Greetings to Our Friends in Brazil One Hundred Poems eBook

Greetings to Our Friends in Brazil One Hundred Poems Paul Durcan has been at the heart of Irish cultural life for 30 years and his poetry has acuired a huge international following Greetings To Our Friends in Brazil is his most challenging and engaging collection yet one that addresses itself through Ireland and the Irish diaspora to the whole world beyondIt is his most personal and his most public work a book of tremendous imaginative power By turns lyrical humorous angry whimsical generous and visionary it is a meticulously honest record of a writer’s inner life and a bold attempt to fix the soul of his country at a particular time the years of Mary Robinson’s presidency The pain and recovery of Paul Durcan’s inner odyssey are mirrored in the images of an Ireland awakening from the nightmare of its violent past becoming freer and cosmopolitan and finding in Mary Robinson the unifying symbol for this new hopeful age

About the Author: Paul Durcan

Durcan was educated at University College Cork where he studied archaeology and medieval history He lives in Dublin Awards 1974 Patrick Kavanagh Award1989 Irish American Cultural Institute Poetry Award1990 Irish Times Irish Literature Prize for Poetry shortlist for Daddy Daddy1990; Whitbread Poetry Award for Daddy Daddy1995 Heinemann Award joint winner

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