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The Latte Factor What I love the most about this book is that the idea is so simple yet practical It just shows you how you can live rich now and get rich later I know many people will doubt it but to me it doesn't hurt to follow this book's advice Read it it will take only several hours since it is very short one As an intelligent grown up woman reading a book about finance even a short simple parabola like this one that I expected to be super simplified I felt insulted Sexist and full of old destructive stereotypesI understand that the author is trying to do good here Sharing good advice and trying to help people that are struggling with the basics of money management It is supposed to be for beginners and suitable for anyone very simple language didactic all that And it does have good simple advice for beginners But it is patronising than helpfulIt feels like the author thinks that everyone that doesn’t know what he is ‘teaching’ here has to be super dumb therefore needs to be treated like oneThe 27 year old lady that you’re supposed to connect with if you’re looking to learn something here looks like a clueless child in relation to money and her interactions with people Every little thing she is taught because that is the only way she could learn something of course seems like the most incredible thing anyone could ever think of even when they are uite obvious given the contextIt is interesting as she seems uite successful at her job which suggests that she is not as dumb as her thoughts or conversations show But hey about money Completely brainlessAlso of course she is a woman And gets advice from a wise old manI understand that we still live in a world where women are less stimulated to take real ownership of their financial lives and as a conseuence struggle with money management but to describe adult woman in an infantilised and idiotic way doesn't really help fix that let alone connect with themThe regular 27 year old woman may not be great at saving and investing like most people in the world man AND woman but it doesn't make them stupid or incapable of understanding things without being taught like children If that is the way you want to teach your techniues at least use a child as your main character and leave the adult woman alone INSTANT NEW YORK TIMES USA TODAY WALL STREET JOURNAL AND INTERNATIONAL BESTSELLER Discover #1 New York Times bestselling author David Bach’s three secrets to financial freedom in an engaging story that will show you that you are richer than you think Drawing on the author’s experiences teaching millions of people around the world to live a rich life this fast easy listen reveals how anyone—from millennials to baby boomers—can still make his or her dreams come trueIn this compelling heartwarming parable Bach and his bestselling coauthor John David Mann The Go Giver tell the story of Zoey a twenty something woman living and working in New York City Like many young professionals Zoey is struggling to make ends meet under a growing burden of credit card and student loan debt working crazy hours at her dream job but still not earning enough to provide a comfortable financial cushion At her boss’s suggestion she makes friends with Henry the elderly barista at her favorite Brooklyn coffee shop Henry soon reveals his “Three Secrets to Financial Freedom” ideas Zoey dismisses at first but whose true power she ultimately comes to appreciate Over the course of a single week Zoey discovers that she already earns enough to secure her financial future and realize her truest dreams—all she has to do is make a few easy shifts in her everyday routine The Latte Factor demystifies the secrets to achieving financial freedom inspiring you to realize that it’s never too late to reach for your dreams By following the simple proven path that Henry shows Zoey anyone can make small changes today that will have big impact for a lifetime proving once again that “David Bach is the financial expert to listen to when you’re intimidated by your finances” Tony Robbins #1 New York Times bestselling author of Money Master the Game Read in about two hours A lot of fluff to explain three principles this would be good for a teenager just learning about money management I am not big on non fiction self help books readingThis one intrigued me yeah mostly because of the subtitle 'Why you don't have to be rich to live rich'I had to pick it up Now this wasn't like any non fiction book or well the ones I have read It is basically fiction with lessons and suggestions through and through That is what got me intrigued and helped me to continue reading the book Now my problem with most self help books is that they advertise a problem on the cover one picks it up in the hopes of finding a solution and when they start reading they generally tell that the solution is out there somewhere in the horizon and we will get to it but let's talk about the problem first which goes on for almost half the book Then there is some solution to it with a website attached where you go and check and then you have to spend money in hopes of finding a solution because talking about that problem so much has made me believe it is the end of the worldHATE THAT There are also some books which give you a solution but then you don't know and you think you can't put them in practice This book on the other hand will take you through a story of a girl who will face the problems that you are facing ask the uestions that might pop in your head and in the end she will also uestion the same thing good solution but how do I do it I am not accustomed to it and the author provides with a solution to that and that is the part I loved I was able to relate and then put my plan of action in place I was able to take away from the book Thank you to netgalley for the free copy of this week in exchange for an honest reviewIn general it has solid financial advice pay yourself first don’t budget—make it automatic live rich now HOWEVER I felt like I was being #mansplained throughout this The girl Zoey has never been good at money She meets a guy named Henry who apparently IS good at money He gives her some financial advice that she apparently could not have figured out her own Essentially this book is focused on a man explaining to a woman why we aren’t good with money just skip your latte and that we should invest in the stock market instead It's not really a book like a Sophie's World of Finance for Dummies or what you should have learned in Economics class in high school It's OK if you really don't know that retirement accounts exist for a reason so you can retire when you can't work any get it and that using credit cards and taking out loans for things you don't need is a bad idea It doesn't really explain anything so you can't learn than an excel sheet will tell you Maybe there are people in the US who have no idea that drinking expensive coffee and eating lunch in a restaurant every day uses up a lot of their personal income that doesn't go towards paying off loans Now I'm just glad that in Europe we don't have a choice and contribute by default to at least a public retirement fund plus all the private ones we can afford I never thought I could be a millionaire but it seems like if I follow my common sense I may one day be one To conclude don't read this book unless you are really helpless and you hate money so much that you can't make it stick to your wallet long enough to get you your own home and life in order Do not bother with this book It is poorly written and seems like a money magazine article that someone tried to stretch into a book There are many other books on saving that are much better than this Pandering nonsense A couple of middle aged men explaining to women why we're so bad with money say that uoted part in baby voice please You know because we just can't skip our 5day habit of a latte that if invested in the stock market would become something REAL Let's make sure to keep it a latte or a frappe or some other nonsense that a MAN would never buy Let's not make it craft beer or tech gadgets or sporting events or carsmotorcyclestrucks that MEN buy They even charmingly formatted this as the male barista mansplaining the whole plan to the bad with money woman Do I even need to add the bad with money part Isn't that a given I'll also say I do plenty of investing and I've never seen the returns that would make a5day habit turn into a million dollars Also I don't buy 5 coffeesHow this book got published is beyond me How it got any good reviews is even amazing There's much much much better lit out there for financial wellness and planning This is a fiction style book with the purpose of sharing advice on how to save money and become rich While I did gleam a couple of tips that I'll be putting into practice unfortunately I found the MC irritatingly thick and the people giving advice incredibly patronizing I know you wouldn't really understand this you're only in your twenties um okay That being said the MC was so stupid and lacking in even the most basic financial literacy that this was probably necessary She doesn't seem to realise that automatic payments are a thing and doesn't understand what this latte factor people keep ranting about while saying how saving 5 a day with compound interest adds up over time and literally crunching numbers on itcould possibly be later she talks about the three coffees she buys everyday Also lets just ignore the fact that coffee buying is something older generations are on millennials' backs for ALL THE TIME This aside I do understand this is a book to inform not entertain with amazing plot or characters And yes I did glean a couple of tips reminders from it view spoiler set up automatic payments into savings and Kiwisaver The New Zealand version of a 401k invest once I have enough hide spoiler