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Heaven Sent Detective Sergeant Philip ‘Cato’ Kwong is light on sleep but high on happiness with his new wife Sharon Wang and their baby girl But contentment is not compatible with life in the Job and soon a series of murders of Fremantle’s homeless people gets in the way of Cato’s newfound bliss As New WAve journalist Norman Lip flirts online with the killer it becomes apparent that these murders are personal — every death is bringing the killer one step closer to Cato

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    'The world is mired in lies chaos and darkness mate''You're a bringer of truth order and light''Not any I've had enough'The fourth book in the Cato Kwong crime series goes beyond the thin blue line of crime fiction and delves deep into the personal lives of its characters to provide not only a well written police procedural but a book that humanizes the darker elements unlawful acts have on those who serve and protect as well as their loved onesImmediately the thing that sticks out about Heaven Sent is the connection the author has with the characters who traverse the streets of Fremantle Western Australia on either side of the law; Kwong is complex and not without his flaws He's instantly likable and a well defined character his actions often to the detriment of his family but the betterment of the Fremantle public While the elusive murderer who taunts police in a macabre game of cat and mouse is omnipresent growing dramatic and menacing with each chapterThe place setting and pacing are on point with each murder adding a notch of intensity to Kwong's plight; take down the serial killer who targets the homeless and taunts the policeThrow in an interesting journalistic angle and some beefy side plots and Heaven Sent becomes one meaty read that doesn't disappoint My rating 55 stars Despite being the fourth book in the series Heaven Sent is easily accessible to new readers that said I definitely want to check out the earlier books given how much I enjoyed this one Highly recommend

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    It has been nearly four years since we the reading public were acuainted with Philip 'Cato' Kwong Since then things have changed dramatically for the popular and easy going detective For one he is now well away from rural WA in Fremantle and with wife number 2 Sharon Wang baby Ellie and improving relations with his teenage son things are seemingly going wellBut that feeling is shaken when a series of murders of homeless people see Cato bumped up to major Crime While there are a few obvious suspects they all end up going nowhere as it becomes apparent the killer is playing games with authorities Complicating matters is a local reporter Norman Lip is in communications with the killer that not only puts his life in danger but also gives the killer what he wants a way to reel in and kill Cato When his son is attacked and then a homeless friend is found dead it's clear the killer's real target is Cato and he will have his work cut out trying to protect his family and work out who from his past is responsibleFor people new to the series there are plenty of subtle hints as to Cato's private and work life to bring you up to speed uickly while the storyline is perfectly easy to get into for anyone who loves gritty no nonsense crimethrillers There is a strong theme of social issues with the plight of the homeless and the difficultness of raising a family and the toll it takes on those caught in the middle like Cato's son who deals with his dads and mums families The story can at times feel claustrophobic but that creates a sense of the reality of genuine and paranoia

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    Carter is a Ned Kelly Award Winner but until now I have not had the privilege of reading any of his work I was assured by the author himself after listening to a talk given to celebrate the release of Heaven Sent the fourth issue in the popular Cato Kwong crime thriller series that newcomers can enjoy each novel in this series as a standalone Heaven Sent my freshman outing with Alan Carter proved to be a most valuable reading experience Based on my appreciation of Heaven Sent and the writing of Alan Carter I am going to make it a priority to check out Carter’s previous novelsHeaven Sent re introduces Detective Sergeant Philip Cato Kwong to those who are fans of the series For first timers do not be discouraged Carter fills in any gaps so the reader never feels at a disadvantage Cato has just entered a new phase in his life he is content with his new wife and baby daughter He is also back on his old stomping ground working in the Major Crimes division in Fremantle It doesn’t take long before Cato is fully immersed in a complex case involving a series of murders of homeless people inhabiting the Fremantle area and beyond To complicate matters further the killer sets their sights on Kwong himself and investigative journalist Norman Lip who becomes heavily embroiled in this case As the murders tally up so do the false leads and dead ends Cato is on a race against time to stop this killer in their tracks before they make a deadly move on his familyThis fourth outing in the Cato Kwong crime thriller series has been eagerly anticipated by fans of the formidable Philip Cato Kwong Heaven Sent is well worth the wait and it is a solid addition to this popular book series What immediately struck me about Heaven Sent was the excellent balance Carter maintained between a cutting edge police procedural a clever plot the use of realistic characters and an evocative setting It is always a little tricky for a writer to get all of these elements exactly right in a novel but Alan Carter shows his audience he is a force to be reckoned withHeaven Sent would not be the great novel it is without the enigmatic Philip Cato Kwong Carter clearly knows his lead inside and out Carter completely embodies Cato and as a result the reader sees all of his good points; such as his dedication to his job his relentless attitude to the law the love his has for family and the respect he has gained from his colleagues However Cato is far from perfect which makes him all the authentic We see Cato’s failings as the book progresses his ill choices and the struggles he faces between balancing work with fatherhood Carter’s outline of his lead is second to none it cannot be faulted and it is easy to see why this series is so popular Likewise readers will find the periphery characters add plenty of substance to this novel The outer characters really stand on their own feet thanks to their interactions with Cato on a personal and professional level along with the haunting voice of the killerAlan Carter does a superb job of conveying his setting It was a breath of fresh air to see such a well known location to me Fremantle in Western Australia captured in such a convincing manner by the author Clearly Carter knows Fremantle like the back of his hand but somehow Carter managed to tease out aspects of this local area that made me view Fremantle with a different set of eyes Fremantle’s dark underbelly and social issues were spot on thanks to Alan Carter’s top notch storytelling skills I was also overjoyed to see my own local city Rockingham mentioned in the novel what an added surprise These aspects certainly contributed to my increased enjoyment of Heaven SentIn other reviews of this title it has been mentioned that Alan Carter writes crime thriller novels with a conscious awareness of a social issue I’m a keen to explore of his back titles based on this new understanding In Heaven Sent Carter carefully unravels the sorry state of affairs around the homeless In tackling this growing social issue Carter unpacks any misconceptions and assumptions we may have about who becomes homeless and why It was an eye opener and I liked the way in which Carter connected this issue to the broader focus of Heaven Sent It was an interesting angle and it gave the book a sense of elevationOnto the central crime itself a killer targeting the homeless around the Fremantle area and the subseuent focus on Detective Cato this was an intriguing case I enjoyed the ground work the nitty gritty of the police tactics and the way in which the case was approached by Cato Kwong along with his colleagues and the edgy journalist Norman Lip What came as a surprise to me was the significant role the media can play in a case like the one presented in Heaven Sent I appreciated the media influence aspects in the novel very much Carter wraps his fourth instalment in the Cato Kwong series up well and for those who are fans of The Marlborough Man you will be pleased with the brief link to this novel in Heaven SentMy fresh acuaintance with the work of Alan Carter with his latest novel Heaven Sent has been such a welcome experience and I feel very fortunate to have discovered Carter’s work If you have an appreciation for the fine art of crime writing from an Australian angle Heaven Sent or any of Alan Carter’s back list titles will be sure to fulfil any craving you have for good uality Australian crime writing

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    ‘You don’t have to be a junkie or a fck up to find yourself homeless in WA Mortgages and rents the way they are at the moment there’s a lot of people only just two pay cheues away from the street Fall ill get evicted because your landlord wants to redevelop or up the rent even further leave your abusive violent partner and click’ she snapped her fingers – ‘you’re one of the invisible’In this hard hitting police drama Chinese Australian DS Philip “Cato” Kwong of the Fremantle police is drafted onto the task force investigating the brutal and apparently senseless killing of homeless people from Fremantle down to Rockingham He contacts the local agencies helping the homeless seeking a common thread between the victims An early suspect is a ranger employed by the local council with move on powers and particularly callous in his approach but is he the killer?As the police struggle to made headway and are coming under criticism from an online journalist playing a dangerous game Cato's wife Sharon and their eight month old daughter attract the attention of a stalker and his teenage son Jake from his first marriage finds himself adrift between parents both remarried and with younger children and is befriended by a tough young man at the gym Just south Rockingham twinkled the apartment blocks the beachside mansions everybody everywhere was settling down for a night in front of the idiot box – a bitchy food show maybe or house makeovers turning family homes into bland show homesAs the body count continues Cato feels the stresses of the job impacting on his current and previous marriage but is he and his family the target of someone from his past? To find answers he takes Sharon and the baby inland on a camping trip to the mining town of Laverton then down to Norseman and Esperance to a final confrontation in the coastal town of Hopetoun Brothers and fathers and sons the age old story Ever since the Old Testament revenge – a game the whole family can playThis was the first in the Cato Kwong series I have read and found it gritty brilliantly written the characters well drawn with the tension mounting until the hairs raised on my neck There are brief references to his standalone book Marlborough Man – based in New Zealand and which I enjoyed I will certainly be looking out for earlier books in the series

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    Sometimes you start reading a series book about a favourite character and really start to wonder if the author is annoyed with them subconsciously punishing them for being too popular or just enjoying applying the thumb screws for a change Whatever is going on Alan Carter isn't making it easy for the popular easy going and seemingly content Philip 'Cato' Kwong in HEAVEN SENTSettled in his personal life with a new wife new daughter and a tricky but improving relationship with his teenage son Kwong's professional life is relatively stable as well at least he's not serving his time in the remote reaches of WA on the stock suad He's back in Fremantle and seconded to major crime when a series of murders of homeless people escalates Whilst Kwong is dealing with the traditional elements of a serial killer investigation journalist Norman Lip is taking a dangerous path flirting online with the killer Especially as it starts to look like this killer has thought this through much carefully than Lip and has a very personal grudge against Cato KwongFor readers new to this series you'll find plenty here to give you hints and tips about Cato Kwong's background including the acuiring of his nickname You'll find out enough about his policing past to fill in the gaps and than enough about his personal life to explain his satisfaction with his current circumstances and his almost wilful blindness to some of the struggles his wife Sharon is experiencing with new motherhood If it's any consolation his domestic blindspot also includes his teenage son who is struggling with two parents who have moved onto other partners other kids and other lives There's plenty there to make the reader really want to give Kwong a good shouting at in places Which is the great part of this series Kwong feels like a real person he's a good cop who is capable of making good inspired and profoundly daft decisions He's a good bloke who loves his family and totally and utterly doesn't get what's happening around him all at the same time He's caring concerned blithely ignorant and utterly interconnected In other words he's real and annoying and endearing all at the same timeThe plot here is also something that readers who are new to the series will be able to go with also as will welded on fans HEAVEN SENT is book number 4 As always there's a social issue at the core in this case homelessness in a society that's seemingly well off and privileged The sense of community is strong with homeless support services police and local government all too aware of the people who live rough in the place The fact that the killer is also able to tap into that local knowledge creates a claustrophobic overlay reminding you that few people are ever really truly under the radarDotted throughout as always are perfect little observations Sharon Wang in her struggles with new motherhood and isolation is still able to summons a bit of fierce when reuired Kwong's old love interest and colleague Tess reminds us of the never ending problem of toxic male violence that many women live with Naomi Lip journalist Norman's sister wheelchair bound and physically restricted reminds us that mental acuity wit and ability are often less visible but much strongerHEAVEN SENT has been much anticipated as it's been a bit of a gap since the last outing with Cato Kwong Let's hope there's plenty to comehttpswwwaustcrimefictionorgrevi

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    Enjoyable read

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    Walking the streets of Fremantle my newly adopted city isn’t uite going to be the same having now read Alan Carter’s crime novel Heaven Sent That’s because this gripping hard to guess crime tale is about a series of gruesome murders in various locations — all familiar to me — across FremantleAll the murders are of homeless people and the killer leaves a calling card almost as if he is taunting the police by leaving “clues” no one uite understands To complicate matters further a local journalist dabbles in the investigation by communicating online with the killer as he plays a dangerous game that puts Detective Senior Sergeant Cato Kwong’s career family and life on the lineThis is actually the fourth book in the Cato Kwong series which began in 2010 with Carter’s debut novel Prime Cut I hadn’t read the previous two novels but it didn’t seem to matter for this is a superb intelligent crime novel one that marries an authentic atmospheric setting Fremantle is renowned for its ghosts and sadly it’s homeless population with a dedicated detective trying to balance his work and home life while carrying out a high profile investigation It’s got great pacing is rich in detail and brims with human emotion — and humour

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    I'd forgotten how wild and violent the preceding novel to this book was Well this one is set uite a few years later It's very entertaining although I found the ending on the edge of just too violent

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    Really enjoy these books Keep them coming Mr Carter and find a way to keep Hutchens in there somewhere please

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    Hope this isn't the end of the Cato Kwong series So good Cool to link this story to Malborough Man as well Love the local setting once again

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