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The Taking of Annie Thorne The new spine tingling sinister thriller from the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Chalk ManOne night Annie went missing Disappeared from her own bed There were searches appeals Everyone thought the worst And then miraculously after forty eight hours she came back But she couldn't or wouldn't say what had happened to her Something happened to my sister I can't explain what I just know that when she came back she wasn't the same She wasn't my Annie I didn't want to admit even to myself that sometimes I was scared to death of my own little sister

  • Hardcover
  • 432 pages
  • The Taking of Annie Thorne
  • C.J. Tudor
  • English
  • 28 February 2015
  • 9780718187453

About the Author: C.J. Tudor

C J Tudor was born in Salisbury and grew up in Nottingham where she still lives with her partner and young daughterShe left school at sixteen and has had a variety of jobs over the years including trainee reporter radio scriptwriter shop assistant ad agency copywriter and voiceoverIn the early nineties she fell into a job as a television presenter for a show on Channel 4 called Moviewatc

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    The past isn’t real It is simply a story we tell ourselves And sometimes we lie The result of my first foray into CJ Tudor’s world a story teetering on the precipice of being something truly great One little nudge—or in this case in regards to the why—would have sent this novel toppling end over end into favorite territoryIf I’m being completely candid had I known there was a supernatural aspect to the storyline I never would have given this book a chance I choose to while the days away in my literary comfort zone where suspension of disbelief is a nonstarter Well let me eat those words right now— happily This book bodes well for taking chances and purposefully stepping away from my status uo every once in a while Just look what can happenTudor grabbed me with the grotesue and dingy opening Two dead bodies to make sense of in a tired cottage swarming with bluebottles flies and the stench of decay From there the author flashes forward a few months in time with an introduction to JoeLife in utter shambles Joe has made his way back to the small village where he grew up Arnhill once a mining town and now little else but a cordoned off pit doesn’t have much left to offer And yet here Joe finds himself taking a mediocre teaching job at the high school You have to wonder why anyone would choose to stay let alone return to such a dreadful placeWhat drew me to Joe—despite his faults and believe me there are many to contend with—was his sarcasm Or pointedly his penchant for saying one thing while thinking the complete opposite Tudor has uite the knack for injecting witty banter at just the right moment giving some much needed reprieve from the dark and often cloying feel of the plot linesWhere the story lost some momentum for me was in the back half “Sometimes some places like people have to want to be found” WHY? Why does one place in particular choose to lure some but not others? That’s the crux of my issue I turned that final page and found myself wanting More of an explanation for the creepy happenings in Arnhill More backstory More details of some sort And maybe even to some of the relationships Well one in particular; but that’s just the romance reader in me talking so feel free to ignore her Even though I was left wanting—if only Tudor had pushed the envelope a bit further—it won’t deter me from visiting another of her literary creations In fact at the moment I find myself contemplating a peek at her debut The Chalk Man Thank you to Crown Publishing for the free book

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    I don't believe in ghosts My nan was fond of telling me It's not the dead you need to be scared of love It's the living She was almost right But I do believe you can still feel the echoes of bad thingsNo one is as disappointed as I am that I’m having to write “that” review I was sure this would be the easiest 5 stars given in 2018 or 2019 based on publication but unfortunately there were too many issues I couldn’t glance over Between the unnecessary racism and prejudice of people on the spectrum that was added for “character development” to the plot twist that anyone who has read a certain Stephen King book will find unnervingly familiar it’s safe to say this one just wasn’t for me I feel another round of editing to take away some of the choppy presentation might improve the overall uality as well If you're wanting to go into this one blind I would recommend you stop reading this review right here as I'll be discussing below in greater detail some of the things that worked and didn't work for me If newspapers are the place where facts become stories the Internet is the place where stories become conspiracy theoriesI'll be the first to admit that I'm in the minority of early reviewers when it comes to my opinion on this novel and I highly recommend you take that with a grain of salt and give this one a try to decide for yourself how YOU feel That said I had to be honest and true to how certain aspects of this book made me feel and those are included below We'll start with our protagonist Joe Thorne He's presented as an underdog from the very beginning even though once he hits his teenage years he joins a crowd of bullies and participates in the very behavior that he initially was plagued by I don't have a problem with this; I think it's important for stories to portray the psychological effects of bullying and how it can alter a person's moral dna I also understand the need for a flawed protagonist but my personal taste is less is when it comes to this I don't need an anti hero or a villain who twirls his mustache while spewing maniacally MUAHAHAHAHAHAHA that gives me no sense of conflict regarding who they are and what makes them tick I think Joe's make up was a bit over the top for me; instead of choosing a few unsavory characteristics to portray his flaws we get numerous accounts of bigotry and prejudice in the form of racism ablism homophobia etc These portions didn't further the narrative IMO I grew irritable and distracted at the constant mentions of Little Miss Scary the autistic bartender whom our protagonist felt relieved when she was substituted for the old bald white fat guy I could go on and on about this and frankly these instances will be a matter of the opinion of the reader and how they react to them but as a stated above it was an unnecessary distraction for me when my sister was eight years old she disappeared At the time I thought it was the worst thing in the world that could ever happen And then she came backWhich brings us to the big plot twist My problem isn't with the insertion of the supernatural into what is being billed as a traditional mysterythriller although I know this will be a dealbreaker for some readers My issue is that I've read this story before That's right while both of Tudor's novels tend to read like Stephen King fan fiction her first novel seemed to be a mash up of flattering references and inspiration from multiple novels he's published over the years Friends if you've read Pet Semetary before you've read The Hiding Place I can't tell you how disappointing it was to make it to the 75% mark and realize where this was going With the buzz surrounding the re make of PS in film form I can see why the author was inspired to write this and it could be the fact that I just read PS earlier this year and it was too close to reading this one but I felt deflated once I reached the point of no return Tudor is an exuisite storyteller and I highly respect the way that she blends horror and thriller together for an elevated reading experience but I think this one felt closer to ripoff than beloved fan fiction While I wasn't a fan of this one I still wish the author all the success in the world and will be anxiously awaiting her next novel I received a review copy via the publisher

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    Ms Tudor has a new book coming out in February The Other People watch for itWell this one has taken me a bit of time to collect my thoughts It is a uite a bit different from The Chalk Man it has a much darker feel and mystical elements I will also tell you that I will never look at a black beetle again without getting the shiversOnce again there is a young man returning to the town he grew up in Joe Thorne has a dual purpose to his return he needs a job teaching and he will never get over what happened to his little sister Annie Once all is revealed you will have a hard time getting her out of your head as well He wants revenge and an ending to what seems to be “happening again” in this townJoe starts a job teaching English at the school in the small town of Arnhill in Nottinghamshire He finds few people who are happy to see him back and one in particular who wants him gone in one way or another There is a shroud of mystery about the town since a mining accident in the 1940’s took the lives of 18 men in “the pit” Joe revisits this site again a place that his group of friends found another entrance to when they were teens Something terrible and unexplainable happened there and Joe wants it sealed forever “I walk slowly around breathing deeply trying to keep myself calm This is just a cave The dead cannot hurt us Bones are just bones Shadows are nothing but shadows Except shadows are never just shadows they are the deepest part of the darkness And the deepest part of the darkness is where the monsters hide” This book was a slower start I think I was into 50% before the book took off for me But I know this author and was willing to wait I’m glad that I did CJ Tudor excels at character development I feel as though I really know Joe and some of his old high school friends Chris Stephen Marie There are some great twists in this book but they come from the characters than the plot but that’s a good thing It seems easier to turn a plot one way or another than to help us understand how people can hide their inner selvesI’m still ruminating about the ending I have some uestions that I’d really like answers to but perhaps that is the author’s intent I recommend this to anyone who loves intelligent character driven mysteries with some added “chill” factorsI received an ARC of this novel from the publisher through Edelweiss

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    You can still feel the echoes of bad things They imprint on the fabric of our reality like a footprint in concrete Whatever made the impression is long gone but you can never erase the mark it left Joe Thorne finds himself pulled back to his childhood hometown A place filled with tragedy regret and mystery He walked away from Arnhill years ago vowing never to look back With his life in shambles Joe finds himself back at the place where it all started to go wrong Summoned by an anonymous email that he couldn't ignore Joe goes home to finally get answers to the mystery that has plagued his life what really happened to Annie? I know what happened to your sister It's happening again Tudor has a brilliant mind for bringing small town life and its characters to life I devoured the creepy backstory of this little town A tiny dot on a map that outsiders may never have heard from Yet those who dwell there are shrouded in the town's eerie unexplained mystical mystery Every town village and city has a history There's the official history The bone dry version collated in textbooks and census reports related verbatim in the classroom Then there's the history that is passed down through generations The secret history It's been said this book has an early Stephen King vibe and it is definitely true From the moment you open the book you are pulled in by a horrific opening scene and Tudor never loosens her grip on you The entire story has that creepy check under your bed look behind your shower curtain and peer under the toilet lid vibe I LOVED it I could not stop turning the pages I was drawn in by Joe's flawed but definitely likable character This was a man marked by his past living with demons and struggling daily I enjoyed his witty inner dialogue I felt the tension and suspense build as he worked to uncover the truth And the truth he was searching for the ending left me agape for a momentI must read The Chalk Man which has been on my TBR pile for too long I have no doubt that I have been firmly made a fan of Tudor's writing Bring on the creepy and horrific I excitedly welcome it I'll simply be sure to read all her books with the lights on Thank you to CJ Tudor Crown Publishing and NetGalley for an arc of this book in exchange for my honest review

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    But that's all life ever is A promise Not a guarantee We like to believe we have our place all set out in the future but we only have a reservation Life can be canceled at any moment with no warning no refund no matter how far along you are in the journey Even if you've barely had time to take in the sceneryWho said you can never go home again? Well Joe Thorne does Home sweet homeerrrI mean dreary sad dark depressing full of painful memories Home Joe thought he would never go back Not after what happened in Arnhill during his teenage years He has never gotten over what happened to his sister Annie all those years ago She went missing She came back And according to Stephen King and I think Joe would agree “Sometimes dead is better But Joe has received an email letting him know that apparently things are happening againwhat things? Strange things dark things unspeakable thingsSo Joe returns He needs to right a wrong Get some revenge while escaping from his current problems Joe is uite the mess you see He lies to get a job at the local school has an alcohol problem has an even bigger gambling problem and there is no welcome committee lined up to greet him In fact his old friends are not at all happy to see him return After the first part of the book I wasn't sure what to think I really did not know where the Author was going with this I was really hoping she would bring the creep factor on She did to some degree but honestly I wanted a lot She had some interesting characters most were unlikable and were up to no good Geez Louise no wonder he left town Forget the pit The people were not too warm and fuzzy in this townThe Second part of the book reminded me of two books by Stephen King I get it the Author is a big fanbut I really want her to NOT remind me of Stephen King When I read her books I only want to think of HER books Aside from that the reader or shall I say the constant reader Hey even I can make nods to Stephen King will finally learn what happened to Annie why Joe and his high school friends are friends no and learn the towns deep dark secretThe ending had a little bit of a shock to it that I did not see coming That was a nice touch Overall this was an enjoyable book but I wanted it to be even darker creepier and with dread and suspense Again enjoyable with interesting characters I look forward to reading of her books in the future Again I want to read Her books If want to read Stephen King I will read Stephen King I personally think this Author is doing herself a disservice by being similar to Stephen King So many reviewers are mentioning him in their reviews of her books She has a great book in her I know it Her writing is good I would love to read something very original by her Thank you to Crown Publishing and NetGalley who provided me with a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review All the thoughts and opinions expressed in this review are my own

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    This is CJ Tudor's follow up novel to her brilliant debut The Chalk Man and it is a fantastic macabre horror mystery featuring Joe Thorne a has been teacher whose gambling addiction has transpired to burden him with debts that he cannot afford to pay off to the scary and menacing Fatman Joe returns home to the old mining village of Arnhill in Nottinghamshire Arnhill has a history of misfortune with a failing Academy a school where Joe has been taken on as a English teacher a post he conned his way into Being short of funds he rents a notorious house where a recent tragedy still haunts the place When Joe was a child his beloved 8 year old younger sister Annie disappeared for 48 hours only to return a completely different girl Joe is a man of secrets prone to bearing grudges and holding on to resentments as he confronts the past the fallout from his membership of a gang run by the brutal bully Stephen Hurst a suicide a murder and his childhood infatuation with the beautiful Marie GibsonJoe is not welcomed by the community with open arms his former gang members and others project deeply held animosity and hostility and willing to express this violently Stephen Hurst is now a powerful and wealthy man locally on the school governing board and makes it transparently clear he will do anything to ensure that Joe leaves Stephen married Marie Gibson now a dying woman suffering from cancer Joe's problems have followed him to Arnhill with the appearance of Gloria a hitwoman intent on ensuring that Joe pays his debts Joe befriends the art teacher Beth Scattergood and becomes aware that little has changed at the school and in a community harbouring dark deeds He is plagued by vibrantly vivid nightmares and the house is exhibiting some eerie and creepy vibes linked to the dreadful events that occurred there As the past haunts the present and the pressure piles up on Joe we learn of what happened to Annie and of an ancient evil that has dwelled in the areaThere is no doubt there are familiar horror tropes in this utterly gripping story from a one eyed doll called Abbie Eyes to the overflowing presence of beetles and but Tudor uses them with panache as she spins the most spellbinding of yarns in an area littered with abandoned mines Joe is a terrific protagonist the anti hero returning home to address the issues that drove him away There are twists galore as Joe learns that not all his perceptions of past history are accurate I found this a riveting novel that drew me in instantly from the moment I began to turn the pages Tudor is a talented and entertaining storyteller and I cannot wait to read what she writes next This will appeal to those who enjoy dark unsettling mysteries with elements of the supernatural Many thanks to Penguin Michael Joseph for an ARC

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    Julia had a history of depression She just had a divorce from Ben's father She had stopped her medication and reuested a leave of absence and took Ben out of school Then she bludgeoned her son to death before she blew her own head off She wrote three words in blood on the wall of Ben's bedroom NOT MY SON Are these the actions of a mad woman or an unbalanced mind or is this something a lot sinister?Joe never wanted to return to his hometown Arnhill But he is really didn't have a choice because of what happened to Ben Morton and also what happened years ago to Joe's sister is happening again It was really hard for him to return to the abandoned mine where it all went wrong and changed his life forever He did not want to confront the shocking horrifying truth about Arnhill his sister and himself The worst moment for Joe wasn't the day his sister went missing It was the day she came back I loved this book It was dark and so creepy If you love creepy then I think you will love this book It kept me on the edge of my seat throughout the whole book It was horrifying in some parts It had a very creepy supernatural factor to it that I just loved I noticed that this book had some similarities to two of Stephen King's books I love Stephen King so I really loved this book This book was so bizarre I thought this book was darker and supernatural than The Chalk Man I loved this one a little bit In the beginning I did not know what was going on and so many times I read the phrase It is happening again which kept me intrigued I just had so many uestions and was happy that they were all answered in the end I loved the twists and I found it to be a fast paced book and hard to put down I can't wait for my next CJ Tudor bookThis was a Traveling Sister Read and we all had mixed feelings about this book I am just happy that I ended up loving it I want to thank Netgalley CrownPenguin Random House and the author for the copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

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    Creepy with a hint of horrorJoe Thorne returns to his hometown of Arnhill A place he swore he would never return And now no one is exactly over joyed to see him back in town Joe is here looking for answers His sister disappeared at the age of 8 and when she returned days later she was never the samethere were others that also came back different This is the second book I’ve read by CJ Tudor While I wasn’t a huge fan of her previous work The Chalk Man I was ready to try again I really wanted to love this one Unfortunately this book also ended up falling a little flat for me I do like my thrillers dark but this one went just a bit too far over that line Even with an ending that was somewhat shocking I was still left with too many unanswered uestions I hope it will work better for youA buddy read with SusanneThank you to NetGalley Crown Publishing and CJ Tudor for an ARC to read and review

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    One of my favorite things about The Chalk Man was the writing And it’s eually good here in The Hiding Place It’s not often I find myself highlighting phrases in a mystery But that’s exactly what I’ve done with both of Tudor’s books Joe Thorne returns to his dismal home town of Arnhill and gets himself hired as a teacher Joe’s not one to make friends He’s hiding from folks outside of town while taking on his old school friends in town Joe despite his numerous faults is a character I could really care about He’s a gambler a bit of a drunk but he still means well and has trouble turning his back on the students who need his help The town is as much a character as any of the people and Tudor does an excellent job of portraying that small town claustrophobic cloying nature The book is as much a horror story as a mystery There are some particularly gruesome scenes There are ghosts There are creepy crawly things that sent shivers up my spine The story kept me engaged and I kept wanting to read just one chapter The ending had a few nice twists even if it was a tad contrivedMy thanks to netgalley and Crown Publishing for an advance copy of this book

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    The unattainableThose things beyond reach in life never designated as oursJoe Thorne knows this wrong end of the stick phenomenon since the early days of his youth The pieces of life's puzzle just don't seem to fit together But something is drawing him back to his hometown Arnhill in Nottinghamshire is just about the last place he'd like to hang his hat Too many bad vibes and too many heavy memories that wind their way into your dreams at night like odorous trickles of swamp waterBut Joe is leaving behind a uestionable past from the last school that he taught at A bit of creativity in his resume will most assuredly secure him a position at the Arnhill Academythat and the fact that the Academy is desperate to fill the opening left by the previous teacher who was found dead along with her son in the very cottage that Joe will be renting Joe will be telling y'all about those spiffy accommodations soonThe town of Arnhill has been plagued with many misfortunes that linger from the past Back in 1949 a mining disaster took the lives of 18 men in The Pit The regional stories in the local pubs conjure up many a ghost story that take on a life of their ownAnd Joe has his own personal bag of phantoms from the past He'll be tossing back uite a few at the pub after school hours But it's never enough to drown out the loss of his little sister Annie And you'll be wanting to know the mind boggling details that won't be surfacing until much laterCJ Tudor has a remarkable writing style that snaps you up and brings you right in the midst of shifting sands Just when you think you knowyou most certainly don't For those of you who have read The Chalk Man you realize this full out But The Hiding Place absorbs the darkness surrounding it It is on a far different plane than The Chalk Man There was a true camaraderie of friends uplifting one another in her previous novel This one dabbles in the dark underbelly of treacherous individuals engaging in treacherous acts There's almost a Stephen King flavor added to this electrified punch uirky dialogue topped with humor always finds its way into Tudor's writing She's a master 'Nuff saidI received a copy of The Hiding Place through NetGalley for an honest review My thanks to the talented CJ Tudor and to Crown Publishing for the opportunity

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