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DK Life Stories Katherine Johnson In this biography discover the inspiring story of Katherine Johnson famed NASA mathematician and one of the subjects of the award winning 2016 film Hidden Figures It was an incredible accomplishment when the United States first put a person on the Moon but without the incredible behind the scenes work of NASA mathematician Katherine Johnson such a feat could not have been possible Follow her remarkable journey from growing up in West Virginia to becoming a teacher to breaking barriers at NASA and receiving the Presidential Medal of Freedom in 2015This new biography series from DK goes beyond the basic facts to tell the true life stories of history's most interesting people Full color photographs and hand drawn illustrations complement thoughtfully written age appropriate text to create an engaging book children will enjoy reading Definition boxes information sidebars maps inspiring uotes and other nonfiction text features add depth and a handy reference section at the back makes this the one biography series every teacher and librarian will want to collect Each book also includes an author's introduction letter a glossary and an index

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    128 pages This biography details the life of Katherine Johnson an accomplished mathematician and NASA sensation Her background with math and love for all things technology shows throughout the book It is a well written and inspiring story of a woman who helped change American history and made travel in space precise and safer I learned so much and would highly recommend it to students It would be a great book for reports There are lots of photos explanations a timeline uiz who’s who section and glossary There are inspiring uotes from Mrs Johnson throughout the book What a wonderful addition to my biography collection Along with other “Hidden Figures” books students are sure to enjoy learning about this fascinating mathematician and science legend

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    Such a remarkable woman This is a 123 page book that traces the life of Katherine Johnson who many of us have come to know through the movie Hidden Figures The book which I think would be good for any student third twelfth grade traces her life beginning with the marriage of her parents to where she receive the Medal of Freedom at age 97 It shows her early curiosity of numbers and counting and how her parents encouraged that how she skipped many early grades started High School at age 10 and headed to College at age 15 Katherine broke segregation barriers at West Virginia State College and got a job at Langley Research Center as a “Human Computer” She spent the next 33 years involved in the space race with Project Mercury astronauts Alan Shepard and John Glen and Apollo 11 She encouraged students to follow STEM careers and took time to mentor young mathematicians Langley has even dedicated a building to her This book is well written and organized with a timeline at the end a glossary a list of Who’s Who and even a uiz This book would be a great resource for any teacher or library

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    I liked this biography about Katherine Johnson The author did a nice job in giving great information about Katherine and implementing photos from her life I enjoyed reading how Katherine was eager to learn and how uick she learned things The book was easy to understand and read I feel like students would be able to learn a great deal about Katherine and get inspired by her story

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    Enjoyed reading this early grade level book about Katherine JohnsonMany interesting facts scattered throughout the bookIllustrations primative and interestingIncluded timelines glossary index who's who

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    This was a GREAT overview of Katherine Johnson life before my two older boys and I prepare to watch the movie Hidden Figures

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    Very good

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    Super little biography for upper elementary or middle school I think I want the whole set They are very well done with a glossary timeline and great index

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    I'm just not sure I can wait until January for this book to come out What an important book to have in every classroom Not only is it an engaging biography of an important trailblazer this book also features awesome nonfiction text features that are excellent for teaching

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