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Pasando Páginas Al ser la primera mujer latina en ser jueza del Tribunal Supremo de Estados Unidos Sonia Sotomayor es una inspiracin para los jvenes de todas las partes del mundo en la lucha por lograr sus sueos Pero u la inspir a ella Para la joven Sonia la respuesta es los libros Eran su espejo sus mapas sus amigos y sus maestros Los libros la ayudaron a conectar con su familia en Nueva York y en Puerto Rico a aceptar y entender el diagnstico de su diabetes a hacer frente a la muerte de su padre a descubrir los secretos del mundo y a soar con un futuro en el ue todo es posibleEn Pasando pginas Sonia Sotomayor comparte su amor por los libros con una nueva generacin de lectores estimulndolos a leer a maravillarse y a realizar sus sueos Acompaada del arte vibrante de Lulu Delacre la historia de la vida de Sonia Sotomayor muestra a los lectores ue el mundo est lleno de promesas y posibilidades; lo nico ue necesitan es pasar la pgina A nice overview of Sotomayor’s life and her love of reading There are lots of photographs on the inside cover which are nice I enjoyed reading this one with my daughter I need to read Sotomayor’s autobiography it’s on my bookshelf Both English and Spanish editions available A remarkable woman and she loves books and libraries YES Okay so everyone needs to know about the life of this accomplished woman and it's nice to have that story in her own words But I didn't love the illustrations and the text was a bit too wordy Though I suppose that's expected when a lawyerjudge writes a book haha I know everyone loves RBG and she is amazing but my favorite justice is Sotomayor She is so great I loved reading this book about her life in context to all the books and reading she did DID I MENTION SHE IS SO GREAT In Turning Pages Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor beautifully tells the story of her life and how reading books and libraries were the driving force in her successSonia’s parents immigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico Both English and Spanish were spoken in her home Reading and books helped Sonia understand the world around her and the events that were happening They provided comfort in times of sadness understanding and inspiration in times of confusion and escape in times of loneliness Books were her teachers and helped her to “sort out” right from wrongTurning Pages is an homage to the power of words and the power of reading As a librarian I could not ask for a elouent explanation of why libraries and books are so valuable to a society and a nationThis wonderful children’s book would appeal to anyone adults as well as children It definitely deserves all the praise it has received I love Judge SotomayorI don't love this bookFeels like a grownup talking to a kid who isn't comfortable or used to talking to kids If I was a kid listening I'd be like yeah yeah yeah read yeah yeah yeahread some go the library Whatever I hear yaTeachers Librarians and Teacher Librarians It is OK not to love a book that celebrates the love of reading or libraries Really You'll be fine No one will come after you Let's stop being so dang predictable Turning Pages is a lovely homage to books and literature by Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor She reminisces about the importance of storytelling in her family and of her Puerto Rican heritage the role of libraries and the pride of acuiring a set of encyclopedias It is though books that she finds strength to deal with her childhood diabetes and takes refuge after the loss of her father at a young age Ultimately books serve as the inspiration for her law career Her life story in this beautifully illustrated book is upliftingI borrowed this book from my son who is a pre law student He never enters book giveaways but when I told him it was autographed by Justice Sotomayor he entered and won So a big thank you to Penguin Young Readers Group on his behalf Geared toward readers aged 4 8 this is Sotomayor’s story in her own words Sotomayor is only the third female Justice to serve on the US Supreme Court but notably the first justice of Hispanic heritage Kids will learn of her love of books and libraries and her pride in being a Latina and how those elements helped set a course for where she is today Accompanying the text are wonderful illustrations by Lulu Delacre – Sara Z

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