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The Heart of Dead Cells The Heart of is a new collection half artbook half making of The first issue deals with the independant game Dead Cells The game has been a huge success on PC the last years and it's now available on consoles PS4 Xbox One Switch A serious contender for the Game of the Year 2018 award

  • Hardcover
  • 160 pages
  • The Heart of Dead Cells
  • Benoit Reinier
  • 10 June 2016
  • 9782377840557

7 thoughts on “The Heart of Dead Cells

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    This book provides a great overview on the art and design of Dead Cells I enjoyed reading how Motion Twin became the company they are today Their core values and connection with fans shaped a great game Amazing Art so many images Company history and philosophy Cooperative structure Development timeline with twists and turns Design overview No art captions More context for each art piece would be great No technologycode coverage Why they chose Haxe CastleDB etc Light coverage of each staff members specialty Would love to learn about the team A few spots have text over images that are a bit challenging to readAs a fan of the game this is a must read Very happy with my purchase

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    An interesting art book uite well detailing on how dead cells came to be and provided interesting insight in Motion Twin company itself Although I was expecting a bit details on design decisions Most of the stuff was covered extremely briefly Also most pictures lacked captions and explaining what I am looking at or who was the main artist of that particular piece Lastly the paper uality is not great all of the artwork looks a bit washed up and definitely doesn't look as good as it could For an art book I didn't expect it will be that bad Overall this book it not too bad If you are a fan of Dead Cells go for it Just keep your expectations tame

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    A really interesting and uniue hybrid between art book and behind the scenes book for Dead Cells It was really interesting to read up on how Dead Cells came to be especially considering that the developer used to mostly develop browser games prior to Dead Cells

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    Great colors scripts concepts and making process uality of book in terms of paper could be a bit better

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    Nice art but a bit meagre regarding the making of the game

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    Was a great bookSpoilers view spoilerThere is art What did you really expect there to be spoilers for an art book? hide spoiler

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