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The Big Uneasy Around the World #2 This is one of those books where it needs to be immediately noted that this book here is 1 a seuel and 2 first book must be read firstThere are many romance series that follow one couple in book one then a different in book two and so forth and so on With the couple from the first book either making cameos or playing secondary character parts in seuels Here? That’s not what is happening hereCourse you might not immediately know that from the start of the book since it starts in the POV of ‘some other character’ But yes this is a continuation of the story of Rebecca and Arabella First seen or less hating each other as they drive together from Portugal to London Developing a certain connection along the way uite frankly I do no actually remember how the book ended – were they a couple? Thinking about it? I do know they made it back to England by the end of the book and Arabella had learned why Rebecca was in such a rush to get back and Arabella had made some life altering changes before the final words appeared but I do not completely recall how it endedThis book doesn’t exactly help bring the ending back into focus for me Since so there was so much ‘stuff’ about some car ride to Scotland disastrous car ride that I was beginning to think I might have accidentally readstarted book three but no this is in fact book twoBut enough of thatThe book sees Arabella and Rebecca taking a vacation together in New Orleans – there to visit Rebecca’s friend Jenn the person whose POV opens the book Arabella and Rebecca are in a ‘friends but maybe possibly something might eventually occur’ situation As in Arabella is still having her big long think about just what she is and how Rebecca fits into her life or exactly is Arabella a lesbian? Bisexual? What?Meanwhile Jenn lives and works in New Orleans Has for a longish while there was indication that she graduated from a college in Boston wandered to New Orleans to find work in the business sector couldn’t find any took part time work and now it’s today – then there was the comment that after years she’d moved up the ladder on a particular steamboat and was now the host meaning that it has been a longish while not a short while since that graduation I say all that so I can note that she’s probably close to late twenties early thirties when everyone around her kind of sees her as early twenties but whateverWhile working in one of her many jobs a bartender at a slushie bar alcoholic slushies she watches as a woman is dumped from a car outside Hehe no no not like that Car drives up woman exits starts pulling bags from trunk another woman appears and attempts to stop the removal of bags It would appear that the driver is ‘forcing’ the other woman to ‘vacation’ in New Orleans which that other woman loudly calls ‘a sordid hellhole’ That ‘other woman’ who is being ‘dumped’ in New Orleans is the fourth Point of View in the story – though it takes forever for her turn at the POV controls That other woman goes by the name ‘Kathryn’There’s kind of an intentional creation made here – two similar couples I mean One side of the coupling includes someone younger and ‘free’; other older stiffer and stiff business orientated Though one coupling involves English people and other involves Americans Several of the people in the story make comments about these similarities Though as noted Jenn from her backstory appears to be much older than people might realize and there is a strong indication that Kathryn is closer to mid to early thirties than to any other age So there probably isn’t much age gap between Jenn and Kathryn’s ages At least nothing than about 5 years or soI rather liked watching the story unfold though there was a little too much repetition Well hmms I mean the two younger lesbians ‘I’m not a lesbian I’m pansexual’ – Jenn is the pansexual she leans towards women and hasn’t dated a man in forever; I forget if Rebecca gave herself a label watching the two older ‘straight’ women try to work out just what these unexpected feelings towards other women or exactly just one other woman might mean There were some neat scenes – like riding around on the streetcar but there also seemed to be a little too much how to put it mention of things seen instead of showing; mixed with showing certain things occurring Bah I cannot convey correctlyGood story that entertained meRating 392October 24 2018 A E Radley's latest is a combination of bloody genius and cluster#### I love Rebecca and Arabella I appreciated that MsRadley gave them time to progress to the next levelsArabella had a few sessions with the green eyed monster Rebecca was awesome as always but she did get herself into trouble with Arabella in chapter 16 Professional Pain In My Arse it was pretty hilarious After they had 'the talk' though all sorts of lovey dovey feelings appeared as they took the next step as a couple; Boo Boo and Possum The journey ahead had bumps and potholes but they were handling those together Jenn and Kathryn deserved their own book Kathryn was straight she loved repeating her sexual orientation status to anyone and anywhere including in a Lesbian bar to Jenn before Jenn hypnotized her with a burlesue performance Extremely funny chapterJenn was one of a kind person gifted hardworking generous yet unlucky in love Kathryn was lucky to have Jenn in her life but if she ever screwed up again Echo will have my support Jenn and Kathryn had chemistry to be something greater but it needed time to be exploreddeveloped However everything was jammed up into the last few chapters and I was unsatisfied Imagine 2OO episodes of Telenovela crammed into a single 45 minutes episode Nevertheless it was still a good book especially for fans of Rebecca and Arabella ♥️ including myself This book is available on KUUnavailable on Scribd Kindle price USD699 There are some things I really like in a romance novel and they are things like having two pairs of main characters dialogue with lots of witty banter and I love well written novels set in New Orleans There is so much diversity uirkiness and history there that it can’t help but seep into the novel even when it’s not overt The Big Uneasy has all of these things as well as some history which is probably why it worked for meJenn is working one of her part time jobs at a bar when she notices a loud fight between two women across the road A gorgeous brunette is dumped on the side of the road with her luggage and the car she came in drives off Calling New Orleans a ‘sordid hellhole’ might not have been the best way to endear people but Jenn serves her anyway and gives her directions to her hotel Kathryn stomps offRebecca and Arabella are on their way from London to New Orleans partly to see Jenn and partly as a vacation Both characters are from ‘The Road Ahead’ the first instalment in the story This novel can be read as a standalone I didn’t read the first and had no difficulty following Rebecca and Arabella’s storyline There is uite a bit of tension between the two and things are not going as well as Rebecca hoped they wouldWhile the story is really Jenn and Kathryn’s story Rebecca and Arabella play uite an integral role Kathryn initially seems like the ice ueen stereotype but it uickly becomes obvious that it’s of a case of bad temper at being hijacked and general overwork Jenn is easily and instantly likeable but I found it very easy to become attached to Kathryn too There is a great dynamic between the four of them both as two couples as well as interactions between any combination of them I enjoyed the mix of good communication juxtaposed with some really shoddy communication A whole host of topics were touched on too like body image age sexuality I was riveted from the moment I picked it up until it was finished I did have a moment when Kathryn’s story was unravelling that I raised my eyebrow figuratively – because my one eyebrow raising muscles are defunct but I had enjoyed the story so much by that point that I let it go Great pace and wonderful story Book received from the author for an honest review Part of me was worried about starting this book Not because of the writing on the contrary I really like the author's work Ok that's not true I roughly like three uarters of her work and I don't mean the amount of books as a whole but three uarters of every book because somehow she always manages to ruin the last partHonestly I'm a little heartbroken because of how much I loved and adored these characters and their little and sometimes larger idiosyncrasies There were some very important issues addressed ranging from age difference to trying to find what label best suits your sexuality I loved that the author wrote about how confusing it all can be when you first come to terms with being attracted to a woman and the constant new labels popping up that society expects you to tattoo onto your forehead Though these issues aren't the easiest to deal with the author addressed it all in such a lighthearted and often humorous manner that I dreaded the moment when I was forced to take a break and get some sleep The story was that good and was heading towards a 5 ratingThen I soon realized what some other reviewers were also not happy about I totally understand some writers wanting to create conflict towards the end because they want the characters to really work and fight for their relationship but Kathryn's character became a hatchet job How did no one who read this story before publishing tell AE Radley Hey you're not writing an episode for Jane the Virgin tone it down with the craziness and character assassination I feel like I need to make a new shelf for books called loved the first 34 hated the last 14Serves me right for reading what is essentially a MirAndy Swanueen fan fiction mashup I can't be the only one who noticed that right?First 34 gets a 5 and the last 14 gets a 2 giving this a 35 overall rating They say opposites attract but can lightning strike twice Rebecca has convinced Arabella to accompany her on a trip to New Orleans Both women are struggling to figure out their new relationship as Rebecca gives Arabella the space she reuests and Arabella comes to terms with her unexpected feelings for the younger woman Meeting Rebecca’s friend Jenn gives them the chance to learn about each other While Jenn starts to fall for her own older woman from out of town The second book in the Around the World Series following on from the smash hit success The Road Ahead Includes an exclusive preview of Welcome to Ruby's by author KC Luck as well as the first chapter of my own best selling novel Bring Holly Home A story set in New Orleans? Bring on the beignets and the toaster ovens We first met Arabella and Rebecca in The Road Ahead They are a couple who are still working out their relationship in this second book of the series Rebecca is all in happy to bring Arabella away from the demands of her job and hoping she will see her as than merely a travel companion Arabella is grappling with her attraction to Rebecca and her own insecurities about their relationship Jenn and Kathryn are the interesting couple in this second book in the series They meet by accident when Kathryn’s sister dumps her in the big easy for a forced vacation Jenn sets about proving to Kathryn that NOLA is a wonderful city to explore and experience I loved the free spirited Jenn whose resume reads like every kids career wish list She is the eternal optimist not afraid to chat up the rage filled Kathryn when they first meet Kathryn was the perfect foil for the almost too perfect Jenn AE Radley’s dry humour lifts the book from just another romance to an entertaining travelogue with heart and lots of laughs along the way The ending felt rushed and a bit over the top and did take some of the pleasure away from the story as a whole My hope is that we readers will be rewarded with time spent with these two couples in the next book in the series ARC received with thanks from the author for an honest review 35 Stars rounded up to 4 StarsI really enjoyed the first book in this series The Road Ahead This book continues with the two protagonists the photographer Rebecca and Arabella the top executive of a PR company in England I think it is about a year and a half later and Rebecca asks Arabella to take a vacation with her to visit her friend Jenn in New Orleans Louisiana NOLA Rebecca has been patient as she waits for Arabella to overcome her fear and to decide if she wants to be than friendsThis is 2 love stories in one but similar in nature In addition of Rebecca and Arabella there is Rebecca's friend Jenn and Kathryn Jenn is a uniue individual She is kind and friendly has number of various part time jobs a true Jill of all Trades who works hard to be good at each of her jobs but she is still looking for a real relationship and perhaps has lost hope? Because of her kindness in the past she's fallen for the wrong people to having people taking advantage of her She first spots Kathryn while she is working her bartender job on Bourbon St Kathryn is complaining loudly as her sister literally dumps her off forcing Kathryn to take a vacation Kathryn is angry posh straight and instantly hates New Orleans Jenn and Kathryn keep running into each other and Jenn tries to show Kathryn why she loves NOLAI liked this book but Radley throws in this massive twist that threw me for a loop I hated it at first but eventually I got over it Radley knows how to write very readable stories with humor and likable characters You probably don't have to read book #1 first but I highly recommend The Road Ahead If there is one I wonder what the next book in the series will be? I'd love to read about Echo I hadn’t realised how desperate I had been for a seuel to The Road Ahead until I started reading this bookArabella and Rebecca from The Road Ahead are travelling to New Orleans Arabella has well and truly put her relationship with Rebecca in the friend zone and now can’t find a way out of it She now knows her feelings for Rebecca are deepening each dayRebecca’s friend Jenn lives in NOLA and is unbelievably passionate about her city When out of towner Kathryn turns up in her bar in nothing but a bad mood and bad attitude about her beloved city Jen decides to change her mindGreat book and what looks to be the start of an excellent series I would advise reading The Road Ahead firstMain characters Arabella and Rebecca stole the show to be honest I think I really needed from them in the previous book and boy did I get of it in this one Rebecca is kind and respectful to a fault She wants to give Arabella space to come to her own conclusion about their relationship but Arabella is just scared and few times I wanted to call her up to say “Hey lady Get your skates on before you loose her” But alas I didn’t need to because by the end AE Radley had me swooning as I knew she would at the loveliness of these twoAlso there is a scene in this book that I think might be the sexiest scene that AE Radley has ever written As soon as it happens you will know what I am talking about but it definitely left me a little hot under the collarAs for Kathryn and Jenn’s story Wow There is a massive twist that in all honesty I had no idea was coming It blew me away I am almost too scared to say anything about these two in case I give the story away So all I will say is I really hope they are in the next book Amanda writes because I am a little taken with them both and where their relationship could goI honestly think this is one of the best books AE Radley has written Story is tight she gives each character enough page time and the story had just the right amount of twists and turns5 starsuote of the book“I’m pansexual but I favour relationships with women” This is such a sweet story AE Radley is certainly one of my favorite authors I read everything she publishes and have never been disappointed Lots of humor and fun characters and situations Just what readers have come to expect from the author

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