Bringing Out the Dead A Screenplay Faber and Faber

Bringing Out the Dead A Screenplay Faber and Faber Screenplays This book is a strange but compelling read I didn't want to like it because the thought of EMT's and ER docs nurses being burned out numb to suffering death and stressed out to the point of not being able to sleep and using drugsalcohol to cope is not how I like to picture angels of mercy But Schrader got me hooked and I had to keep reading The humor that simmers beneath the surface helps this book along I had to smile at the idea of the old decrepit bus that just would not uit and the EMT who would yank the dispatcher's chain by making her call for him several times before finally answering and she knew he was doing it It takes a skillful hand to write about a field that is dead serious in a humorous way and not have it come off distasteful The screenplay for Martin Scorsese's most recent film starring Nicolas Cage a work of stunning power aobut a burned out New York paramedic who is hooked on the addictive thrill and terror of saving livesIn this surprisingly funny and very moving San Francisco Chronicle film based on Joe Connelly's acclaimed novel Martin Scorsese once again explored the dark streets of New York and the desperate lives of its inhabitants that he and screenwriter Paul Schrader had first confronted in their classic film Taxi Driver This time the focus of Schrader's blistering writing is a paramedic named Frank Pierce a man who has seen so many people die that he is caught between his compulsion to save lives and his fear and terror of losing them Haunted by the ghost of a young girl he inadvertently killed Frank and one of his partners bring an old man back to life even though they both know they should have let him die rather than prolong his agony While Frank is forced to watch the comatose man slowly fail he is drawn to the dying man's daughter Mary a sometime addict who first sees Frank as a possible savior before ultimately seeing him as a kind of killerHard edged yet insightful angry yet full of compassion for the fatally flawed Bringing Out the Dead is another tour de force by Schrader in which the harsh realities of urban life and one man's struggle with it are conveyed with an immediacy and force that are both riveting and deeply moving

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