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Caravan Witch uesting Witch #2 I love Pamela and I was very excited to see her getting her own series But I'm not loving it The fact is it was terrific right up until Mac was introduced I just don't like him I don't like that he's male I don't like that he's a shifter that's a familiar And I really don't like him as a love interest Because I've invested a hell of a lot of time in this series and my OTP is AlexPam To see her waver from that irritates me I put up with the SPOILER FOR RYLEE ADAMSON view spoilerlove triangle between FarisLiamRylee but I came to like Faris hide spoiler 45 starsIt would be close to 100% love if not for two small facts Some disturbing love triangle'ish stuff and it ends with a cliffhanger Nobody wants thoseNevertheless so far it has been a very enjoyable series Pamela is back But here comes trouble It comes in the form of a familiar friend she thought she'd lost and a little surprise to boot Pamela is still bound because of four envious elementals but the crack in one of her bracelets is giving her some power that she didn't have when originally bound The dark magic inside her still whispers to her in the voice of her mother but Pamela continues to fight Thankfully she's not alone and has her two familiars Oka and Mac to help keep her balanced She's going to need to battle what is coming though The caravan needs food and the strange symbol she keeps seeing marks all of the land and there is nothing to be found Add in that Stefan is riding around with his gang and looking well fed What's going on With a chance encounter Pamela and her friends will discover who is behind it all and the conseuences to come Caravan Witch Shannon Mayer is AWESOME I loved this book The ups The downs The surprises The stressful moments The battles I loved it all Shannon Mayer truly brings it with this book and it kept me engaged from beginning to end I'm loving the development of the characters and how Pamela is such a fighter She carries the guilt of what happened to a friend deeply but I love that she just uses it as a reminder She doesn't become bogged down in what she could have done I like that she has help in ways than one I love the development of her relationship with Mac her familiar Not gonna lie the romantic angle makes me positively giddy Haha The author absolutely gives us yet another characteror two to hate and boy do I love to hate one of them I'm honestly ready for someone to have at this character already This story flows beautifully from start to finish I am rating this book 5 out of 5 stars I will warn you of thisthis book ends on a bit of a cliffhanger I literally howled because I want to know I NEED to know what happens next Haha So prepare yourself but the story is fantastic and picks up where the first book left off The characters are engaging the storyline is great and has everything a reader could possibly want If you read the first book and loved it grab this book Dive in and clear your schedule because you won't want to put this book down even after it's done Another spectacular story from Shannon MayerShannon weaves another brilliant tale focusing on Pamela the gorgeous canny and tenacious witch we met for the first time in the Rylee Adamson series Pamela is now all grown up the world is shattered and forming a new world were magic and supernaturals are out in the open and fighting to survive along with the humansAlex is back he has finally found his little Pammy but she is not his little Pammy any she is a grown woman who has changed greatlyPamela struggles with Alex’s return to her even though he was her first love she has moved on her heart is now with Mac can there still be room for Alex in her life Life is confusing and all consuming right now Pamela can’t take the time to think about her heart she has to keep everyone safe but especially the children so much weighs on her shoulders so much danger is at every turn but Pamela fears the dangerous magic within her than anythingCaravan Witch was a gripping heart wrenching tale from beginning to end with vivid memorable characters readers will always remember Great reading Has it's up and down moments Great BookIt's a great book make sure you read number 1 book first so that flow of book will be a lot better Love that Pamela is getting her magic back This book picks up right where Aimless Witch finishes Alex and Pamela meet again after years apart Both have changed in unbelievable ways just like the world has Each now have people who they are responsible for In a post apocalyptic world where you have to keep moving to stay alive can they survive together Mayer develops her characters with depth and flaws that make them seem real and relevant Can’t wait until book 3 Not a fanI was annoyed with this book I loved the Riley series This series has too much angst over using her powers I'm not sure I will read the next one More Darkness Than Light In Pamela's World😔😢😡💘😃😆Yay Alex Is Back😍🎉🐺Read using Kindle UnlimitedCaravan Witch uesting Witch #2Alex has finally found his little Pammy Is she still his is she still Pammy😳 The new World has made her hard she isn't a child any hasn't been for a very long time😔 They can feel their connection love longing but has it changed They'd both thought the other was dead after all😟💕 Alex brings young wolf shifter Marley and Jasmine a nasty piece of work who tries to assume the role of Alex Mate😡 Marley is Macey's she was bitten by zombies little sister🙏😍 Throughout Jasmine causes problems especially for Pam😡 She wants the benefits of the caravan without lifting a finger to aid them😒 Mac Pam get closer but she relies heavily on him then Alex as well to help pull her back from her Dark Magic It's snowing her terrifying things she's so scared she's going to kill everyone even the children she includes Marley in that at only 13 years old💔😭 Stefan the raider who murdered her first 'tribe' she'd connected with after the world broke is chasing them His Caravan is human only 100 strong They have guns that can work around supernaturals because it seems all the rules have changed now😟 And her Caravan is nearly out of food😱 Pamela will do something desperate to try save them soon💥The familiars children brought some much needed comic relief once in a great while😏😆🐈 I'm still finding this storyline a bit too dark dire for my tastes but I'm in too deep to turn back😂🙈 Maze Witch it is then 😉Debbie 1970 UK Seemed to drag First this book ends with a cliffhanger and I really dislike them Second there’s all the markings of a love triangle in the works another pet peeve Lastly the book seemed to drag Sometimes it felt longer than the endless journey the caravan is taking Plus two books in and I dislike most of the side characters That’s not good I’ll likely read the next one because I want to see if she ever hooks back up with Rylee so we can find out what happened to Rylee and Liam As if surviving the end of the world and the theft of my powers wasn’t enough on their own a heaping pile of Ogre and a side of human raiders has been added to my plate while trying to feed our starving caravan The worst of what I face though is far harder to admit My black magic takes it’s pound of flesh every time I use it and each time the cost climbs And yet it calls to me seducing me all the while consuming little pieces of my soul It’s a right bastard like thatI don’t know how much longer I can deny its strength because in this world strength is safety and safety is all I can offer those around me May the gods have mercy on me because I have it in me to deny the magic that blackens my blood any longer

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