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Trusting the Sheriff I have come to enjoy Janice's books They are well written and a joy to read In this one I get to meet Detective Abby Baker first The story starts with action with what happens to Abby Its a steady pace of action for she goes into hiding which brings in Sheriff Caleb Tanner There is a big mystery as to what happened to her and her partner this will keep you guessing til the end There are some neat twists in this to keep you going The biggest one is at the end I love the way she wrote this story There is a good blend of mystery suspense and romance I like the way it takes time for things to happen I look forward to the next book A good read love reading Intrigue Books An engaging mystery romance set in an Amish community Police detective Abby Baker can’t remember who killed her partner Neal Her colleagues at the precinct think it could be her When Abby seeks shelter with her mother’s Amish relatives she meets handsome sheriff Caleb Tanner There’s one problem Caleb thinks Abby might be the killerI really enjoyed Trusting the Sheriff The story moves forward at a decent pace Abby is likeable and Caleb is an attractive hero Disappointing I knew the bad guy way before the end and was making suggestions to the author in my head way early in the plot too Therefore I was not captured by the story as I would have expected A powerful read that grabs you from the start and keeps you in a race that will pit law enforcement against a Ex Detective and a County Sheriff to find the truth about a shotting that took her partners life and coused her to not remember what happened It's fast paced all the way until the end Is she a good cop gone badIf only she could rememberSuffering amnesia injured detective Abby Baker can’t believe her sergeant actually thinks she killed her partner Enter Sheriff Caleb Tanner tasked with learning Abby’s secrets while she hides from a murderer and recuperates at her Amish relatives’ farm But the Tanner digs the he’s attracted to Abby And the less convinced he is of the accusations against her

  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Trusting the Sheriff
  • Janice Kay Johnson
  • 21 October 2016

About the Author: Janice Kay Johnson

Janice Kay Johnson is the author of over a hundred books for children and adults Her first four published romance novels were coauthored with her mother also a writer who has since published mysteries and children's books on her own These were sweet romance novels the author hastens to add; she isn't sure they'd have felt comfortable coauthoring passionate love scenesJanice graduated from W