Early Railways Kindle µ Hardcover

Early Railways Early Railways A Guide for the Modeler will encourage and support the modeling of the earliest period of railway history from the very beginnings of steam traction at the start of the nineteenth century up to about 1880; a period which for British modelers has scarcely been covered in book form Over these few decades the railways evolved from something which at the start was markedly different into a scene that any present day railwayman would recognizeIt is a time with much to commend it from a modelers point of view The trains were much shorter and therefore easier to fit into the limited space most of us have available as correspondingly were the station layouts especially at the beginning of the period Modeled at 7mm to the foot scale a modern steam express would need at least 12 or 13 feet in length and a minimum curve radius of 6 feet whereas an 1840 express of a loco and a dozen carriages might be no than about 6 feet long and behind the scenes at least able to take curves of no than 2 or 3 feet radius as well as being able to instantly catch the eye of the viewer

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