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Claimed for the Sheikh's Shock Son 45 stars This was a poignant romantic secret baby tale wrapped into the family bonds trope and with just the right amount of sexy angst due to the forbidden or doomed nature of the MC's relationship We met Khalid the H in The Innocent's Shock Pregnancy and The Billionaire's Christmas Cinderella Those two novels were about the Devereux brothers Ethan and Abe Khalid was the sexy billionaire crown prince of Al Zahan He's a long time family friend and business partner of the Devereux brothers I've been eager to read about his story ever since his introduction in The Innocent's Shock Pregnancy because he was portrayed as a charming but aloof alpha male character This is the H Khalid He really was terribly beautiful More beautiful than anyone she had ever seen He stood in the pews reserved for family Exuisitely suited his glossy dark hair was brushed back from his foreheadCaramel skinned with an auiline nose his prominent cheekbones were somehow countered by sensual full lips that were not smiling Although he's a good friend to the Devereux brothers Khalid comes across as a bit cold stoic and uncommunicative It's mainly due to his personal daddy issues and the fact that he's forced to act as the buffer between his horrible authoritarian parent and his 3 teen siblings He's also faced with an impending arranged marriage to a woman of his father's choosing because there's a specific royal bridal ritual that's an inherent part of his native customs Despite all of this stress and aggravation Khalid appears outwardly unmoved by all the turmoil in his life That's because he's so good at putting on his metaphoric mask and telling himself that there's no point in worrying about stuff that he cannot change The story starts off on a sad note because we're told that Jobe Devereux the terminally ill father of Ethan and Abe has died Khalid is in New York for the funeral and he's conscripted to assist the brothers with an emergency family problem in order to avert an impending scandal Apparently old man Jobe had been a playboy of epic proportions and his sons have only now learned about penchant for secret relationships with Las Vegas showgirls and lots of other glamour model types Ethan tells Khalid that the lawyers have even uncovered evidence that Jobe had been sending a monthly allowance to a hot 22 year old blonde Las Vegas trapeze artistdancer named Aubrey This is the heroine Aubrey he instantly felt her allure From the china blue of her unblinking eyes to lush full lips she was captivating She wore far less make up than she had in the tasteless photos Well a touch too much blusher perhaps but Aubrey really was exceptionally beautiful; there was no doubting that Khalid could see how a man could be beguiled Since this is HPlandia Aubrey is obviously not Jobe's secret sugar baby mistress It's her mom Stella who'd been his mistress Stella had been a showgirl and occasional escort who had been involved with Jobe for a few years Jobe used to spend a lot of time with her daughter Aubrey and had become a father figure to the little girl Jobe had been so fond of the young heroine that he'd given her a monthly allowance to pursue her educational ambitions and not end up as an escort high class hooker like her mom Stella This didn't work out as he'd hoped because Stella was disfigured in a fire and the heroine was forced to used the money to pay for her mother's medical bills and to supplement their monthly income when the latter was unable to work Neither woman had told Jobe about Stella's accident because they were too proud The H is determined to resent Aubrey and fight his massive sexual attraction to her because he sees her as the old man's dirty little gold digging secret Fortunately the author doesn't develop Khalid's character arc according to the conventional template of the rude nasty and insulting jerk H who's determined to slut shame the heroine for her supposed crimes against morality Khalid ends up protecting the heroine when the Devereux brothers especially Abe the sexy asshole from The Billionaire's Christmas Cinderella and Jobe's former mistress Chantelle thinks she's the prime target for their rudeness and insults The MC's aren't able to fight their mutual sexual attraction and end up having a hot one night stand The mainland could declare war on Al Zahan there could be a coup at the palace and all he would care for would be her pleasure and finishing this Khalid is so mesmerized by her appealing sexiness and turned on by her revelation that she's a virgin that he doesn't use a condom As is usual in HPlandia the H is filled with doubt and panic the morning after leading him to act like the uintessential jerk he literally treats her like a prostitute when he places a large wad of money in her purse He does see the error of his ways immediately and apologizes after she throws it back in his face and storms off The storyline then takes a sweet turn because the author once again focuses on the family bonds trope This time however it's not the Devereux family that's in the limelight but Khalid's relationship with his 3 teen siblings This was a beautiful little addition to the story because the reader gets to see the H's softer side it's obvious that his father is an awful man and that he's had to step into a pseudo paternal role and guide his younger siblings At this early stage in the novel both MC's are falling in love with each other but are aware that theirs is a love that's doomed because Khalid's bound by rigid law and Al Zahanian tradition to marry a woman who's chosen for him He could not look over as he spoke ‘I am expected to take a suitable wife’‘Suitable?’‘Chosen by my father’ Khalid said ‘Where I come from there are many rules that you would not understand Some are beautiful some I am trying to change and there are some that are non negotiable He asks her to return with him to Al Zahan to be his ibal or the favoured one but Aubrey's got dignity and refuses to follow in her mother's footsteps and be any man's mistress Their parting is bittersweet and romantic because it's clear that they want to be together Aubrey tried to make a joke and that sueezed his brutal heartGod but he loathed leaving her This was so heart wrenching for the reader because it's almost as if they're star crossed lovers fated to never be together because Fate had its own nefarious plans for them They're separated for a year during which time the titular shock son Aayiz is born Aubrey's refuses to contact him because she's afraid that he will take her son away I loved how the author continued with the family bonds trope via the heroine's relationship with her mom Stella and her hilarious aunt Carmel Stella changes from the apathetic self pitying burn victim and gets a job so that she can help her daughter with their bills after the baby is born The MC's are reunited when Khalid arranges for Aubrey's dance troupe to perform at the opening ceremony of his new luxury hotel in Al Zahan There's a lot of angst arguments and passion after he orders his bodyguards to bring her to his secret hideaway in the desert He's angry when he learns about his baby son but behaves like an asshole when he tells her that he can't marry her or claim the child publicly They share a torrid session of hot sweaty sex in the desert to make up for the lonely months they'd spent apart A year of pain and of loss didn’t fade as they touched; instead it ratcheted up as his mouth again reclaimed hers The heroine refuses to be his kept mistress who will be relegated to his dirty secret after his father chooses the suitable royal bride for him He's a man filled with inner torment because he loves Aubrey and wants to marry her but cannot see how that will ever be possible It's actually implied that he's spent the last year barely existing because of how much he missed her His food was exuisite of course it was but for Khalid a meal had not tasted as it should for than a year And when a neighbouring ueen asks him about the identity of his future wife he becomes unhappy because he doesn't want another woman He only wants Aubrey His thoughts are captured perfectly and succinctly in the following lines NoFor his heart belonged elsewhere I won't go into specifics but there is a comprehensive and very believable explanation why he's unable to marry the heroine He begs her to stay with him as his ikbal but she fights back and even asserts that she's not going to turn away from love just because she can't be his wife ‘Yes’ Aubrey nodded ‘I won’t be like my mother Khalid History won’t repeat itself I will not sit in some home kept by you waiting for the master to arrive’‘You cannot see anyone else’‘Oh but I shall’ Aubrey said They were laying down the rules and their love lived or died this night so she told him how it would be ‘I want love in my life Khalid and I’m sure I’ll find it Someone nice who loves my son as if he were his own’ Tears were streaming down her face now yet she was strong against this immutable man‘And when Aayiz asks about his real daddy I’ll say he didn’t want to know you He sent us money and I saved it for you for when you’re older Aayiz but I raised you myself And I’ll make love to my husband and thank God for a man who loves me and my son’ She gave Khalid pain for she saw it flicker across his face before he composed himself and then refuted her bold provocative words‘You could never want another man as you want me’‘Rubbish’ she both sneered and lied She knew a few tricks even if she’d never used them till now but she had been taught how to make a man burn ‘I might touch myself to the memory of you every now and then’ she watched the tightening of his lips ‘but it will be my husband who satisfies me’‘Never’ He's so overcome with possessiveness and love that he makes a promise to her ‘Trust me’ he said again ‘I shall never stop striving to better us’ When he's faced with losing her and his son he finally gets the guts to make a huge personal gamble by delivering a shocking ultimatum to his dictatorial father What ensues is a fabulous romantic and dramatic reunion where he chases after her in Las Vegas and asks her mother's permission to marry her It was so adorable especially when he didn't need to make that gesture of goodwill to Stella It all ends with a uniue but royal Las Vegas wedding The bride's mom escorts her down the aisle while her aunt and their retired showgirl pals sing Elvis Presley's The Wonder of Youhttpswwwyoutubecomwatch?vwNpsIf you'd asked me this time last year if I'd ever be writing such a glowing review for a future novel by Carol Marinelli I'd have been skeptical especially after the debacle that was Claiming His Hidden Heir But Carol M returned last year and proved herself with the Devereux brothers' duology She proved that she's still got what it takes to write sexy romance with heartwarming minor characters who will also win the reader's appreciation I don't give 45 stars that easily but this book delivered for me because1 I loved both MC's He was the perfect combination of sexy charming and assholish LOL and she was super adorable without being annoying 2 I loved Carol M's continued focus on the trope of family bonds She'd delved into this trope in the Devereux brothers' duology and once again in this novel It's always wonderful to see how characters function within a wider family circle I did feel a little sad at Jobe's death because he'd been such a wonderful character in the Devereux duology I wished he could've survived and been given a second chance with Stella3 The H's grovelling and the cute epilogue was the perfect ending to a lovely story The H has paid for all of Stella's burn scars to be removed via plastic surgery Stella and aunt Carmel are living it up in a luxury apartment in Las Vegas and don't have to worry about surviving in the old trailer park any The MC's welcome a newborn daughter to their family and Khalid is now a doting daddy4 It was great to see Ethan and Abe the sexy asshole make cameo appearances It was even better to see Naomi after she gave birth to her and Abe's daughter Hannah I remember laughing at how the previously grouchy Abe was so besotted with his tiny newborn baby girl Safety No cheating no OW no OM and both MC's were celibate during their one year separation I didn't know if I wanted to read a fairy tale but I think I needed it because the book was like a balm for me Amazing love story about a dancer and a Sheikh They want each other but he cannot marry a commoner Love the unexpected pregnancy trope I loved Aubrey She was a great mother and a sweet loving heroine Khalid was alpha but not cruel at all Their chemistry was sizzling and the love scenes steamy Epilogue with their 2 kids was emotional Like my friend Aou said this story is like a beautiful fairy tale Perhaps my favorite Carol Marinelli Harleuin Really sweet story about a Vegas Trapeze artist heroine and heir to the throne hero They meet at the funeral of hero's mentor and heroine's mother's lover Hh are both grieving the man while simultaneously hit by insta lustHeroine is a virgin who chooses the hero as her first lover Hero knows it can nowhere because of his obligations to the throne A secret baby is the result of their ONS What set this story apartThe many acts of kindness and supportive women From the make up counter saleslady to the heroine's mother and aunt pitching in to help to Brandy the ex stripper at the funeral this heroine was supported The flashes of droll humor at the funeral and in the epilogue where the hero finally laughs with his overbearing mother in lawThe sweet picnic with the hero's boarding school age siblings who are starved for affection and memories of their deceased motherA kind alpha who actually had people skills First example he had wisdom to let all of the trollops into the funeral rather than make a public scene This was a really nice take on the usual HP formula Very moving storyI loved this book I love Cinderella stories though always and of course this was a good one A trapeze artist and a Prince sounds so tacky but it worked He comes for a funeral of a dear family friend and the H shows up They think she was a mistress but she was the daughter of a mistress although not his daughter and she was a sweet hard working moral person They didn't treat her that way sadly I liked her and I also liked Khalid the hero They actually fall in instalove but he is to marry someone suitable and so they have one night and they split ways and continue on with their lives but fortunately there was a memento named Ayaiz I cried at several parts and I got angry at the Prince when he brought her to his country and said the boy would never be acknowledged as his son It was so heartbreaking She refused to be his favorite one and went back to America But if course the path to true love never runs smooth and there were plenty of speed bumps and road blocks ahead But it was a very great ride I just loved it Definitely a keeper I really loved this one 45 stars Claimed for the Sheikh's Shock Son is the story of Aubrey and KhalidAn emotional tale of forbidden love between a Sheikh and a dancer They meet when she attends her mother's lover's funeral and he believes her to be his mistress He is soon proven wrong as insanity and lust leads to discovery of her innocence However he cannot offer her anything and after a heartbreaking embrace lets her go A year later the h has a premature son and decides to perform in his kingdom only for the H to abduct her proposition her to be the woman in his harem while he pays for her and his son Will the h give up her pride and accept?For me this was an average read I felt bad for the H because he came from a really messed up family but his longing contradicted his decisions and submissiveness The h was filled with love and honesty throughout the book even though she had seen her mother suffer enough I wanted him to be a little assertive and her to have a tad bit pridethat being said I am thankful that he kept it in his pants when they were separated Many unresolved plot points that were introducedSafe2755 The sheikh’s seduction has a lifetime of conseuencesDesert prince Khalid never loses controlwith one exception his illicit night of passion with captivating dancer Aubrey Khalid was shocked to discover Aubrey was a virgin Yet after returning to his kingdom nothing compares to the bombshell that she’s had his secret child Claiming his son is nonnegotiable for this proud prince But claiming Aubrey will prove a much delicious challengeA royal love story with a secret baby twist I was waiting for this And it was worth the waiting loved it

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