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Eat Drink Run Bryony Gordon was not a runner Yet somehow as she began to recover from the emotional rollercoaster of laying her life bare in her mental health memoir MAD GIRL she started to realise that getting outside moving her body and talking to others for whom life was also an occasional challenge might actually help her Going for a run might not banish her sadness but at least it might show it that she was damn well trying to beat it which is sometimes half the battle As she began to run further she started to see the limitations she had imposed on her life clearly Maybe rather than sitting on the sofa watching the world go by fulfilling your dreams was just about standing up and taking that first step Maybe you can do it tooIn April 2017 less than a year after she had weighed herself at over 16 stone but stepped off the scales and started training anyway Bryony Gordon ran all 26 and 34 miles of the London Marathon Here in her new amusing memoir she shows us how extraordinary things can happen to us all if we're just willing to keep going

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • Eat Drink Run
  • Bryony Gordon
  • English
  • 28 July 2016
  • 9781472258168

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    1 in 4 people will suffer some form of mental illness during their lifetime That’s a lot of people It could be your neighbour your best friend maybe even you It’s an illness that doesn’t discriminate and can affect anyone at anytime I should know In 2016 I had a breakdown from being overworked and the stress and anxiety just became too much for me I got better but even to this day I suffer with anxiety problems and those awful ‘black cloud’ days There’s a stigma around mental health that makes it almost a taboo subject No one talks about it openly but with so many of us suffering day in day out it’s so important to show that we’re not alone We’re all part of a special mental health club Eat Drink Run is a seuel of sorts to Bryony’s first novel Mad Girl which went into detail about her mental health struggles This is a memoir of her time after this with the continuing struggles with her mental health her weight and the benefits that running brought to finally silence her ‘black cloud’ affectionately known as Jareth She talks candidly about her battles alcohol fuelled nights out and meeting Price Harry and the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge to discuss their work with the Heads Together mental health campaign Although she doesn’t see herself as such I do think that Bryony is a mental health campaigner and advocate I admired her honest and frank discussions about her ongoing battles and daily struggles and I found her witty if slightly annoying at times I would have liked a deeper in depth look at the running aspect and the training for the marathon although I understand there’s only so much you can write about going for a run Also talk about her Mental Mates walks and the people she spoke to who also struggled with their mental health would have been greatly beneficial as it felt this is where the text really came to life You can feel the passion in her words during these moments that is sometimes missing in her louder over the top experiencesA good message that invokes the positive link between exercise and mental health while also trying to unlock the stigma around a socially taboo subject It left me feeling hopeful and positive for the future

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    Hold my bookmark I'm going for a run

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    Great new year read Another writer bringing to the fore her personal struggles with mental health but with positivity and lots of humour It’s funny brutally honest and inspiring

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    Eat Drink Run this is how I celebrated Global Mental Health Day 2019 I nearly devoured the book in one sitting er sprint as the case may be Her book Mad Girl was medication for my soul while I was abroad and I couldn’t wait to get my hands on a copy of her latest release Eat Drink Run is a humor infused real life fairy tale complete with princes and royals about change faith and love “When people ask me now how I went from being someone who couldn’t run for a bus to someone who could do a marathon my answer is that I didn’t Nobody does First I went from being someone who couldn’t run for a bus to someone who would jog very slowly for 15 to 20 minutes then I went from being someone who could jog very slowly for 15 to 20 minutes to someone who spent an entire summer throwing up over themselves and then I went from someone who spent an entire summer throwing up over themselves to someone who was packed off to a boot camp in Ibiza by a kindly editor who could see I might need some help I used to think that change when it happened was a sudden thing a volcanic eruption or an earthuake that shook everything up as it from nowhere If I read enough lifestyle magazines and started enough fad diets then all I had to do was lie back and wait for it to drop into my lap in the form of my dream job or my ideal man or the perfect penthouse suite Change when it finally came would be sudden sharp sweetie a bolt from the blue that would make everything better And in the meantime I could just shuffle on through my life without actuallywell changing In the dictionary change is described as an act or process through which something becomes different but in my mind I confused it for an act or process through which something becomes fixed” And that makes all the differenceWhile she denies believing in God “because if God existed there would be no war or famine or pestilence or OCD” her memoir is rife with spiritual truths She refers to these as “numinoussomething spiritual something divine something that had the power to send shivers down your spine” I was convicted and challenged by Prince Harry’s spiritual insights during his podcast interview with Bryony “It doesn’t matter who you are you can take up anything Instead of giving up giving up giving up how about take up take up take up? I know that with Lent people are always encouraged to give up things I always think why don’t you take up something – whether it is going for a walk if you have time or instead of taking the tube going for a walk along the river that kind of stuff – I personally think that makes a huge difference” Isn’t that the very intent of Lent? In Matthew 1624 Jesus told his disciples “If anyone would come after me let him deny himself and TAKE UP his cross and follow me” Jesus gave up His life TAKING UP His cross to not only save us from our sin but to make a way for us to have a relationship with Him Through His sacrifice we can live eternally ever after in heaven with our First Love I was also struck by the parallel between Bryony’s marathon coach Tim and the role of our spiritual coach the Holy Spirit in the marathon of life “Tim arrives just before 7am laden down with a huge backpack He is my white night my savior ‘Everything you need for today you put in here’ Tim says shoving the cavernous sack towards me For a moment I can’t uite believe what he is saying I look at him in disbelief ‘Yes I’m going to run with this thing on my back so that you don’t have to worry about carrying stuff around’ That numinous thing is here again answering my prayers” This is what the Holy Spirit does for us as Christians He comes alongside us and beckons us “Come to me all you who are weary and burdened and I will give you restFor my yoke is easy and my burden is light” Matthew 1128 30 When we hit the wall and feel we have nothing left when we are running on empty and repeat “I can’t I can’t” The Holy Spirit stops us and takes our hand He says “Look at me” and stamps eternity on our eyelids And He runs with us Bryony goes on to express “Seeing Harry Edie and my mum and dad is just what I need It gives me the kind of boost no isotonic gel could deliver – the unmistakable boost you get when someone you love wrap their arms around you and tells you how proud they are of you” This is the Contemporary English Bryony Version CEBV of Hebrews 121 “Therefore since we are surrounded by such a great cloud of witnesses let us throw off everything that hinders and the sin that so easily entangles And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us” I love that so much Bryony concludes with “The biggest lesson I have learned in all this in all of this that sometimes most of the time actually – the best thing to do is just be yourself To accept your body in your mind and never ever be ashamed of it To be fearlessly unapologetically you” For we are “fearfully and wonderfully made” Psalm 13914 Eat Drink Run is a physically mentally and spiritually invigorating memoir for all participants of the human race

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    Listened via audible Really enjoyed this and a huge bonus because it is narrated by Bryony herself Also huge bonus as it includes the Prince Harry podcasts Night little surprise that I wasn’t expecting Only downside to this is that I wanted it to be longer I felt it would have benefitted from info about mental health and the charity of etc It all just felt a bit rushed but I enjoyed it nevertheless

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    I highly recommend this book for anyone struggling with their mental health it offers a simple thing that will help clear your mind so much and completely empowers you to be able to do it I've now set running goals for 2019 and feel really positive

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    Literally the best book I have read in a long time Bryony has inspired me no end

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    spoiler uote from ending at bottom DAn absolutely amazing read In the end reading about Bryony's journey to running and her time with Prince Harry just had me in tears I myself have fought to be normal and think I need to do things normal people do but some days my mind and body just can't do it and that's what I need to stop fighting and just do what helps me Running helps me but I feel the need to do a 5k everyday when in reality some days 1k is only possible if I can get my shoes on Reading Bryony's journey has been just the tonic I need Even if you're not running to look after your mentalphysical health I recommend you read itI love the uote at the end 'I burst into tears again and realise the biggest lesson I have learnt in all of this that sometimes most of the time actually the best thing to do is just be yourself To accept your body and your mind and never ever be ashamed of it To be fearlessly unapologectically you'A powerful way to end the book and something I'm trying to learn myself So thank you Bryony for writing this book

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    This book was kind of a whirlwind to read which suited the story and the personality of the author in my opinion It had a authentic feel to it and I could see myself jogging along side her Hilarious how she describes situations good and bad that happen to her and I enjoyed how she blurt out things on her mind The book seems to develop itself like her mental state in terms of a storm at the beginning and a light breeze at the end It is clear that things are moving up for the author but it is a good thing that it is not portrayed as 'happily ever after' because mental health and the downsizes can rear it's ugly heads when least expected It gives a clear picture of mental health and offers advice on how to cope with it The interview transcript with Prince Harry was refreshing to read This book advocates mental health in all it's facets and I can only hope that and people start coming out and get the help they need and deserve

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