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Sueak Who knew that one little noise could set off a whole cacophony In this chain reaction story the animal world wakes up with a sueakEarly one morning a gentle breeze tickles the ear of a small mouse and he wakes up with a sueak That sueak wakes up the some chipmunks who rattle tree branches and knock pinecones into the river Those pinecones wake the trout who splash around and wake up an elk on the riverbankAnd so goes the story of Sueak a chain reaction story set in a beautiful rolling landscape with animals who are all woken up one by one with the rising of the sun With lush and vivid art and plenty of fun animal noises on each page this story is a perfect read aloud to wake up to or to read any time of dayPraise for Sueak The text is melodic and vivid and a joy to read aloud A surefire hit for storytime one on one reading and gift giving Booklist STARRED REVIEWThis adorable circular story for young readers is a great way to start or end the day with a little humor SLJ STARRED REVIEWA delightful onomatopoeic introduction to the interactive sounds of awakening animals Kirkus Reviews

  • Hardcover
  • 32 pages
  • Sueak
  • Laura McGee Kvasnosky
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9780525518150

About the Author: Laura McGee Kvasnosky

Laura McGee Kvasnosky is the author illustrator of many books for young readers including the series Zelda & Ivy She lives in Seattle

10 thoughts on “Sueak

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    A little mouse is born and ventures outside of its burrow The mouse not only makes sounds but many other animals do too Lovely book with beautiful illustrations

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    We love this book The toddler loves the sounds we make when reading it and the illustrations are lovely

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    A full circle story that is full of onomatopoeia and is a delight to read aloud

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    3 12 stars4 stars for the illustrations3 stars for the story being just a little sigh a shade too long and dragging just a littleI'm going to try it out for a storytime and see how it goes with the kids Hoping that they will participate and enjoy it Hoping that the illustrations alone will charm them

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    When a summer breeze tickles a little mouse’s ear early one morning an entire cacophony follows With one loud sueak the mouse starts the world waking up The chipmunks wake up sending a pine cone into the river The trout jump The elk bonks into a tree launching the eagle off The sound of her huge wings wakes the bears whose growls wake the wolves The wolves howl waking the bighorn lamb who leaps high Finally the bison bellows and all of the other creatures in the area awaken too Except for one little mouse who is now asleepThe author plays with sounds in this book as they ripple across an ecosystem in this nature focused read From the small mouse sueak to the huge bison bellow all of the sounds are uniue and interesting Children listening to the story will love the chance to howl like wolves leap like trouts or fly like eagles along the way The book is filled with a sense of joy and wonder as the series of noises awaken all of the animalsThe art is done in two steps by the two creators one who did the black lines and the other who colored them in digitally The result is almost like stained glass The sense of the glow of morning light carries through all of the illustrations They are united by a strong feeling of being in a shared place tooA great read aloud for a group expect lots of participation Appropriate for ages 2 4

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    This book is poetic in the sense of sound The illustrations are simple yet detailed enough where it fits in with the story SPOILERS AHEADThis book is basically about a mouse who gets woken up and then the story goes on to how a certain sound wakes up the next animal and so forth In the end the mouse is wondering why everyone is up so early and goes back to sleep It's a very anti climatic story only mentioning the mouse twice at the beginning and at the end of the book I thought with the mouse being on the cover and starting off with a mouse it would be about the mouse but it was not I was low key disappointed it wasn't about the mouse

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    A circular book that would be excellent to use as a mentor text for cause and effect and onomatopoeia A small mouse is awakened by a breeze and lets out a sueak that starts a chain reaction in various habitats The illustrations are gorgeous and show different habitats as the chain reaction awakens different animals The various sounds by animals or by the animal actions could be used as to introduce or reinforce onomatopoeia Another picture book that could be used in a variety of grades across different curricula A strong addition for collection development or classroom libraries

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    I really enjoyed this book The first thing I noticed was how pretty the illustrations were but there are so many aspects to enjoy about this book From fun noises that make it great for a story time for a little bit older crowd it's a tad wordy for super littles to the interconnectedness that makes it great for a science classroom or nature center to teach about ecosystems and cause effect This could also make a great book for understanding seuencing I definitely hope to incorporate it in to my Stories and Steam sessions soon

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    Sueak is an early morning that starts with that one little noise from one little mouse From then forward all the animals in the forest big and small begin to rustle awake and start the day Lush cool colors dominate the palette and are so pleasing to the eye; on top of the adorable animals This picture book truly captures the ambiance of an early morning in the North American woods

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    This was beautifully illustrated and I love how each scene hinted at the next scene looked back at the previous scene or both I liked the progression of the book and how it circled back aroundI guess in terms of accuracy not all these animals in here would be woken by the noise that awakes them in here nor would they all necessarily get up but that is okay it is fiction I think this is a book I would recommend

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