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Powerless Powerless is a steamy short that will keep you hooked from page one Carol Anne has never been with a woman but finds herself fantasizing about the idea when the new employee starts She ignores these urges until she can't anyI liked this story because we got a glimpse at Carol's struggle to be with her PA despite the fact she's never been with a woman I will be adding of Liz Gavin to my book shelves WowIt was a good book it is a good fucking book it shows that some people have fun with there own tips than others It took me only 20 minutes to read and it was free but it was just awful I was curious to try a lesbian erotica book but I'm disappointed that this was my first exposure to it It was pure erotica with an attempt at the weakest story line I've ever read I guess I was expecting something different Short sweet and sexy And fucking hot hot hot Loved it MF as well as FFA very busy stock broker built her company but her busy schedule leaves little time for relationships Not to say she doesn't have her hook ups she has many boy toys to fill that need when it arises However a new young attractive receptionist is suddendly staring in her daydreams and fantasies Having never been with a woman and never experiemented this attraction and fantasies throw her for a loop Up until after one gym session ends with both of them in the shower a certain vibrating double headed toy and a whole lot of touching Meh This was an interesting story It was pretty shocking since I'm no where near used to this kind of book In fact this was the first for me It jostled me awake and I was so shocked I couldn't stop reading it Good thing that this was a short story Definitely graphic Not meant for the weak at heart Love it Love it I was good you could understand where she was coming from even though she got turn out she steal keep it move with her boyfriend an her behind Sean This is an alternate Cover Edition for ASIN B00FHNW530POWERLESSCarol Anne Sullivan is a tough but burnt out NYSE broker She's going through a rough patch managing her business and dealing with a frustrating sex life Regardless of the efforts on her hot ex jock lover’s part she just can’t get any satisfaction Not even a former infallible rubber sex toy has been able to take her mind off problems since it started acting out on her Carol can’t take any aggravations Having to deal with a new cheeky receptionist is the last thing she needs right now So why can’t she stop thinking about the young woman More importantly she’s never been attracted to another woman so what is it about Cindy O’Rourke that’s so alluring Mark Aikens said drop dead gorgeous lover and Carol’s assistant knows he’s not getting the job done Being the good submissive he is he can’t confront his Mistress But can he stand by and watch as Carol slips away Will he risk losing her on account of remaining an obedient pet Cindy O’Rourke was first of her MBA class and her best papers were about a certain genius NYSE broker named Carol Sullivan When she had a chance to apply for a position in Carol’s company she ran for it However her professional role model soon becomes a serious daydream fantasy And nighttime as well She believes Carol’s way out of her league and she knows it’s wrong to lust for her boss Besides Carol’s straight So why can’t she resist flirting with the older woman every chance she has Why can’t she erase from her memory the hot scenes she witnesses when she walked in on Carol and Mark having sex This short story is intended for adults only It contains graphic language plus kinky scenes involving a stressed out stock broker her gorgeous ex jock assistant and a naughty young receptionist Plus first time lesbian action naughty toys and light BDSM this was a freebie I got last year and decided to read it since I had a bit of time I never read blurbs so picking this book up I did not know it was a ff and fm it reads really fast and kind of sexy even with all the typos and bad grammar their story continues but I will not be following it

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