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Choose I had a few take aways from this book But the irritating part is that the author keeps using his own expertises as examples repeatedly 'Choose' is full of straight to the point practical advice that you can use to test your business ideas The method Ryan designed can predict which markets are just right for you and which ones you should steer clear of I wish I had Ryan had written these books 10 years ago so I could have avoided wasting three years of my life getting a useless business degree What type of business should you startFor the past 10 years Inc 500 CEO and #1 national best selling author Ryan Levesue featured for his work in the Wall Street Journal USA Today Forbes and Entrepreneur has guided thousands of entrepreneurs through the journey of answering this uestionOne of the biggest reasons why so many new businesses fail is because in the uest to decide what business to start most of the conventional wisdom is wrongInstead of obsessing over what as in what should you sell or what should you build you should first be asking who As in who should you serveThe what is a logical uestion that will come soon enough But choosing your who is the foundation from which all other things are builtThat is what this book is all aboutIf you've ever had the dream to start your own business become your own boss or do your own thing but have been afraid to take the leap and screw up your already good life this book is for youYou will find the meticulously tested step by step process outlined in the book is easy to follow despite being the result of a decade of research and experience This process designed to minimize your risk of failure and losing money up front coupled with the inspiring stories of everyday people who have used this process to launch successful businesses will not only give you clarity on what type of business to start but also the confidence to finally take that leap and get started Nice framework for selecting a business idea and market to focus on Some of the methods seemed rather simplistic but perhaps that's the genius in them? I was a bit disappointed that the book was so focused on Info products Conventional wisdom is that is a great place to start but I was looking for info on SaaS products Very tactical Choose is essential to business success and the key to implementing Ryan's ASK method I had the pleasure of interviewing Ryan for the 5 Minute Success podcast where he shared Secrets of Choosing the Right Market Revealed Karen Briscoe author and podcast host 5 Minute Success Great system to narrow down your target market great book Love the concepts Very implementable especially if you want to start an online business A lot of blabla and not so much useful Mr Levesue has some good points in his book but over 75% are about his story and on the 25% remaining only a few points are really interesting while the main point in choosing your target market is completely ignored to be replaced by his own storyA nice bio but too much of itAlso it is really trying to sell his methods and membershipsI learned a few useful things but I will not recommend this book This really gives some keen insight into how you can select a business that perhaps you didn’t realize you had authority in or a completely new business altogetherIt does focus on educational businesses because those are some of the easiest but you could apply this techniue to other business types as well