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Runebreaker Kahler follows up Runebinder with a fiery seuel While Tenn has been fighting his battles across the seas Aidan is fighting for power and there is little he won't do to gain it There was no room in this world for sadness and regret There was only the flash the burn the energy and excitment Life was a flame not a flood You lived and you burned and you burned out Drowning was not an option Runebreaker has a completely different feel to Runebinder Aidan is full of rage and the pull of Fire and the whispers of the Dark Lady are hard to ignore In some ways Aidan is unlikable; he's egotistical arrogant and there are times when he seems irredeemable However there is a reason for this and I think it's really important to read the author's note which explains why Aidan is the way he is And I think it's great that Kahler as given us something of a ueer antihero because the book world has long given straight antiheroes the ok but it seems often ueer characters and their personalities are forced to conform to a much narrow existence in order to be acceptedI really enjoyed getting to see some new characters that said a fair few died Kianna was a particular favourite A badass trans woman Kianna refuses to take Aidan shit and gives back as good as she gets Kianna despite fighting with the Hunters also refuses to be attuned to any of the spheres and strongly  dislikes magic I'm hoping we get to see of her in Runemaker because she's such a great characterRunebreaker is a wonderful continuation of the Runebinder Chronicles It sets itself apart expanding the universe whilst fate draws Aidan and Tenn paths closer and closer to collision Why do you serve when you were meant to rule Content Warnings torture mostly fade to black but some on page★★★★☆455This review and can be found at His whole series is one big Yike I really wanted to like it and I do love Tomas but that’s pretty much all 25 Stars Well at least Kahler's author's note at the end of the book directly addresses one thing that bothered me about reading this one how bloody unlikable our protagonist Aidan is Nowhere near as emotionally open as Tenn or as loving Aidan likely because he's open to Fire instead of Water is self absorbed destructive and manages to be even susceptible to the sinister machinations of a certain incubus And he has a way of basically burning almost every bridge that he crosses losing tons of friends and lovers in the process But then when he's really in over his head it shows and that's when I can't help but sympathize with him And luckily this isn't the end of the road for this series yet I'd hope because the ending of this book promises at long last a combination and possibly conclusion of the stories begun in this book and in Runebinder Bring it on Kahler I couldn't I tried but this is the first book I have DNF'd in years Right form the start it felt forced with gratuitous tropes This is the second book in the Runebinder chronicles by Alex R Kahler I was excited when I received the ARC of this book as I loved the first book in the series Runebinder I assumed that this story would be a continuation of the first book but it wasn't at all Though it's set in the same world Runebreaker follows a different main character named Aiden and the story takes place in Scotland I have to admit that I was a tad disappointed as I was looking forward to reading about Tenn's story who was the hero in the first book This book does connect back to Runebinder briefly at the very end but not really in any satisfying sort of waySo Aiden the protagonist in this book is a Hunter just like Tenn in the first book Hunters attempt to liberate the world from the evil Howls and Necromancers who have pretty much destroyed the planet Aiden's magic is ruled by the element of fire so as such he is hot headed arrogant power hungry and self serving The only thing that matters to Aiden is Aiden and all he seems to want out of life is to rule no matter what the cost And he's ready to burn the world down to achieve his goal and destroy anyone who stands in his waySo I really enjoyed the first book in this series and was super excited about reading this book Unfortunately I was extremely disappointed I ended up absolutely hating the main character He was an unbelievable asshole — murderous treacherous loathsome with not one redeeming uality He wasn't at all an anti hero who redeems himself by doing the right thing at the end Nope That never happened Aiden is 100% asshole When he finally ran into a bit of trouble in the story I couldn't muster up even the tiniest bit of sympathy for him In fact I found myself thinking Oh my god would someone just kill him already This character was neither someone I could root for nor someone that I ended up caring aboutIt's nearly impossible for me to connect to a story when I hate the main protagonist and that was the case with Runebreaker The main character wasn't at all relatable and was wholly unlikeable which caused me not care about the story at all I honestly had to slug my way through it It also didn't help that the eBook formatting was problematic which keep yanking me out of the story This was not the book for me A big thank you to Netgalley for providing a review copy of this book in exchange for an honest review This book will be out on November 27th 15 starsmaybeI am on the fence here between not liking it and it was ok I received a copy of this via NetGalley and the publisher Harleuin TEEN in exchange for an honest review I originally wanted to read this book because I had read the first in the series and I was hoping and praying for maybe some explanations or some sense to be made in this book that the first one lacked I will tell you right now you will get no answers from this book to uestions from the first book You will only end up with uestions and an intense dislike for the MC Aidan who is probably the most selfish self absorbed and just mental MC I've ever had the displeasure of reading about Being in his head was disturbing Despite my dislike for him his sidekick Kianna was the bomb She was ruthless as well super strong character I found myself fantasizing what her story would be I had the same problems with the missing world building and absolute lack of backstory that I had in the first book I just feel like someone should have told the author upfront that without these details your story doesn't make the sense that it could I feel like this story was supposed to be the making of the antagonist so to speak even if the actual antagonist is some barely known entity The Dark Lady I sincerely wish there was some myth or lore or explanations explaining this entity and her goals because her actions do not meet up with what she says she desires to this MCThis book does not pick up where book one left off really we start a whole new adventure with a new MC Aidan Aidan starts his story by murdering one of his fellow hunters and having the intense desire to take over and rule the world yea nice to meet you Aidan From there Aidan gets into one awful mess after another driven by his greed and selfishness getting everyone around him killed or killing them himself Pushed along by his desire for the incubus demon and whispers and vision of The Dark Lady to do their bidding while promising him all that he wants he continues into a trap of brutal torture both mental and physical It really seems as though he is being groomed to be the bad guy of course I have no freaking idea where this is headed or even whyI am still super confused on what is going on and I'm now at the conclusion that it is not going to get better It is really unfortunate but I won't be trying to complete this series The anxiety and confusion just isn't worth it to me to cater to my must finish OCD on this one lol 35 stars I didn’t realize upon starting this book that it wasn’t a direct continuation of the story That it could in theory be read as a stand alone I think that threw me uite a bit I knew the story followed Aiden from reading the description but I really thought it would jump between him and Tenn it does not Aiden is a basically brand new character in a whole other country Aiden is the opposite of Tenn Aiden is an asshole who wants power and has no regrets about anything He kills as he pleases and doesn’t feel bad about it All he cares about is himself The story is okay Aiden definitely is It my favorite character ever I can see the appeal of a completely unapologetic character such as him but it’s not for me I really hope Lukas comes back in the next book I enjoyed his character for the short time he was in the book I’m so glad Tenn is back I figured they would converge at some point and I can’t wait to see what happens next now that Tenn and Aiden are together and unbeknownst to Tenn enemies I think the author made the right decision to start the series with Tenn’s book I’m not sure I would have moved onto the second book if Aiden had been the main character of the first I am curious who the POV will be in the next book or if it will alternate between the two If it has to be one character I’d prefer Tenn but I think alternating would be ideal I received an ARC copy of this book from NetGalleyI haven't read the first book in this series but from what I understand this is of a standalone set in the same universe with a small cameo by characters from book one towards the end At any rate I never felt confused while reading it and was sucked in right from the beginning I definitely thought the world building and magic system was very fun and uniue but what really made this book for me was the characters I think I can probably explain best with an excerpt from the author's note at the end Aidan has been called 'difficult' times than I can count Unlikable Narcissistic Anger driven Over a decade ago when Runebinder first came to light I poured a great deal of my own emotions onto the page As I struggled with what it meant to be gay as I yearned for a world where I didn't have to constantly explain myself a world where I could be heroic so was Tenn born of fear of sadness and of the great desire to be normal To be important to someone And to something Aidan is than the opposite end of that spectrum Aidan is the next step in the narrativeNow I definitely have a soft spot for 'unlikable' characters no matter what their sexuality I'm pretty much that person always yelling at the hero in the book when they refuse to kill someone because that would make them just as bad as the other side but having angry and unlikable ueer character definitely adds another layer of relatability to the narrative for me personally Anyway I absolutely love my new gay murder son and his future demon boyfriend and also my badass bisexual trans daughter Rarely do I ever get to read about such unapologetic characters seriously I was waiting for the other shoe to drop the whole time and I've never been so glad that it didn't I can't wait for the next book in this series Magic is sinAidan desires only one thing to rule Arrogant headstrong and driven by the element of Fire he will stop at nothing to bring the evil Howls that destroyed Scotland to their knees But Fire is a treacherous element and the very magic that brought him to power could burn his world to ashEspecially with the blood of his fellow Hunters on his handsDriven by a bloodlust he can’t control and dark whispers that may not be entirely in his head he and his magic eschewing friend Kianna will do whatever it takes to liberate their broken world Even at the risk of confronting the Church Even at the risk of losing his humanityBut power isn’t the only thing on Aidan’s mind He’s falling for the intoxicating Tomas an Incubus who offers everything Aidan desires For a priceAnd if that price burns the world down well Aidan is used to playing with Fire

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