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Winner Takes All A nice easy and enjoyable read This book was so good to read Loved it Great readAnother great book from Katie Price I could not put it down Totally addictive I was so caught up in the story Highly recommend this book loved this one I find these very easy to read The fabulously addictive new novel from Katie Price Beautiful people and big personalities is the formula for great reality TV as high flying producer Jas knows all too wellBut these days most of the drama in Jas’s life seems to be happening off screen rather than on it From dealing with daily family conflicts to getting her ex Richard to accept that she’s just not taking him backJas needs a break from her own realityEnter Mr Right – a TV show with a winning formula – which Jas has been tasked with producing What better place to escape her own personal drama than in a lavish villa in the hills of Ibiza But with twelve gorgeous contestants competing for the love of one perfect man there is bound to be trouble in paradiseIt's Jas's job to see through the secrets the backstabbing and lies – and there's no shortage of any of it

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