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  • Audiobook
  • A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World
  • David Spade
  • English
  • 06 July 2014

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A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat WorldI really liked David Spade until I read this book Seems like he never grew up out of that 90s era dude bro culture This is a book about an older dude trying to score with a bunch of hot young women and making fun of how clueless they are Also a lot of penis and sex jokesBuh Bye Fifty something David Spade is letting it all hang out Older yes wiser debatable in A Polaroid Guy in a Snapchat World the actor comedian and SNL alum reflects on his life then and now through a series of candid and hysterical and occasionally cringe worthy takes on everything from why it's getting harder to date younger women to what it's like being a dad now to suddenly being the old guy on set Whether he's musing on the alarming ease of breaking up over text he's done it feuding with a teenage internet celebrity spoiler alert he lost or dealing with the friend from high school who became his full time plus one when the star of Joe Dirt and Just Shoot Me unleashes his biting wit and dirty mind on the general freakiness of middle age he's in a league of his own not to be confused with A League of Their Own Written and performed for the Audible experience Spade's new comic memoir takes listeners along for the sometimes embarrassing and always hilarious ride of getting older in our fleeting Snapchat World 35Hoped for belly laughs but I enjoyed it and love DS all the same Well what to say about this one This book was straight to audiobook which I think was a fantastic idea All the jokes are current and relevant which helps Also hearing everything the way that David Spade intended it to be said was a big help too as any fan of his knows David has a particular way of saying his jokes that really add to the comedy of them This book was just over 6 hours long and I listened to it at 120x speed which was perfect The chapters are short and uippy making it very easy for me to fly though this book in a day while I was cleaning my houseSo the rating This book had me laughing so hard that I physically couldn’t breathe at times and as my partner was working in another room whilst I was listening to the audiobook on a speaker he too was laughing very hard at certain points in the book mind you this is a man that doesn’t even know who David Spade is Were there some less funny parts Yes But you can’t have a laugh a minute for 6 hours straight in our nature It just won’t happen But when I wasn’t laughing incredibly hard the book was like listening to a interesting man talk still very captivatingI highly recommend this book to any David Spade fan and maybe even if you’re not one There are two Davids I love David Sedaris and David Spade This was my first David Spade book and I loved it It was full of hilarious goodness David did a fantastic job narrating so that made the experience that much enjoyable I’m a recent Audible listener so this is a whole new experience for me So far I am really enjoying it when I can’t actually sit down and read a book myself the worst part about this truly terrible book is that the author thinks he's a nice guy and keeps saying that i wonder what it's like to completely lack self awareness WRAPPED PRESENTS WHILE LISTENING TO DAVID SPADE TALK ABOUT HIS SMALL PENIS AND HIS CODEINE ADDICTION SO MERRY CHRISTMAS Honest somewhat off color hilarious An Audible exclusive I’m happy I spent a credit on it You have to know what you’re getting into; you have to be familiar with Spade’s humour to really enjoy this book You know it’s going to be rough and potentially offensive I loved it because I love David Spade It was refreshing to hear him talk about getting older and all the associated problems; how everything has changed since he was young and how he just doesn’t enjoy the changes or understand them Wow he’s relatable Just the audiobook I needed in these COVID 19 days

About the Author: David Spade

Born in Michigan and raised in Arizona David Spade is a stand up comedian actor and writer He rose to fame in the 1990s as a cast member on Saturday Night Live