the book As we all know though Jade is pretty resourceful and uses her abilities to gain the upper hand at least for a while Without giving anything away Jade does what she does best in this book with the help of her friends too Best line ever Reader I ate him Loved it This is definitely one series I will miss and one I highly recommend too

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    Oh wow I am so glad I finally got to read this and hope it's not really the end of the series I would be so sad to not read I just love all the gaming and movie references it's definitely my favorite part of this series and what kept me going all this time It was a short book with not a lot of meat or complexity I could tell that it had been reworked some but I still feel satisfied with how it wrapped up I probably should have gone back and reread the last book beforehand to refresh my memory but I just couldn't wait when it finally came out I don't know what issues the author was working through that delayed the book so much but I wish her well and hope to read from her She has a great fresh voice in the world of urban fantasy

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    To really enjoyed the first 9 books but this was a dudThe first 9 books kept my interest and I did wish there would be however this one was a bit confusing Maybe it was just the time line in which they were written It seemed rushed at the beginning but the end was like hitting a brick wallTiring to read and the end was like let's get this over with bam the end Wish I had stopped at book 9 and saved my money for another bookI also dislike being tricked into reading a series I like and then the writer adds one book to the series that makes them a bit money while you feel filled off Just me OCR

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    This is a difficult one because this book is fun and amusing just like the other books The problem is it's the last book And it REALLY doesn't feel that way I would probably have enjoyed this book a lot if I didn't know it was the last one because it feels like she ends the book with a spin off for a new series with new characters or something I don't know It just left me frustrated I hope we get Jade one day maybe just in short stories or something Because this book just ended in such a way that I feel like her story had really just started

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Balancing the Scales Never fear an ending For every end is a beginning too Even the darkest night is broken by the dawn The final book in The Twenty Sided Sorceress series

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  • Balancing the Scales
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  • 11 May 2016

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