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    Written by the founder of Domino's Pizza I found this book very inspiring Tom Monaghan shares with his readers candidly about his struggles and successes in building Domino's Pizza I highly recommend it

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    I usually don't like or trust autobiographies or memoirs but this was pretty good If you're a stuggling entrepreneur then the chapters where Monaghan describes his challenging years are well worth your time Pretty amazing Domino's is still around and healthy after some of the mistakes Monaghan madeAs is usually the case with these types of books once he becomes successful it gets a lot less interesting especially when the authorsubject gets all preachy about his special interests and why he supports them But there's not too much of thatThe rule for business biographies Tell us how me made it don't tell us how he spent it unless you're Ron Chernow who makes even that part interesting for his subjects

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    GREAT STORY Tom has perseverance Teaches you to never give up

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    Written in the 1980's at the height of Domino's success its Catholic founder recalls his life including a childhood spent in an orphanage various fostercare homes in extreme poverty the first 80 ish pages the most interesting part for me followed by the building of his pizza empire To say he was driven in business is an understatement Very open about his personality and regrets Humble about himself And grandiose in his business goals at the same time Some of his business predictions sound like Trump best everInteresting as a business book and physiological studyMinus one star because I kept thinking Oh his poor wife He was beyond driven at business and that had to take a heavy toll on his family's life I also imagined the poor families of his employees who never got to see their loved ones as he pushed them and There didn't seem to be any appreciation for worklife balance It was all work for him Also some of the pizza business bits were boring to me But only some The author's infectious excitement carried the reader through lots of business minutiaLots of Michigan references Occasional references to his Catholic faith At the end he admits to attending daily mass He definitely wrote the book with a focus on his business vs religion No specific references to FUS or Fr Michael Scanlon Or the idea for Ave Maria University This book might have been written before all that

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    I had high hopes for this but ultimately I found it dragged and I really had to push my way through it So much is about the minutiae down to the dollar and detail about the very first Domino's franchises that I think only an inside or at least pizza industry buff could really find it interesting This makes Monaghan rush through at the end with scan material on owning the Tigers the late 1980s pizza wars over home delivery etc including his own philanthropy but not that Frank Lloyd Wright mania from this once would be architect OK so sometimes emotional Monaghan says keep the menu simple and be hyper enthusiastic and get out their in the field

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    Achieve a higher level of success in business by reading the story of Domino's Pizza founder Tom Monaghan Karen Briscoe author and podcast host 5 Minute Success

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    Pizza Tiger is the autobiography of Domino’s Pizza and Detroit Tiger’s owner Tom Monaghan This book details the early years of dominoes up until the purchase of the Detroit Tigers Much of this book deals with the early failures of the Domino’s Pizza Company and the struggle to make it profitable As you read through the pages you will find it amazing that Domino's even made it at all The early years both through the bad partnerships the struggles of becoming known as a pizza only take out place when people expected sandwiches and pasta along with pizza It was a commitment to uality and a 30 min delivery that made Monaghan stand out and ultimately lead to success Monaghan is very clearly a man committed to pizza and his love and passion shine throughout the book While there are many lessons that an entrepreneur can take away from this book particularly about handling bad partnerships and debt the overall story is one that focuses on passion There is not much of the book dedicated to the Detroit Tigers so if you are reading the book for the baseball aspect you should probably pass Overall while dated this is still a great book on building a successful business that anyone can learn a lot from

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    The founder of Domino'w Pizza Tom Monaghn is the author While the story of Domino's is exciting and held my attention the book in spots has a textbook feel If someone either reading the book or haa read this book they should grasp a few tools for building a successful business The author is a leader in business and was clearly motivated to grow his business and to come up with new ideas to do so I found that Tom is very resourceful and is able to dig himself out when he falls into a pit Toward the end of the book at least the last 2 or 3 chapters the story changes from ways to grow the business to ways that used my success to impress other people I felt that these last chapters could have either been left out or cleaned up Yes there are ideas that he used to further establish his company but I felt that these chapters were really unnecessary

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    If you're an entrepreneur this may be a 5 star book Otherwise perhaps a 3 Depends on what you're looking for

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Pizza Tiger The founder of Domino's Pizza self made multimillionaire Tom Monaghan owner of the Detroit Tigers and amateur disciple of Frank Lloyd Wright reveals through his life story the personal ualities and business practices that have made him the Entrepreneurial Hero of the 1980s Inc Magazine 8 pages of black and white photographs