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  • Crownbreaker Spellslinger #6
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  • 21 March 2016

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    An Okay ending to an Okay series ¯ツ¯

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    I'm not entirely sure what happened I wish I had enjoyed these last 2 books but the story felt out of place New villains popped up I didn't see the point of new characters appeared who I was supposed to just like for no reason The story I was so invested in during books 1 4 disappeared and books 5 and 6 felt like it just ditched all that progressFor example a character who is known as God appears in this installment and he's suddenly Kellen's and the worlds focus but I had zero time to know this character and the ending was based on him What happened to the other plot points from the earlier books? They just weren't wrapped up The plot line I was invested in the most doesn’t get resolved There’s even a postscript chapter at the end with the author saying “I promise the answer is waiting for you inside your own imagination”NOI did binge read this entire series at once so maybe I’m seeing these problems a lot because of that I’ll be filming an entire video about this series and if I think it’s worth reading so be on the lookout for thatYouTube Channel

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    That postscript was perfect

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    okay for realthe US covers for this series need to go away and be replaced by the glorious UK ones

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    I can’t recommend this series enough especially now I know De Castell truly knows how to write an ending Even though he said Kellen and his friends would always be in our hearts this goodbye still hurt Spellslinger will always be one of my favorite fantasy series filled with tricks magic realism and best of all innovative characters Sometimes we don’t need a hero Sometimes we just need our wits and a little fear to remind us we’re alive Andyeah a good book also helps Kellen and Reichis are growing into their jobs as protectors of the young Daroman ueen even if this means the royal marshal service keeps bugging them all the time Kellen has made many enemies over the years and they won’t be the last Even his own family has turned against him than once now Imagine his surprise when mage sovereign and father Ke’heops come to ask for his aid The Berabes have a foreign god by their side and finally united they are ready for war Unforeseen circumstances make him accept the preposition Finding his place in this world will have to wait because now he has to travel to the most heavily guarded city in the world to assassinate a spiritual miracle After all isn’t an ambitious trickster the best kind of assassin?As if De Castell didn’t already put enough detailed work into building up his world we finally got a map Not that it was necessary with his vivid descriptions but it was still a pleasant way to end the series with We start our adventure again with a certain defeat but that’s as repetitive as it goes Instead we focus on different relationships and characters this time where Kellen can no longer abandon his duty to make choices Once again the reader falls in love with the wonderful whimsical card illustrations in the book I read it in the e book format but the actual physical copy I’ll buy in a few months has golden sprayed edges I’m saying all of this because all of the Spellslinger covers are single masterpieces Every part of it front to back fits into the plot and yet the series are so underrated Accompanied by a simple writing style that hooks you in from the beginning De Castell has managed to overwhelm me for six books long He throws away the trope of the chosen one and morphs it into something greater a witty trickster whose enemies are physically stronger than him in every way Kellen is never sure of his victory but he sure outwits a lot of the villains on his path Spellslinger has always been strongly based on culture religion and family which lead to realism In this particular web of lies and deception there was no difference It’s intimidating what people will do for survival and legacy but it’s also truth De Castell has put the world we are familiar with in a high fantasy jacket filled with memorable Argosi lessons At the end of this series you’ll feel as if you’re some sort of wise trickster yourself thank you maetri Ferius The means don’t always justify the ends and there is no right person to who one owns duty A villain always has a villain on his own and forgiveness is not the same as acceptance Honestly one of my favorite lessons was the one Kellen learned completely by himself You don’t own anything to your family You are who you make yourself to be not who your upbringing decides you to be It is not the family by blood that binds you but the family you lean on by choice And well we all know Kellen had the most amazing companions one could ask forIn the end everything made sense from the first book to the last All these surprising twists together formed such an incredible way to end this journey Yes I slightly predicted the initial outcome but that simply meant growth for our characters And surprisingly there were villains than I predicted All of them were complicated and due to the fast pace I was left biting my nails in agony many times None of these morally complex enemies knew what they were doing was wrong and even though you don’t support them you can see where they come from You can see that if you wouldn’t have seen the story through Kellen’s perspective he might have been the villain to you That’s how you write a good one and De Castell even managed to involve the delicate case of mental abuse into this All in all I won’t be leaving this world for a while Crownbreaker was my favorite book in the whole series and can set 4 stars on his name Every chapter ended with such a cliffhanger that it was impossible to put it down Unlike many final books it wasn’t confusing In fact we saw many reunions occur where the previous books got summarized again I did miss the occasional element of gore which was necessary in the former books Granted the violent events were definitely gruesome Apart from the hilarious humor there was also some cutting edge uality added to our major characters Kellen finally starts using different attacks other than the powders in his pocket This also included his shadowblack enigmatism although we unfortunately didn’t get an answer about the potential consuming darkness behind the markings In the end our hero did come to realize what he stands for and what or who he wants to fight for Yet if De Castell made one thing obvious it’s that the road to self development never ends It’s all about the journey and wella Path is infinite So is the world of Spellslinger

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    45 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum is the ending to the Spellslinger series that fans have been waiting for For six books now we’ve been journeying along with Kellen Argos a failed mage who has become so much But while it’s incredible to see how far he has come how in many ways he is different from the boy he used to be it’s also heartwarming to know in all the important ways he has not changed at all that he is still the Kellen we know and love Likewise the stories in these books have evolved growing bigger in scope and conflict but a lot of the themes have remained the same an anchoring point for longtime fans of the seriesFor one thing Kellen is still on the run and even in exile he’ll never be safe because so long as he has a price on his head he’ll always be hunted Still what if there is an opportunity to put an end to all that? For now Kellen has made a comfortable enough home for himself in Darome serving as a tutor and protector to the nation’s young ueen But his family are aware of where he is and what he has been doing and an offer to come home with no uestions asked is now on the table That said there is the matter of his strained relationship with his parents and the even complicated one with his sister With the possibility of a war looming however he’ll have to consider all options as loathsome as some of them might be In order to protect his ueen Kellen has been tasked to do something drastic something he finds reprehensible and yet the conseuences of not carrying it out can mean an end to the empireSo yeah endings make me nervous No matter much I love a series if the final volume is disappointing it can really leave a bad taste in your mouth and sour the whole experience And on top of that endings usually mean saying goodbye to characters who have lived in our hearts and our heads for so long it’s almost feels like you are losing a friend making it all the important for an author to provide a good sendoffBut boy does Sebastien de Castell know how to do just that First of all Crownbreaker is like the ultimate reunion of sorts gathering ‘round all the important figures who have made an impact on our protagonist’s life I nearly jumped up and danced with joy to have our original trio of Kellen Reichis and Ferius Parfax back together again—damn I missed that spunky Argosi But of course her reappearance also spells some dire news for Kellen stirring up painful emotions and putting him in a tight spot A certain Argosi named after a Rose also makes a return as does a familiar young woman and her hyena so you know the author isn’t messing around I loved how so many things came full circle the way I love my endings There have been a couple books mid series where I felt things had stalled but looking back now I see that the plan has been in place all along for all the pieces to come togetherMore than this I really can’t say because of all the revelations and various plotlines that come to fruition which are best left for the reader to discover for themselves Suffice to say we’ve reached a point where all the tension all the mystery and intrigue has built to a point which demands a resolution worthy of its conflict and De Castell delivers Granted there were parts in the book where pacing flagged but I saw this as the inevitable result of all the explanations reuired to bring answers and closure to many of Kellen’s problems like the Shadowblack his family drama the uncertain relationship he has with his own abilities as well as his past After all these years he thought he had made his peace with the injustices inflicted upon him but a part of him still wants the life he was supposed to have and I think these feelings play a major part in Crownbreaker which made this a very emotional book for meAnd speaking of emotional it still amazes me how much Kellen has grown—and not only that how much the series has matured along with him Spellslinger the first book was distinctively YA but by the time we get to Crownbreaker the tone of the series has become ambiguous with elements that would appeal to both YA and adult readers It’s brilliant because it makes us feel like we grow with the character watching Kellen develop from an awkward boy of fifteen naively trying to game his way through his trials to a worldly young adult who is the sum of all his experiences and the lessons he’s learned while being on the road The brilliance also extends to the final postscript which was surprising different and completely awesomeSo kudos to you Mr De Castell for you’ve done it again Thank you for the gift of the Spellslinger series which you can be sure is now joining The Greatcoats uartet on my all time favorites shelf To fantasy fans if you haven’t had the pleasure of reading this author then you’re in for a treat because if you’re into humor and action genuine characters and richly imagined worlds his stories have it all

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    I'll admit that I begrudgingly picked up Spellslinger when I was in a reading funk and looking for something light and short to try and trigger my reading momentum 6 books later I can attest to the fact that it just might have worked as I uickly became a big fan of the series From characters to story to narration to cover art every book has kept me wanting and this one was no exception A fun well rounded exceptionally paced and thoroughly entertaining series I have zero hesitation is saying de Castell is an author you can trust I'm sorry to say goodbye but I can't wait for

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    Crownbreaker is a fitting conclusion to a great seriesSpellslinger is one of those rare series of books that starts off strongly maintains the uality and ends with a bang Crownbreaker brings Kellen Argos's story arc to a satisfying conclusion and I love every moment of itThis series is a must read

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    Five stars Always 💙💙💙💙💙I loved this so much It felt like a perfect way to round out Kellen’s adventures so far and to let us see the bigger picture that we’ve been glimpsing throughout when it comes to politics I really don’t want to spoil anything so I will say that I continue to love the people we knew and really enjoyed some of the new characters we meet And Sebastien’s post script was perfect

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    Spoiler FREE review of ‘Crownbreaker’ “The world has no use for a trickster once the final trick is played” 5050 I just spent the last week wanting to know what happens but not wanting it to end It has been a poetically problematic week for me to be honestThe character growth throughout the start of the series has been amazing I am not going to name any characters here in fear of spoiling anything throughout the series suffice it to say I found many different characters development fantastic and happy the way the grew This series really hooked me with a few key characters and what can I say other than it ended right where I wanted it to The story stays with the same formulaic layout that the previously 5 novels took I loved the way things came back around to the start of the series several different scenes and situations that started this whole adventure mirrored the end of it It was amazing I saw the plot twist coming from a mile away but that did not change my opinion on the overall story and still found myself engaged throughout the adventure I thought the story series ended perfectly and I could not have imaged a better ending for the characters I grew to love It was a bittersweet moment to see it end but I am hoping for new adventures that might be in store for all of these amazing charactersFor anyone who is considering starting this series I would hope you would at least give the first one a shot If you make it to the end please be sure to read the ‘Postscript’ of Crownbreaker And to Sabastien thank you for writing an amazing series and for the record anything that may have been written in the Postscript I’m taking as Canon “Because you’re my hero”

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Crownbreaker Spellslinger #6 The sixth and final instalment of the inimitable SPELLSLINGER series Kellen and Reichis are settling into their new lives as protectors of the young ueen and dealing with the constantly shifting threats to her reign and to her life For the first time in his life Kellen feels as if he's becoming the kind of man that his mentor Ferius had wanted him to be Even Reichis has come to appreciate having a noble purpose so long as no one minds him committing the occasional act of theft from the royal treasuryBut what seems to be a simple card game between Kellen and an old man is soon revealed to be a deadly game of wits in which a powerful mage has trapped the ueen's spellslinger in order to kill him Perfect for fans of The Dark Tower Firefly Guardians of the Galaxy Terry Pratchett Ben Aaronovitch and Jim Butcher