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  • Hardcover
  • 40 pages
  • Just Like My Brother
  • Gianna Marino
  • 18 August 2015
  • 9780425290606

10 thoughts on “Just Like My Brother

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    My youngest loves this book The illustrations are engaging and the danger of the big cat following the baby giraffe is part of a hide and seek game and my little one enjoyed playing along I like the message that the way we perceive ourselves is not necessarily the way others perceive us For example little giraffe asks Turtle Have you seen my brother? He's tall The turtle replies You're tall From his perspective the little giraffe certainly is But little giraffe replies Not as tall as my brother Of course by the end little giraffe learns that he has strengths that can match his big bro

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    Awww The sweet little giraffe in this picture book ADORES her big brother He's tall spotted fast and he's very very brave In the end she must consider the fact that she also has many of the same ualities that she admires in her big brother 3 The book doesn't share how the artwork was created but it looks like some pages with watercolor These images are absolutely adorableFor children's literature middle grade literature and YA literature reviews feel free to visit my personal blog at The Miller Memo

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    While playing hide and seek with her older brother a sister asks several different animals on the plains of Africa if they have seen him They all say no but they do say that she is just like him This encourages her self confidence and elevates her admiration for her brother

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    Cute story Most toddlers will like the repetition Ending weak for me Fun illustrations Good color Could be for brotherbrother or brothersister as long as one oldest is thea brother

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    It's easy to feel small and insignificant when you're young especially if you're a younger sibling Older brothers and sisters often seem so much bigger braver smarter and important The sweet little giraffe in this lovely picture book is playing hide and seek with her older brother As she asks the other animals to help her find them they work hard to remind her that she matches all of her descriptions of him An ironic twist helps her to finally see what they've been trying to tell her This is a good book to share with young children especially those with older brothers and sisters This book could definitely inspire some good discussions about self confidence

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    What a lovely story I liked how the other animals interacted with Little Giraffe I also liked the slight twist at the ending where leopard was looking very ashamed of sneaking up on Little Giraffe and also a little scared of her I loved the illustrations and how the spots around Little Giraffe's eyes made flowers I also like the little detailed including Little Giraffe's brother following her on her uest to find him Cute fun easy to read story

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    A game of hide and seek show this little giraffe to be fast enough tall enough brave enough etc This amusing and heartwarming picturebook tells the familiar narrative of a young sibling striving to be like her older sibling Inviting watercolor illustrations provide counterpoint and suspense enticing young readers to return over and over for exploration and interpretationReviewer #4

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    Gianna Marino creates wonderful stories about relationships between family members and she does it again in this book Younger siblings wishing they were like their older siblings will recognize themselves in the little giraffe and kids will love trying to spot the older brother among the greenery The illustrations are gorgeous too Highly recommended

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    Story set in the savannah with animals from this habitat that help the little giraffe find his big brother The comparisons of colors and patterns and speed are made As they listen to the story children will be looking for parts of a predator following the animals Big colorful illustrations and giraffe pelt patterns

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    Copyright Date 2019Genre Concept BookTheme Sibling love Entertainment My favorite part was when the giraffe was looking for his brother and he came to the realization that he was strong fast and brave just like his brother I will use this book in my classroom to teach children to have confidence in themselves and to know they are also strong and brave

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Just Like My Brother An entertaining and moving tribute to big brothers by the authorillustrator of Meet Me at the Moon and Following Papa's SongContinuing her picture book stories about family relationships Gianna Marino introduces Little Giraffe who adores her big brother Set in a stunning African landscape the story begins with a game of hide and seek as Little Giraffe looks for her big brother who's just out of her sight but always safely nearby As she asks the many animals she encounters on her search if they've seen him it's evident how much she admires him He's taller and faster and braver than her she tells them But as the search continues the other animals insist that Little Giraffe is tall and fast and brave too and best of all she has a wonderful older brother who looks out for her

About the Author: Gianna Marino

Gianna Marino was born in San Francisco and spent her early years galloping horses through Golden Gate Park Her explorations expanded after graduating from high school and in order to afford her many journeys Gianna had several jobs at once apprenticing a muralist a jewelry designer a product designer and driving horse carriages through the park Gianna explored many corners of the world fro