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Maigret à Vichy 'The father of contemporary European detective fiction' Ann Cleeves 'What else did they have to do with their days They ambled around casually From time to time they paused not because they were out of breath but to admire a tree a house the play of light and shadow or a face' While taking a much needed rest cure in Vichy with his wife Maigret feels compelled to help with a local investigation unravelling the secrets of the spa town's elegant inhabitantsThis novel has been published in a previous translation as Maigret Takes the Waters'His artistry is supreme' John Banville'One of the greatest writers of the twentieth century' Guardian In crime novels as in life there's a tendency to oversimplify with one character cast as the victim and another as the villain Georges Simenon habitually delves deeper into heart of his characters blurring the distinction between good and bad showing that there's a little of both in most of us Maigret in Vichy is a fine example of this On vacation with his wife Maigret is inadvertently drawn into helping solve a local murder But as his watchful nonjudgmental way of gaining information begins to pay off he feels and sympathy for his uarry The truth must be known but truth does not always bring justice For a few books we have been content to read of Maigret’s cases in ParisHere the wonderful author Georges Simenon does what many writers have down in long standing series they change the locationReaders know Maigret is closing in on retirement; indeed through his book he has great longevity Age however is somehow catching up with him His symptoms although series are what we would call today stress and modern life He needs to slow down and the fashion at the time was to visit a spa resort like Vichy and take the waters Literally drink the warm mineral water and relax outside your normal routineThis is a great backdrop to a story where our chief protagonist has no jurisdiction feels vulnerable can’t drink become absorbed in an investigation and spends all his time with his beloved wifeConseuently everything is different and nothing is the same until a murder occurs almost under his noseI loved the role of Madame Maigret in this book her change of character away from Paris even when his detective curiosity takes him away from her briefly I loved the uestions she poses to her husband they are both observers of and the answers she elicited from the Chief Inspector It was good to see some comparisons as well as contrasts that mean this book reveals so much about our favourite sleuth I feel as I have read every episode in each new release I can understand his famous methods This latest novel affirms this; is a celebration of life and introduces one of the worse crimes I have read Inspector Maigret and his wife are on holiday in Vichy a resort town in south central France renowned for its spas and medicinal waters Maigret had been feeling out of sorts and had consulted his physician before leaving Paris who recommended Maigret to a colleague of his Dr Rian whose practice was in Vichy Maigret later met with Rian who recommended a regimen consisting of daily walks which he and Madame Maigret did together daily a healthy diet and drinking of Vichy's pure water So no beer sausage and a cut down on smoking from his beloved pipe for MaigretMaigret's holiday is anything but humdrum when he becomes indirectly involved in a case by the local police authorities whose chief Lecoeur had once served under him in Paris in which a woman was found strangled to death in a residence she owned It so happened that Maigret had seen this woman sometimes referred to in the book as the lady in lilac reflective of the outfit she was wearing when Maigret espied her in public once days earlier whilst walking with his wife For Maigret the lady in lilac was not simply the victim of a murder nor a person who had led a particular type of existence He was beginning to know her and he was trying almost unwittingly to learn about her All in all this was a breezy and thought provoking story I enjoyed the experience One stop is now complete on my grand sampling tour of the great fictional detectives of 20th century fiction with the completion of my first Detective Maigret novel I realize of course that a reader can hardly get a good feel for a character such as this by only reading a single novel of the set After all author Georges Simenon wrote some seventy five novels and twenty eight short stories about Maigret which were published between 1931 and 1972 and there have been several radio and TV adaptations as well But for all of that I had never picked up a Maigret novel until nowJules Maigret or simply Maigret to most people including his wife is a French police detective actually a commissaire or commissioner of the Paris Brigade Criminelle The character is reportedly heavily influenced by real life Chief Inspector Marcel Guillaume said to be the greatest French detective of his day Published in 1967 this particular novel Maigret in Vichy it has also born the title “Maigret Takes the Waters” in some versions comes near the end of the entire series Maigret and his wife are vacationing in Vichy where his doctor has advised he relax and engage in the lavish spa and healthful waters of the region He notices a mysterious lady in lavender and when said lady is found murdered the local police engage his famous detective skills to aid them in their case I will say that I enjoyed this reading experience than I had expected I found the style to be easy and straight forward and I rather enjoyed the leisurely pace of Detective Maigret’s lifestyle at this point in his career It’s uite a different pace than the modern day thrillermysteries which I have been reading lately The plot was interesting albeit straightforward with some old fashioned hard work by the police reuired to solve the case As a character Maigret is pleasant to spend time with and I would enjoy doing so again

  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Maigret à Vichy
  • Georges Simenon
  • 14 March 2016
  • 9780241304211

About the Author: Georges Simenon

Simenon was one of the most prolific writers of the twentieth century capable of writing 60 to 80 pages per day His oeuvre includes nearly 200 novels over 150 novellas several autobiographical works numerous articles and scores of pulp novels written under than two dozen pseudonyms Altogether about 550 million copies of his works have been printedHe is best known however for his 75

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