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Sales Stampede Imagine You Could Wave A Magic Wand And Sell of your products or services with ONE presentation than you now do in an entire year Now imagine you could put the entire process on autopilot so you had a sales machine working for you twenty four hours a day seven days a week How would that transform your business and your life You don't need a magic wand You just need Dave Dee's new book In Sales Stampede How to Sell More of Your Products or Services in 75 Minutes Than You Do All Year Dave the world's foremost expert at one to many selling shares with you his step by step system for crafting and delivering presentations for in person delivery or online that will at least double your sales with less work in less time and with less effort You will discover The precise formula for creating an offer that makes your audience CRAVE what you're selling It's not only what's IN your offer but HOW it is presented that makes a huge difference in your results How to use ethical mind control strategies to make your audience do what you want elegantly overcome objections and close the sale all without old fashioned high pressure sales techniues How to generate A List customers clients or patients with set it and forget it automated webinars How you can use one to many selling in your business in a step by step scientific way so you see results in your bank account in 30 days or less You are about to discover how to make money become a person of power and influence and make a meaningful difference in the lives of others like never before Forget the magic wand All the secrets you need to create sales stampedes are right here in this book

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