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Teacher Evaluation as Cultural Practice Moving beyond the expectations and processes of conventional teacher evaluation this book provides a framework for teacher evaluation that better prepares educators to serve culturally and linguistically diverse CLD learners Covering theory research and practice Mara del Carmen Salazar and Jessica Lerner showcase a model to aid prospective and practicing teachers who are concerned with issues of euity excellence and evaluation Introducing a comprehensive five tenet model the book demonstrates how to place the needs of CLD learners at the center and offers concrete approaches to assess and promote cultural responsiveness thereby providing critical insight into the role of teacher evaluation in confronting ineuity This book is intended to serve as a resource for those who are committed to the reconceptualization of teacher evaluation in order to better support CLD learners and their communities while promoting cultural competence and critical consciousness for all learners

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    Reuired reading for DU masters class Good concepts but so boring to read I had to read some chapters over again because they were very dry and I found myself remembering nothing about them when I finished

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