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Waiting for Tom Hanks Can a romcom obssessed romantic finally experience the meet cute she always dreamed of or will reality never compare to fiction in this charming debut adult novel from Kerry WinfreyAnnie Cassidy dreams of being the next Nora Ephron She spends her days writing screenplays rewatching Sleepless in Seattle and waiting for her movie perfect meet cute If she could just find her own Tom Hanks—a man who’s sweet sensitive and possibly owns a houseboat—her problems would disappear and her life would be perfect But Tom Hanks is nowhere in sightWhen a movie starts filming in her neighborhood and Annie gets a job on set it seems like a sign Then Annie meets the lead actor Drew Danforth a cocky prankster who couldn’t be less like Tom Hanks if he tried Their meet cute is of a meet fail but soon Annie finds herself sharing some classic rom com moments with Drew Her Tom Hanks can’t be an actor who’s leaving town in a matter of dayscan he

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    ARC provided by Berkley in exchange for an honest review “My Tom Hanks is out there and I’m not going to settle until I find him” I’m not going to lie to you all I have been dreading writing this review This is probably the book that has disappointed me the most in 2019 so far I thought it was going to be a cute romcom about a girl working on a movie set falling in love And I suppose it was but it also has so much bad and infuriating things also in this story Waiting for Tom Hanks is about a girl named Annie who you guessed it is in search of her life’s romcom hero who she thinks she deserves to be swept off her feet by And what better way to look for prospects than to work on a movie that your uncle pulls strings for you to be the director’s new assistant And on her first day at set she meets Drew the star of this romcom that is being filmed “If there was ever a man who was the complete and polar opposite of Tom Hanks it would be Drew Danforth” The best character was easily Annie’s uncle Don who was probably pansexual but the author didn’t put it on page But he also runs a weekly DD group and you all know that is very much something I am passionate about Also he was just kind hearted and showed unconditional love and I truly always wanted the best for him The second best character was Chloe who is Annie’s best friend and who is on page bisexual I have no idea why she would be friends with Annie but I am happy she was part of the story and I’m happy the author is going to write about her in the next bookAnnie was just the worst and being in her head was so unpleasant to read from From fake wokeness to white feminism to just being dramatic and jumping to so many ridiculous conclusions from pity party to just doing so many hurtful and dumb things she is easily the worst main character I’ve read about in 2019 Annie needs to learn boundaries and respect and plot twist at the end of this book was so horrible that I can’t even believe that beta readers would not say how horrible it felt to read I suppose I should talk about the white feminism in this book The white director wanting to film a movie about an interracial relationship because he is now in an interracial relationship felt really bad You should want to promote diversity all the time in all walks of life not just went it mirrors your life and impacts you and your white self Every single time Drew talked about being a feminist because of his feminist mom and how he opened doors and walked girls home made me want to die Even though I did feel bad for Drew through most of this because Annie was so insufferable Also all the main characters in this book are white To keep bringing up how woke you are when your entire book is about two heterosexual people who are white with all white friends it doesn’t feel good to read Especially when the only person of color is a very minor side character yet the star of the very movie who was only written to help the main character very awkwardly at the end of this book Telling and showing are two very different things and when you put such an emphasis on telling while never showing it makes for a really horrible reading experience Bringing up how whitewashed media is constantly is just going to make your whitewashed book obvious Overall this just wasn’t for me I should have known by the 100th Tom Hanks metaphor by page 50 to just DNF this but I didn’t There are so many other amazing romcoms out there many of which are also being published through Berkley I just really wouldn’t waste your time on this one unless you like hurtful main characters who think they deserve the world and Tom Hanks movies getting brought up every page Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch The uotes above were taken from an ARC and are subject to change upon publicationContent and Trigger Warnings for loss of a loved one and talk of cheating in the past not MCsBuddy read with Alexa Madalyn Amy ❤

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    The May Reading Vlog aka tier listing 30 books is up Now that you know where this one ranks click the link to check out the rest The Written Review This book was a solid 3 starsThere were fun bits but gosh the main character grated my nervesBUT THEN I GOT TO THE END and now I can't really rate it above 1 starNormally I don't mention stuff that happens in the end of a book in a review cause hello spoiler But when that stuff completly eclipses the rest of the book I think it should get mentioned Just be aware of spoiler tags I am so mad at that bit where she view spoiler took the picture of the naked movie star love interest and accidentally sent it to the gossip tabloids with a comment about his circumcision? hide spoiler

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    Super cute The rom com nostalgia in Waiting for Tom Hanks is strong so don’t be surprised when you get the urge to watch all your favorite romantic comedies from the past few decades to keep the feel good vibes flowing Not a bad way to spend a weekendor a sick day Just sayin’ My favorite uote “It doesn’t matter how someone in a romantic comedy affords their absurdly nice house or whether or not their profession makes sense or if technically they’re sort of stalking someone they heard on a call in radio show What matters is that they have hope Sure they find love but it’s not even about love It’s the hope that you deserve happiness and that you won’t be sad forever and that things will get better It’s hope that life doesn’t always have to be a miserable slog that you can find someone to love who understands you and accepts you just as you are”Audiobook narrated by Rachel L Jacobs

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    35 stars Easy Breezy and a little Cheesy Waiting for Tom Hanks is a sweet story about a woman who is waiting to find true love and experience her own romantic comedy Annie is 27 years old and stuck in her comfortable world in Ohio she wants to be a screenwriter but is unwilling to leave her childhood home to try her hand at working in the movies She spends her time freelance writing in her friend’s coffee shop waiting to meet Mr Right Annie is obsessed with romantic comedies and compares every man she meets to the heroes in her favorite films especially those starring Tom Hanks She is waiting to have her “meet cute” and find her leading man but it just hasn’t happened yet When a movie is finally being filmed her town starring handsome movie star Drew Annie finally gets the opportunity to experience her “meet cute” but it turns out that life isn’t always like the movies and Annie struggles to meld reality with her fantasy This is a fun and uick read with some charming uirky characters and witty banter It had depth than I thought it would based on the title I found Annie’s character endearing I was a little nervous for her at first but once I was able to peel back the layers to learn about why she is obsessed with rom coms I began to root for her Similar to rom coms there are some embarrassing over the top moments when the characters confront and express their true feelings Other moments were a little too sappy and cheesy for my taste and I had to partially cover my eyes and look away from the words Outside of these moments I found Waiting for Tom Hanks to be an entertaining lighthearted uick read I am looking forward to Kerry Winfrey’s next book featuring Nick and Chloe Annie's friendsI received an ARC of this book from Edelweiss and Penguin Publishing Group in exchange for an honest review

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    Waiting for Tom Hanks by Kerry Winfrey is a 2019 Berkley publication An adorable ode to classic Rom Coms I am pleased to see this book was so well received Rom Coms were considered circumspect back in their prime but after a while they became the 'Barry Manilow' of movies eliciting all manner of hand waving and eye rolls from the super intelligent who are too smart to indulge in something so sentimental and sweet playing the tired old 'unrealistic' card Blah Blah Blah I don't care I loved those movies I’m so happy to see people are looking back on those wonderful ‘feel good’ movies with fond nostalgia these days and are maybe beginning to relax and realize that a little light gentle fun won’t hurt you in fact it’s good for the soul That said I must with great chagrin admit that at times this book was a bit too silly even for me The author did do an amazing job of recreating the 1990s Rom Com format and atmosphere which also means it was occasionally corny The characters are zany uirky and downright weird at times but they are also funny and sweet The story is predictable of course but that's part of its charm We find comfort and escape with these stories They lift our spirits restore hope and leave us enveloped in a warm fuzzy glow but most importantly they make us smile This book pays tributes to all the great classics not just ‘Sleepless in Seattle’ or ‘You’ve Got Mail’ I was happy to see the author mention “While You Were Sleeping’ Bill Pullman which is my all time favorite although ‘When Harry Met Sally’ is a pretty close second but of course even stuffy snobs love Tom Hanks Overall this story is super light and easy very fun and It made me smile 4 stars

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    Many thanks to Berkely for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review Maybe your problem is you spent so much time thinking about your past that you didn't spend any time thinking about your future Ahh this was so good I’m really relieved that I loved because I think Berkley would officially ex communicate me if I didn’t I think the key selling point for me was not only the hilarious moments but the meta ness of the whole book➸ Annie We follow Annie a romcom addict lover Annie has religiously studied rom coms From there humor to there hope Annie loves every bit Now she is a full grown adult and is waiting for her own perfect man to swoop her off her feet I was really worried that I wouldn’t like Annie because Melanie said in her amazing review that she really didn’t No shade to Melanie I love her and her reviews At first I thought Annie was straight up bratty but she grew on me and I absolutely loved her character arc I also saw a bit of myself in her Bratty a little self centered but lovable ➸ Chloe Even if you didn’t like Annie you’ll still like Chloe She was definitely one of the best characters and I am so so excited to see her get her own novel in 2020 She played the best friend role so well She was funny and kind Augh I wish I had a friend like Chloe➸ Drew Honestly I don’t know how much longer I can stand having crushes on fictional crushes because deep down I know that I’ll never be able to meet them Drew is the exact person I would avoid in real life but opposites attract ? Also something I like to do is google to see if I can find what I think a character would look like so they’re even real inside my head and I found one So here it is you’re welcomeCredit River ViiperiAs I mentioned this novel is super uniue It was so unlike the romcoms I’ve read this year Because Annie is so obsessed with romcoms there is a shtton of pop culture Most books won’t actually bring up real movies or actors which makes them feel kind of distanced from reality but this one brought up so many From When Harry met Sally to Sleepless in Seattle there are so many real life references which made the book feel even realistic Annie is constantly referencing romcoms and talking about how she needs to stop comparing her life to them because her life isn’t a rom com even though we all know it is crazyI also really loved the relationship between Drew and Annie Sure it was the cheesy yet lovable enemies to lovers romance but it was still enjoyable I think the fact that the author used every cliche in the book which is usually annoying just endeared the reader because it fit the meta ness of the book so well Overall this book was so well written It’s funny clever and meta If you’re looking for a light hearted rom com to melt your heart Waiting for Tom Hanks is your bookBottom Line45 StarsAge Rating PG 13 Cover 45 Characters 55 Plot 45 Audio 35Reps NONEPublication Date June 11th 2019Publisher BerkleyGenre RomanceComedy➵ Waiting for Tom Hanks ★★★★★➵ Not Like the Movies ★★★★☆ | Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram

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    From the moment I set eyes on the title I knew I had to read this oneI mean come on who doesn’t love Tom Hanksor want their happily ever after Right?🤷🏻♀️Annie is waiting for her Tom Hanks to sweep her off her feetjust like in the movies Because Annie’s fantasy world is a Rom Com Meanwhile she risks watching her whole life slip past as she assures herself her Rom Com love story is right around the cornerA uirky and fun romp A tad predictable but it still worked I loved all the references to the ‘90’s Rom Coms Some I remembered vividly and fondly and a few I can't wait to watch againIf you’re looking for a fun beach read that will keep you smilingthen look no furtherA buddy read with SusanneThank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing for an ARC to read and review

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    4 Adorable Rom Com Dream Come True Stars You guys I devoured this book in 1 sitting in the span of a few hours Was it predictable and full of rom com cliches Yes Yes it was AND that's why I totally loved it It was a perfect light hearted escape from reality Is life anything like a rom com? Absolutely not which is why so many of us love them so much Isn't it nice to gush over a meet cute know the banter between the main characters is obviously flirting before they know it survive that misunderstood plot twist moment where it can all come crashing down only to live happily ever after I don't know about you but I need a little of that in my life every now then and friends Waiting for Tom Hanks delivered it all and then some I found the side cast of characters enjoyable and the references to some of my all time fave rom com movies were such a plus See Annie is obsessed with her life being like a rom com which in reality would be pretty delusional but come on this is a fun book and honestly who hasn't fantasized about their life taking on a rom comesue I totally made that up but it should totally be a word or fairytale ending once or let's be real a few hundred times 🤣 It can't just be me Right? So thank you Kerry Winfrey for the great escape you provided me with your book I honestly can't wait to read Nick Chloe's story in Not Like the Movies 💖

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    4 Adorable Stars for “Waiting for Tom Hanks”The Perfect Feel Good Rom Com Annie is a gal who LOVES romantic comedies When I say love I mean LOVE She has watched every romantic comedy ever made and has all of the lines memorized Tom Hanks is her favorite romantic lead “Sleepless in Seattle” “You’ve Got Mail you name it In fact she is looking for a guy “just” like him in real life Her very own Tom Hanks and she believes with all of her might that it’ll happen that she will find him When Annie gets a job on a movie set in her very own hometown well the perfect “meet cute” seems like it’s bound to happen Full of endearing funny and altogether sweet and swoon worthy moments “Waiting for Tom Hanks” is sure to make even cynics like myself believe I loved being reminded of my favorite romantic comedies from the 80’s and 90’s “While You Were Sleeping” and of course “When Harry Met Sally” If you are looking for a light easy read that has several laugh out loud moments I recommend “Waiting for Tom Hanks” it will definitely make you smile This was a buddy read with Kaceey and we had so much fun reading it Thank you to Elisha at Berkley Publishing Group and to Kerry Winfrey for an arc of this novel in exchange for an honest review Published on Goodreads on 6819Will be published on and Twitter on 61119 Excerpt to be published on Instagram

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    I'm between 4 and 45 starsI'm starting to think that the movies I've dedicated my life to may have lied to me Nora Ephron herself may have indirectly lied to me Tom Hanks as much as I've trusted him may have lied to me Because I have it all the sympathetic backstory the montage of humiliations minor and major unrealized career aspirations the untamed pre makeover hair But still I wait Single lonely Hanks lessAnnie Cassidy believes in love Or accurately she believes in the love she has seen in the romantic comedies she grew up watching She and her mother used to watch all those movies from the screwball comedies of the 1930s and 1940s to the holy grail the movies written by Nora Ephron which starred Tom Hanks— Sleepless in Seattle and You've Got MailAnnie knows that her parents who are both deceased had a storybook romance and she believes one is waiting out there for her too All she needs to do is to find her Tom Hanks the steadfast kind romantic man from the movies maybe one who even owns a houseboat She's even ready for their meet cuteWhen Annie gets a job on a movie being filmed in her town as an aspiring screenwriter of rom coms she feels like this may be the break she needs She meets the film's handsome leading man Drew Danforth but isn't impressed by his prankster ways or that he always seems to be around to witness her most embarrassing moments She discovers that he's a far sensitive complex man than she imagined but no matter how much she may be attracted to him he is not her Tom Hanks especially since he'll be leaving town as soon as filming is completeAre Annie's expectations unrealistic or can she find the man she's been waiting her whole life for? Have the movies she loves so much given her false hope and caused her to pass over the right person? Annie makes some surprising and painful discoveries and she wonders whether it's even worth wanting romance or whether she should just give up waiting for it Waiting for Tom Hanks is absolutely adorable and it reads just like a romantic comedy You can pretty much tell what's going to happen from the very start but the characters are goofy and charming including several of the supporting characters that you may find yourself completely hooked like I did Kerry Winfrey knows her rom coms and honestly this book would make the perfect movieSure the book is a little hokey but it was such a fun read that I devoured it in the course of a plane ride I'm definitely looking forward to Winfrey's next book because I just enjoyed this so much If you're a rom com fan or just a fan of romance Waiting for Tom Hanks may be for you See all of my reviews at itseithersadnessoreuphoriablogspotcomCheck out my list of the best books I read in 2018 at You can follow me on Instagram at

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