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정숙한 남자 What’s it like spending your whole life coming in second placeAsk Nam Jinwoo he’s been living in the shadow of his rival Ma Sangtae his whole life From high school to college and now in the office But passion is strange it can start as envy or hate and turn into something erotic Now Jinwoo’s head is filled with the dirtiest and most erotic thoughts none of which are in his control More than anything he wants them to stop But the only way to stop them might just be the last thing he wants to do Even though you are only able to access the first 5 chapters of this manhwa for free on Lezhin I think the author Ggang E did such a tremendous job on the characters and of course the story between the bois I know it is disappointing for some who can't read the entire story for free HOWEVER it is absolutely fair that the author does not want pirate sites to be stealing her content and I applaud her for speaking up about this I mean at the end of the day folks it's the authors work not ours or even any pirates sites out there She deserves as much contribution as any one else who creates a piece of artwork of any nature I am guilty af like any of us who try to read content for free which is a shame that we have to be feeling this way and the fact the pirate sites are allowing this to give heartache to the creators of who we read Look lads we just have to be realistic and support behind the scenes peeps who give us joy and entertainment Love love love this Jinwoo has been second place to his rival Sangtae his whole life From high school to college and now at work Jinwoo hates Sangtae with every fiber of his being But one day Jinwoo starts to get dirty erotic fantasies that won't stop They're not his fantasies but he is 100% convinced they're Sangtae's fantasies ➽ This is totally a guilty pleasure read All the sex fantasies I absolutely love this I'm a total sucker for gorgeous art and a plot with some erotica thrown in I'm seriously looking forward to see where the story with this one goes ➽ Sangtae is a total assholebully but I think this is a case of bullying the one you like Hehe It's kinda obvious especially due to the flashbacks in their high school days that Sangtae had this admiration for Jinwoo after he stood up for Sangtae ➽ What caused the fantasies I think it was the Jizo statue Jinwoo puked on But in ch 3 Sangtae is holding a bontage doll that looks like Jinwoo But this is still an ongoing webtoon so you never know Good

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  • 정숙한 남자
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  • 15 September 2015

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