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International Guy Madrid Rio Los Angeles We’re at the end we’re finished omg Madrid hands us a pop star with no sex appeal what so ever She’s shy and timid and needs help to overcome it so I’m comes the IG team and Skyler to help build up her confidence Rio bring us to Paul’s boyfriend’s hometown and trying to figure out where the large amount of money has been disappearing to But not only that we get some family drama in the mix too This book is filled with an insane amount of drama and the plot twists hit hard they left me speechless and wondering wtf Los Angeles brings us a dating show a show that ends up being so much than just a normal dating show There’s surprises in the mix for some of the guys but who? You’ll find out I’m so sad the series is over but it’s been an absolute hoot reading all of these These characters have uickly become a favourite and each took a piece of my heart This author truly went all out on this series and I’m in love THANK YOU This series was enjoyable and I grew attached to most of the characters but this book was the hardest for me to get through for a number of reasonsI thought it was glaringly obvious who the “bad guy” was right from the get go which ruined some of the fun That and the fact that a hoard of seemingly intelligent people could not for the life of them figure out who it was Even with the forks in the road Annie and that guy that Skyler used to know—can’t remember his name right now it was clear who the perpetrator was And it seemed incredibly unrealistic for everyone to come to that conclusion so late given all the cluesSecondly even after four books I still can’t get behind Skyler’s character For the others even if they weren’t particularly likable even Parker at times they were interesting; they pulled me in But despite it all I found Skyler boring and struggled to read the chapters in her POV Her character seemed very naive and one note and the annoying overuse of the word ‘honey’ had me eye rolling I couldn’t take her seriously most of the time and it made it difficult to take her and Parker’s romance seriously as a result All in all though I had fun reading Parker’s story and am looking forward to the others MadridOh my goodness meThis action packed story will have your heart pounding at the suspense drama the uplifting words and the real family of the IG team Seriously they are so good at their job helping clients with what they are needed for I just loved the inspirational moments the real love story between Sky and Parker They are the couple dreams are made of Seriously though When you think the story is going in a certain direction and you get a shock needless to say this certainly didn’t disappoint at all I really am excited for the last installments of the series Im chomping at the bit to find things out Riveting series start it now You don’t know what your missing out on otherwiseRioDear goodness gracious me This installment had me on such a tumultuous ride I wasn’t sure I would come out alive and in one pieceI laughed cried and felt so much throughout this truly amazing book that I felt a part of itI love how the authors words translate into feels so much so you wish you could be in there to help the characters and hug them when neededWhat it all comes down to though is true love and strength of family And this book has it in spades a roller coaster of sortsRio picks up where Madrid ended and needless to say the proverbial poo will hit the fan Sky and Parker need to get away and what better place than Rio to help a company with financial issues We learn so much about Parkers brother and his partner and there are some elements that get rather heatedI loved so much about this book I was bursting at the seams and I have to say I had a gut feeling and I was righti did pat myself on the back HahaIn any case International Guy series is amazing and theres only 1 story left A definite must readLos AngelesThis book brings the series full circle and omg it made me deliriously happy for the whole IG team and their familiesIts amazing that after 12 stories that the team have made a huge impression on my heart and soul I think its a real credit to the author that she could put together a series that had uplifting words a real sense of love and family and strength of heart in all of the charactersLos Angeles is where Parker and Royce head to for a new tv reality show but underneath it all Sky has something up her sleeve and thats all I will say Ill leave you to be surprisedAn ending so good it will leave you with a happy heart that is full of joy This is a series that is an absolute favorite and I cannot wait to see what the author has in store for us next Well played Ms Carlan well played 4 International StarsReview by LisaLate Night Support GroupUp All Night w Books BlogWe are off to see the world of Madrid Rio and Los Angeles in International Guy number 4 which are books 10 through 12 in this series by Audrey Carlan All I have to say is THANK GOD all three books were together because if I had to wait for each one to come out I would have gone insane With around 450 pages you would think that it would take a while to read Nope I just zipped right through these pages because I was captivated and hooked from the start These stories are action packed filled with romance that will make you swoon and heartbreak that make you want to cry I did not read the previous books but I will be going back to read themThis book follows Skyler and Parker’s story And what a story it is Ups and downs twists and turns not to mention a cliffhanger after the first book The drama is kicked up ten fold in these stories due to the suspense of the mysterious texts and letters that cause problems that eventually leads to some crazy chases and secret hiding spots which in turn leads to drama One aspect that I loved about these stories is that it was just not Parker and Skyler even though it was told from their dualing point of views There were so many other stories that were being told unraveled and put back together The ending of the series is bittersweet It brings a sense of satisfaction and will leave you smiling but also sad much like saying goodbye to a friend you’ve left at the airport ARC received in exchange for an honest review I’ve enjoyed all of the books in this series and I loved how this one tied it all up nicely I received an ARC in exchange for an honest review I really enjoyed this book and recommend it to friends and family Fans of the Calendar Girl series will obsess over International Guy This was one heart stopping adventure after another and while I'm happy with the ending I'm sad to see it end I'll definitely be doing a re read each book as the characters are amazing I love this series I can't get enough from this author Great characters that will make you fall in love with their romance This volume includes the tenth eleventh and twelfth International Guy novellas from #1 New York Times bestselling author Audrey Carlan It’s always been about love money and dreams Love of the work Make as much money as possible Help make dreams come true Now I know none of that matters if you don’t have the right people in your life My team but important the love of a good woman My future lies in her hands and I’ve never been happier International Guy Inc is owned and operated by Parker Ellis a ladies’ man with a high I and a big libido He’s the most successful life and love coach in the world and he’s smart enough to know he can’t run a multimillion dollar company aloneHe hires two friends whose areas of expertise complement his own They comprise The Dream Maker The Love Maker and The Money Maker Together they advise the wealthiest people in the world Hollywood hotshots European royalty and the CEOs of multibillion dollar companies And sometimes they can’t help it when things heat up and they end up in bed with their clients uite literally This International Guy likes his playboy lifestyle and he’s not looking for commitment After all there’s a whole world waiting for him But as he goes from city to city and from woman to woman it’s possible that he just might find his own love along the way Book 10 MadridMadrid is book 10 in the International Guy series We continue on with Parker and Skyler’s love story with the couple jetting off to Spain this time along with Bo and their dogs Before leaving Tracey pays an unexpected visit to Skyler in Boston hoping to spend time with her for a couple of weeks To me Skyler was unnecessarily bothered by the visit Sure it was not planned in advance but Tracey is supposed to be her BFF Shouldn’t she be excited to see her?On to Madrid The IG team helps a young singer gain her confidence and I truly loved the message that was sent To love yourself no matter what The stalker resurfaces sending messages to both Parker and Skyler and a red herring of who the stalker might be is thrown into the story for drama For me all that did was make Parker look ridiculous He was way over the top and was completely blinded by uninformed rage tearing down people unnecessarily Not cool Looking forward to the official reveal of the stalker hopefully in the next installmentBook 11 RioRio is book 11 in the International Guy series This time Parker and Royce and Skyler and their dogs 🙄 head to Brazil to help Paul’s boyfriend Dennis get to the bottom of who is embezzling from his family’s company Dennis‘s family is unaccepting of his relationship with Paul so they shun him when the gang comes to dinner All is resolved and most of the family reconciles once the embezzler has been identifiedThe stalker is alsovidentified and it really comes as no surprise who it is but the reasons behind the stalking are intriguingAll in all an okay book for me in this series and I am curious to see how the series wraps up in the final installment in Los AngelesBook 12 Los Angeles The International Guy series wraps up with book 12 which is set in Los AngelesParker and Royce find themselves as celebrity judges on a dating show as well coaches for the male contestantsSkyler creates an elaborate plan to propose to Parker but I feel like there was unnecessary drama associated with the proposal For example why did one of the female contestants have to be a Skyler look alike? It was all a little convoluted and confusingParker does end up proposing to Schuyler at the very end of the book and an epilogue shows their lives in the futureI struggled with most of this series because as Parker and Skyler fell in love with each other I didn’t really connect with their characters and I really didn’t feel the love Also I really feel at times Parker was unnecessarily mean to his friends and family and Skyler begin to take on some of these characteristics as well Their love definitely did not make them better versions of themselves unfortunatelyAs expected there will be books for some of the secondary characters and I plan on giving those a chance I am really intrigued by Bo and Baylee’s story

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