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Half a King Alternate cover edition for ISBN 9780007550227For all editions see hereBetrayed by his family and left for dead prince Yarvi reluctant heir to a divided kingdom has vowed to reclaim a throne he never wanted But first he must survive cruelty chains and the bitter waters of the shattered sea itself all with only one good hand Born a weakling in the eyes of a hard cold world he cannot grip a shield or swing an axe so has sharpened his mind to a deadly edge Gathering a strange fellowship of the outcast he finds they can help him than any noble could Even so Yarvi's path may end as it began in twists traps and tragedy

About the Author: Joe Abercrombie

The First Law trilogy Before They Are Hanged and Last Argument of Kings He currently lives and works in London with his wife and daughter In early 2008 Joe Abercrombie was one of the contributors to the BBC Worlds of Fantasy series alongside other contributors such as Michael Moorcock Terry Pratchett and China Mieville

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    First off I would like to taunt you all just a little bit Because I got to read an ARC of this book and you have to wait until it comes out in July But I can say this This particular book is worth the wait I've been a fan of Abercrombie's stuff for years His worldbuilding is great his characterization is marvelous he writes an amazing action scene Yeah simply said his craft is undeniably excellent That said sometimes I put down one of his books and think to myself Well I guess everything sucks and everyone in the world is awful and we're all pretty much fucked in the end aren't we? Sometimes his books leave me feeling a little bleak And honestly someone that can make me feel that way is a fucking master But at the same time I'm not always up for reading bleak That's something I have to be in the mood for This book didn't hit me that way I got all the grit that I love in Abercrombie and the craft and the character And the book was grim but it never got so far as being bleak Simply said I think this is my favorite Abercrombie book yet And that's really saying something Is it worth your time? AbsolutelyWhat's it's a stand alone So you can jump in here even if you haven't read his other stuff So jump in

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    Once after his father had hit him in a rage Yarvi's mother had found him crying The fool strikes she had said The wise man smiles and watches and learns Then strikes Half a King is the kind of book that creeps up on you gradually painting a picture of kingdoms and slavery and backstabbing until you think this is basically another fantasy set in the comfort zone of the genre and then it hits you hard when you least expect it I kid you not there were three huge twists in this book and I remained completely oblivious to all of them until they were upon me It is the first twist a few chapters in that sucks you into this story and I found myself unable to stop reading from then onI'm really picky when it comes to traditional fantasy as opposed to urban fantasy or fairytale retellings because I find it falls into one of two extremes either it is too lengthy dense and wordy for my tastes or it is fantasy lite masuerading as real fantasy whilst really being all about that boy with the tortured soul This is neither of those It is a gritty and fast paced tale of survival betrayal and friendship I started reading this in my back garden under the hot afternoon sun and I was so addicted to Yarvi's story that I was still there when the sun began to setThe story opens when Yarvi the king's youngest son and the not so proud owner of a crippled hand finds out his father and brother have been killed and he must take his rightful place on the throne Everyone is skeptical as to whether a crippled half king can really rule over the people of Gettland even Yarvi himself I won't give away spoilers but Yarvi's life takes a rapid turn downhill from there and plunges him into one threatening situation after another Circumstances see him being forced miles away from his home barely able to defend himself with his crippled hand It's a real underdog kind of story and Yarvi is a complex character that simultaneously evokes sympathy and is allowed to make mistakes do horrible things and screw people over to survive He is one of those flawed but likable characters whose actions even at his worst feel understandable and realistic He constantly faces threats from all sides whilst also battling with nature's demons out in the wilderness And I swear I could feel the icy cold coming through even in the middle of July Abercrombie works setting and atmosphere together very wellDespite my love for Yarvi this book wouldn't have been the same without the varied and interesting cast of secondary characters They all provide something important to the novel whether it be the underlying theme of friendship and finding a place as an outcast that features heavily throughout the story or some much needed moments of comic relief The character Nothing especially made me laugh Nothing smiled Yarvi was starting to get nervous when Nothing smiled And they will come ashore tired and wet and foolish just as we have and we will fall upon themFall upon them? said YarviWe six? asked AnkranAgainst their twenty? muttered JaudWith a one handed boy a woman and a storekeeper among us? said RulfExactly Nothing smiled wider You think just as I do and He saw Nothing hop a few steps from the bank and raise his sword high point downwardsAre you mad? Yarvi screeched before he realizedOf course he was And even though women are not often sword wielding warriors in this world Abercrombie's female characters were fantastic in my opinion They were strong but flawed deeply complex and varied Those considered good had faults and those considered villains had multiple layers to them Though this could really be said for all characters There are no mindless villains in this book and it makes the story all the compelling because the author doesn't make it easy for us to group people into goodies and baddies As Rulf says If life has taught me one thing it's that there are no villains Only people doing their best Plus the ending was PERFECT I wasn't sure how the author would tie it all together and still leave us with something that would make me need to get my hands on the seuel but he did The novel's climax is an incredible show of drama and excitement followed by a couple of gentle uiet but no less effective chapters in which Abercrombie surprised me once again I now need to go find everything else he has written and if you haven't already you need to read this bookBlog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Youtube

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    Opportunities to blurb one’s nemesis are rare indeed Having been published in ye olde aught 7 Joe Abercrombie is the elder in our Sith padawan duo whilst I have only been in print since late late 2008 Our careers have followed similar trajectories each of us receiving early and effusive critical praise oh wait that was him each of us selling millions of books him millions–or a ebullient publicist each of us winning the David Gemmell Legend Award oh wait that was me each of us being dubbed George R R Martin’s heir apparent oh wait that was neither of us I taught swing dancing in college; Joe does a wicked hip hop folk dance locomotion twist Macarena fusion that you wouldn’t believe As you can see the similarities are eerieWhen I opened the package containing Joe’s book not addressed to me I rubbed my hands together I cackled I stroked my beard I got to workThe trick of course is to write something that sounds positive but may not be You also have to avoid fragments that can be pulled that undermine your snarkish intent “I love John’s freuent use of correct punctuation in his work” could be undermined A canny publicist will pull real praise out of a reckless phrase like so “I love John’swork” or stretching morality even “I love this work”If you write something the publisher doesn’t use at all you’ve failed That is unless you can get it to stick on Goodreads or And if you write something amazing but not specific to the target people will just attribute it to Mark Twain “Any brilliant double edged uote from an American author will be attributed to Mark Twain” –Mark Twain As you can see a daunting task indeedSo a uote for Joe Abercrombie eh? cracks knucklesThere are myriad correct ways to address Joe Abercrombie’s work; one of them even involves praiseLet’s just get this out of the way The low hanging fruitThough slender I wouldn’t call it half a novel Half a King isn’t half badIs Half a King Abercrombie’s best yet? You’ll half to see for yourselfreviewers punning on the Half in the titles of this series that there is a sin of weakness–unless you can make many puns in your review or find one that others have overlooked I know it’s hard to resist You’ll be forgiven the “half” puns on this first novel Do it on novel two and three and you’ll earn sighs and derision respectivelyHitting where it hurts the walletThere is only one way to show how much I enjoyed this book I scanned it and am distributing it to the whole internet for freeHere’s a good one for readers who like to believe they don’t look down on the YA genreNow writing Young Adult fantasy Joe Abercrombie has finally found his intellectual homeThe baffling yet catchyThis book seals it Joe Abercrombie is the Kanye West of fantasyThe sneaky slanderCritics have wondered is there a Joe Abercrombie without the f word? Fuck yesThe secretly snarkyWill this novel make shortlists everywhere? Well I certainly wouldn’t give it the axeOnly works if you know a rarely used idiom AND that the Gemmell Award is a battle axeThe grimdark the challenge here being to attach the mildly pejorative label “grimdark” to Joe’s work without ever using the term directlySome worried that Abercrombie’s move to Young Adult novels would mean a loss of his grim dark tone Though the events of this novel are often grim dark themes aren’t overwhelming Much as in the Brothers Grimm dark colors are used to highlight moments of humorThe needlessly cruel may be attributed to Mark TwainDefinitely worth picking up from the remainders shelfWorth every penny I paid for it My thanks to the publisher for the free review copyI look forward to being able to get the whole series for half offMy real blurbPerhaps his most technically proficient novel yet I dare you to read the first chapter and try not to turn the next page Some wondered if what makes Joe Abercrombie so different would survive the transition to YA Abercrombie fans have no fear Polished and sharp the un adult rated Abercrombie is still unadulterated AbercrombieUgh you have no idea how my stomach sinks to write actual praise Dammit Joe

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    There were four parts in this epic fantasy story The first held little interesting scenes and turned out to be uite banal for nothing surprising happened We were introduced to the main character and his family which was good but really other than that it was the basic king died needs replacement hero becomes king marriage betrayal and everything felt really flatly executed The second part though was different and original In each part actually we met new characters There were in fact many of them However when I looked up the definition of the ‘epic fantasy’ genre I read info about there being normally a wide cast of characters so perhaps it will not surprise readers of the genre The third part was sadly very slow and sincerely repetitive Or it could be that it felt that way to me because nothing of importance really happened The forth and final part was good and I was glad to get to it so I could finally witness how everything was going to turn out Strangely after finishing this read and thinking back to it I honestly would have seen this book making a good standalone But I agree that there was this ‘High King’ character that we HAVE to meet for he was mentioned many many times but not included in any scene It was well written Really well written But sometimes it felt like too much Why I’m saying this is because there were many figures of speech as in an annoying amount of them It’s obviously okay to have some for it usually embellishes the writing and the plot itself like in The Kiss of Deception gosh I loved that book and everything but too much is like not enough I think it could have been balanced Also there were some uite beautiful or intelligent lines such as ‘‘Why kill what you can sell?’’ ‘‘You may need two hands to fight someone but only one to stab them in the back’’ ‘‘I may be half a man but I can swear a whole oath’’ or ‘‘A warrior fights A king commands’’ And that was great But the thing isthose lines were repeated and repeated and repeated again in the chapters as if we would forget them Which we would not have because they’re perfect The atmospherefelt tedious from time to timeYarvi was a great hero At first we saw him befuddled and not really knowing what to do He was a king Yet he was no king And so his character growth – which was the most important element in the story for me – turned out admiring and needed And the author pulled it off wonderfully well But a bit too fast After being sold as a slave it’s as if he changed in a single night of comportment and having suddenly new clear goals which that was understandable even though rushed The whole thing could have been realisticOh yes that was another problem I had with the story and plot While I did like it and think the book to be a good epic fantasy read this as a whole was indeed uite unrealistic I mean Yarvi should have diedwhat? Three four times? Yet every time somethingsomeone saved him And that’s fine really It’s not like I wanted him to actually perish The lovely Yarvi oh no But it was as if those scenes were missing something that would have made them truly believable nonetheless At least there was an element of surprise in each one of themHonestly I had very high expectations for this Many of my Goodreads friends told me about it and kept recommending it to me and so finally I had to read it And I don’t regret it Maybe I should not have pressured myself here’s the thing I want to read as many books published in 2014 as possible before the end of the year coughs three days from now and lowered the uality of my predictions I do recommend it though Yarvi deserves to be known PS There is no romance

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    Just so no one thinks I'd review a book I hadn't read yes I got to read it already as an Advanced Reading Copy I've enjoyed Abercrombie's books before but this one had an exceptionally tight focus on the protagonist that I really liked And the story does not compromise anywhere It's a coming of age story but that trite description does it no justice No spoilers here just a whole hearted recommendation

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    122917 ON SALE for 299 by Rabid ReadsIt's not a secret that YA fantasy is second to only UF on my preferred genres list It's also not a secret that YA fantasy has been falling flat for me recently With the exception of Heir of Fire by Sarah J Maas the last 6 or 8 YA fantasies I've read have been disappointing at best DNFs at worstIt was getting to the point that I was doubting myself thinking that I was in some kind of genre specific book funk and maybe I was being overly critical of all these books that everyone else seemed to love BUT then came Half a King by Joe AbercrombieYes then came Half a King by Joe Abercrombie my first Abercrombie incidentally but definitely not my last and faith in both myself and the genre was restored Oh I'm still a grouch and there's a good chance that you might like the books that I've spurned but Half a King exists on an entirely different playing field The writing is beautifully compelling not over flowery or verbose It states things simply in a way that goes straight to that gooey melty center where your FEELS liveYarvi is the second son of a king The second son born with a deformity that makes him practically useless to his raiding warmongering father Yarvi only has one hand you see Hard to hold both a sword and a shield if you only have one hand so Yarvi is half a man in his father's eyes in the eyes of the rest of the warriors as wellHowever Yarmi is cleverHe's nearly ready to take his test to join the Ministry an order of advisers meant to temper the wrath of kings He's studied language and lore medicine and philosophy Once he passes his test and becomes Brother Yarvi he will no longer be the deformed second son of the king The Ministry will be his family it's members his new brothers and sistersBUT when Yarvi's father and brother are killed by treachery the crown is thrust upon his head forcing him into a life he's never wanted and is ill euipped to handleAnd MAN it tears you up Especially when you read things like They hardly looked dead it HURTSHis path is no longer the path he sought to follow but Yarvi knows that what's at stake is bigger than his own desires and he's determined to do the best he canBut treachery is rarely as simple as it appears on the surface I don't really feel like I can do this book proper justice but I'm going to tryIt's devilishly clever There are enough clear hints to have you bouncing up and down in your chair going Oh oh along the way and proudly declaring I knew it in the end but vague yet well blending observations and incidents are also peppered throughout so that when other twists are revealed you go Ooohhhh in appreciation and instant understandingI've already said it was beautifully written and it was Abercrombie made me feel sad truths profoundly while simultaneously making me laugh About the sad truths And he did this freuentlyAnd the characters I have always been a character driven than plot driven reader and in this book even the villains are tangibly real When numero uno Bad Guy has his Out damned spot moment you almost feel sorry for him Almost And who doesn't love a sword wielding madman? Or a disgraced drunk of a female pirate who is too merciful That has always been her fault?Or a clever boy facing impossible odds who refuses to give up Half a King by Joe Abercrombie is the best new YA fantasy I've read this year I recommend it to anyone who loves fantasy YA or otherwise

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    I’m a big fan of Abercrombie stark gritty fantasy books for grown ups His fiction pulls no punches and takes no prisoners unless those prisoners are later tortured and executed So I was curious to see how he would approach the world of young adult fiction in Half a King The answer brilliantly Abercrombie creates a fantasy world that is somewhat neo Viking set around the Shattered Sea the Baltic and North Atlantic? ages after the elves 21st Century man? shattered god Blew everything up? and disappeared Our protagonist Yarvi the youngest son of the king of Gettland was born with a deformed hand in a world that values only able bodied warriors He is prepared to spend his life in the Ministry as a sort of combination priestphysicianroyal advisor but his plans are upended when his father and older brother are both killed in an ambush Suddenly Yarvi must be king and avenge his family but very few Gettlanders are prepared to have ‘half a king’ – a weakling with only one good hand Without giving any spoilers I can tell you that Yarvi will have to endure many hardships and many adventures before he can find his true destiny As in all Abercrombie’s books friends turn out to be enemies enemies turn out to be friends; the line between good and evil is murky indeed; and nothing goes uite as we expect Abercrombie also throws in his trademark dark humor and got me to laugh even during some grim scenes With eye popping plot twists and rollicking good action Half a King is definitely a full adventure I was lucky enough to read an advanced copy of the book When it’s published in July be sure to check it out

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    There I was peacefully reading a decent interesting YA fantasy a sort of Viking flavored coming of age story about the adventures of a physically weak studious 15 year old prince with a crippled hand Prince Yarvi briefly reigns over the kingdom of Gettland when his father and brother die but he's betrayed and abruptly descends from the throne to abject slavery Yarvi determined to regain the throne and take revenge on those who betrayed him has to overcome various obstacles and people blocking his path convince others to join him in his uest and make his way across some killer terrain back to his kingdom So far so good It was a pretty interesting read; it felt a little bit like some other books I've read but I wasn't throwing it at the wall or picking lint out of my navel or asking my kids if I could help them with their homeworkThen things started happening Unexpected things Truly surprising things And I was all and What? You think I'm going to spoil the surprise? Go read the bookThis isn't a magical fantasy but is set either in an imaginary world or a distant past or future of our world Final thoughts This is how you end a book without irritating cliffhangers but still leave people wanting the seuel This book is what The False Prince wants to be when it grows up This is the first book in a trilogy but it works fine as a standalone read 45 stars

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    45 StarsThis was my first Joe Abercrombie story and it definitely won’t be my last In fact I already have the next book in my hands It was slow to start for me but such is always the case in first of a series books when there is solid world building afootI really enjoyed Abercrombie’s writing It just seemed to flow so effortlessly I would feel as though I had just sat down and then realize I had already blown through 50 pages And I am a sucker for short chapters I guessed the first twist that came toward the end fairly soon after meeting a certain someone but it was still super satisfying to watch it unfold when it was time for its unveiling That second twist definitely got me though Loved the ending and the way everything came together Excited to start book two

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    From the many cages ranked around the walls they looked down on him now the doves and one great bronze feathered eagle which must have brought a message from the High King in Skekenhouse The one person in the lands around the Shattered Sea who had the right to make reuests of Yarvi now Yet here he sat against the dropping speckled wall picking at the nail on his shriveled hand buried beneath a howe of demands he could never fulfill As someone who has stepped out of her YA comfort zone I can finally and proudly say that I have finally read a fantasy book that was epic? High? Dark? Low? It's really hard for me to review this The book was not confusing in any way I enjoyed reading it all but it's something I don't usually read In fact this is considered adult fantasy which is something I don't really read Actually never have read I decided to take a break from YA fantasy that's a lie and go with Adult fantasy I even asked my good friend Petrik for recommendations because I always see how wonderful reviews on my feed and it's always a highepic fantasy book and I'm like what if I gave that genre a try? so here I am wishing I started before Half a King was wonderful amazing action packed intense crazy and filled with like 4 plot twists that I did not see coming which is the big reason for getting 4 stars I didn't see them coming unlike other readers and I'm glad I didn't I don't like predicting things in books and I don't plan to It's best for me not to unless the book is way too predictable which ends up being a book I'll give a negative review on Half a King couldn't have been better for me and I'm so glad I decided to start off with this one Also I'm in love with that cover? I mean it's a sword and it looks shiny and there's blades on it or something and I find it beautiful Joe Abercrombie definitely did not disappoint with this one I already went to the library to get the 2nd book because I am so excited to start it and see where Prince Yarvi the main character goes off on his journey Half a King like the title says is about half a king? Prince Yarvi was born with a half hand or a crookedcrippled hand who doesn't plan on taking the throne of his Father because of who he is He wishes to be a mistress that he even studies everything and proves himself he's worthy of one to become one As Yarvi is practicing for his upcoming test of becoming a mistress with someone very close with him he finds out that his brother and father have been killed murdered and it is his turn to take the throne he never planned on taking Not having a clue on how he will become the King his people need unsure how he will be able to do things with that crippled hand of his he swears and makes an oath to the Gods that he will reclaim that throne and take vengeance on his brother and father's killer When something unexpected happens Yarvi is later thrown into a world he didn't ever think about Slavery Brutality Betrayal Friendship Unexpected turns are taken which lead to Yarvi becoming part of a group who later help him come out of his immature side and become the prince he was always made to be From cruelty and chains to vengeance and friendships Yarvi might just end where he started offSo this was intense for me It had plot twists I didn't see coming and I don't read books with so many plot twists yes I know there are books with plot twists but I'm just starting which made everything so much better The book is intense from the beginning and it's even got the betrayal since the beginning which later leads to revenge Yarvi was a likable character and I even felt bad for him but then I was proud of him because he went from being a weak boy who wanted to be a mistress to a cunning man who is back home He had to go through a lot that he had never been through and it was hard reading about him facing those struggles he never thought about You can't give anything but pity to him because of who he is and what he thinks of himself He doesn't believe in himself and neither does anyone else not even his mother and the only person who believed in him was his 2nd mother who was also his mentor the one who practiced with him for his mistress test He takes trials he didn't want to take and later ends up as a slave I don't read a lot of books that have a male character as the male lead but Yarvi has changed the way I look at male characters What I'm saying is I'm so used to reading about female characters wanting to become this badass heroine but manage to actually fail that I ignore the actual characters that manage to accomplish what they swore to do and it's not a female character but instead they're male characters There's really no hint of romance in this There are female characters but there's really no romance and it was a little weird for me to read something without romance because almost every book I read has some element of romance in it and it has to stop There's a female character who ends up becoming one of Yarvi's friends She's ruthless but she has her fears She's strong fierce but she's afraid She's a little arrogant but she doesn't let her close friends behind Other than that there's Yarvi's cousin who was not really part of the book since there are unexpected turns taken down and she's basically living in a ruling house while Yarvi is a slave starving suffering finding ways to escape Aside from the romance there are the characters that make the story so much better I will be honest Since I'm not used to reading this genre followed by names I'm not used to I had trouble pronouncing namesWe have Sumael who was by far my favorite aside from Yarvi She was the badass female character I mentioned above and you can't do anything but love her You can't not love her She was fierce but she was also scared like I said and her loyalty to Yarvi and the rest of the group is just really cute Not in a romantic way but in a friendly way She wished to not help Yarvi because he was the weakling who got pity but she didn't leave him behind and didn't plan to I felt bad for the beginning of the book because I had trouble pronouncing her name and kept calling her 'Samuel' instead of 'Sumael' which was awful but even though I kept mispronouncing her name I tried my best to call her Sumael in any way that was not Samuel Then we have Jaud Rulf and Ankran who all grew on me I didn't really like them any because of how they treated Yarvi but then it was understandable and their personalities were understandable They were slaves after all and had been in that ship of the captain for a longer time than Yarvi They became great allies companions friends of Yarvi and they lived up to his expectations He managed to fail when it came to first impressions but later he managed to grow on them and later they all helped each other in any ways they were able to until they couldn't Lastly we have Nothing I won't say why his name is Nothing but he was the one who added humor and another unexpected turn to the book You can't help but love his attitude and the way he acts around the rest of the groupOne of my favorite things about this book was the writing Some may say it was the worst thing of the book but it was my favorite The author manages to write the book as if it was a poem which is weird There are so many sentences that were just sentences but he managed to make them sound similar alike as if there was a rhyme connected When a sentence started a reader can be managed to read the ending of that sentence as if he or she were reading a poem Some of the writing was part of the reason I kept reading another was obviously the action in the book Joe is indeed a great writer and I'm really excited to see what else he has written including the other 2 books of this trilogy to see where Yarvi is going what he plans on doing how he goes off on his journey the new people he meets the new friendships he makes and maybe plot twists and betrayals and revenge? HopefullyIt wasn't very dark in my opinion but I won't say it wasn't Joe is able to grip the attention of the reader and keep the reader going because all they want to do is find out what is going to happen next and how First novel read by Joe but definitely not my last His writing is gripping beautiful compelling There are no relatabe characters in this mostly because it's a fantasy and I can never really relate to a character in a fantasy novel but characters to manage to grab your attention and keep you reading about them and the rest because they're in a Shattered Sea starving being forced to do things for their captain or she will whip them torture them hit them and maybe even kill them for what they have not done Yarvi managed to survive and I was so happy to know he was able to be a character who fits in the coming of age genre He became a man maybe not a prince but he became a man who is able to fight with a crippled hand He was able to prove others and himself and I was happy of that it's like I was proud I was There's really no world building in this and I was happy with that since they aren't my favorite thing especially because a lot of authors manage to fail on writing it but there is without a doubt some major and great character developmentI'm really excited to read the other book which I am sure to start very soon and I'm also excited to read Joe's other works I'm just really excited to read fantasy like this in general This can be categorized as adult fantasy and it is with the violence and blood spatters the betrayals and vengeance the friendships made and hearts cracked but it can also be read as a YA novel What I mean is that it isn't high fantasy not even that much of epic fantasy Don't get me wrong it's an epic fantasy story but it doesn't have those epic fantasy elements you have probably seen in actual epic fantasy books Yarvi starts off as a boy and becomes someone he didn't think he would become He grows up He survives There are YA fantasy books that can have a similar story to this one hero or heroine but then is so different The story is easy to follow the book is fast paced the plot is also a little original but not as original as it sounds It has humour it has action It's got the side characters that you will most likely end up loving but then there's also the side characters you'll most likely end up hating

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