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  • Paperback
  • 192 pages
  • Nobody Does It Better
  • Julie Kenner
  • English
  • 27 January 2016
  • 9780373198641

8 thoughts on “Nobody Does It Better

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    Occasionally I wonder if I'm missing out in not having one of those best friends who shares everything but then I read about a h with one and decided that no; I'm goodSo our h writer of a popular spy thriller series under a pseudonym that neither her publisher nor her editor know about finds herself in a dilemma because the publisher wants the pseudonym to do a book tour or something Enter our HOur H son of a con artist owns a bar that the h and her bestieagent just happen to be in while discussing this issue Our H just happens to have taken on a debt his dad incurred betting with someone he shouldn't have Our H sees an opportunity for blackmail not that he wants to since he's out of that game He approaches the h at a party as her pseudonymHe can't bring himself to scam her though Her publisher is impressed enough to extend the contract with perks and well a signing tour She approaches him to fill inOf course there's chemistry Of course he wants a HEA Of course the h's bestie decides to play matchmaker doesn't try to protect the h's interests with regard to her being the actual writer etc Oh and wants details Can't forget thatIt's nice though that the H isn't a gazillionaire or something And kinda amusing that the h's fear of telling her dad that she was the actual writer turned out to be for nothing he was ok with it

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    did not like it

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    T772 Feb2000 Paris Sommers has fallen in love with the man she invented as the pseudonym for the fast paced spy novels she writes Paris is stunned to find this dream man in a bar who is he where did he come from? Paris has publicity tour and she needs an Montgomery Alexander Devin the lookalike needs cash to pay his father's gambling debtEnjoyed this take on parent adult child relationship with the addition of the man who has fallen in love with her

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    Nobody Does It BetterSays solUble Kenner does it again Lots of sex romance and twists that comes out of left field Marcia Brooks

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    This book was surprisingly slow I've never put one of JKenner's books down so much None the less it was good

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    I like the idea behind the story and I liked Paris and Devin a lot I just would've liked that Paris had stood up for herself with her father earlier

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    I loved it The characters were hilarious especially Rachel I was expecting a little of details about the romance but well it was a very nice story

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    Nice easy read It was anticlimactic BUT I really did enjoy the sexual tension Devin just melted my heart throughout the bookjust freaking love him

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Nobody Does It Better For author Paris Sommers truth has become stranger than fiction she's fallen in love with a man who exists only in her mind a man she invented as a pseudonym for the fast paced testosterone laden spy novels she writes Now the man of her dreams is standing beside her touching her loving her But who is he Bar owner Devin O'Malley wanted Paris the first moment he saw her And he was willing to do just about anything to get her including becoming novelist Montgomery Alexander but his deception worked too well Before long he'd stolen his way into Paris's bed and into her heart Was she in love with Devin or the fantasy he portrayed

About the Author: Julie Kenner

J Kenner aka Julie Kenner is the New York Times USA Today Publishers Weekly Wall Street Journal and International bestselling author of over seventy novels novellas and short stories in a variety of genresThough known primarily for her award winning and international bestselling erotic romances including the Stark and Most Wanted series that have reached as high as #2 on the New York Tim