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Destroyed The Knights of Ruin #2 Rating 35 starsI wanted something short and sexy and this author can write some hot steamy characters so I picked this one up Not disappointed “What’s mine stays mine And you’re mine baby girl You were mine the moment I took you out of the clubhouse”It was short and to the point but still managed to give us pretty well defined characters The trope is a bit cliché – virgin heroine runs from domineering father and fall in love with bad boy biker – but it was a decent novella It’s been done before but I still really liked it I would I have loved it as a full novel since there was so much potential for this couple I liked Summer even if she was a bit naïve and her logic was a bit uestionable and I liked Tiger even if he was OTT at times being all alpha I liked their chemistry I liked their sweet bonding moments and I liked that they both were 100% devoted to each other I could have done without this little gem “I’d done everything there was to do with a woman and it took a lot to get me off these days” Pretty please with a cherry on top don’t overshare about the Heroheroine’s sexual past It’s not romantic or impressive It robs the main couple of their something special and just sucks Would I recommend? Overall still a really good read It delivered what it promised a short uickie with plenty of heat I’m liking this DARE Harleuin line All the steamy goodness without so much of their typical drama SAFETY INFO view spoilerAges Summer is 22 and a virgin Tiger is 31Cheating NoneOMOW drama None Full Disclosure Summer first meets Tiger when she is 17 and he’s 26 He was her bodyguard for a few months They haven’t seen each other since So when they bump into each other again Tiger was with a club girl who he was planning to sleep with Nothing happens because he ends up saving Summer instead Through Tiger’s inner dialogue we learn about his manwhore ways prior to being with Summer It’s not overly descriptive and Summer is never really made aware of any of itSeparation NonePushPull Summer does try to push Tiger away but uickly realizes she’s trying to protect him in the wrong way They don’t even make it one day away from each other Main Pursuer of relationship It was mutual They both wanted the other and went for itPossible Triggers manwhore H overshare of sexual past including exhibitionism orgies and club girls Virgin h uick pace domestic abuse off page side characters and abusive parent on and off page h’s dad trust issues on page for the H because his mom up and left him when he was 16 years old Just packed up one day and left without a word and he caries those abandonment issues aroundHEAHFN Ends on a really cute HFN and an epilogue with them starting a new chapter in their life together hide spoiler Well this was a 4 star read up until that ending where she didn't even show a reunion between the hero and his mother and brother and the heroine and her mother By the end of the story they clear up that one mother left to give her son a better life and the other one left and didn't come back because the dad threatened to take the daughter away so she could never see her againand we don't get to see those reunions??? Seriously?? I hate when authors do that I don't care this was a Harleuin and has a word count limit I want my reunion Grrr Anyway other than that it was a sweet dirty talkin love story A uick read too I know it’s a biker book I know bikers are supposed to bang a lot of club whoresbut do we have to be constantly reminded of it? Tiger went on and on about his love of pussy blow jobs and orgys It made it REALLY hard to want him and the h to have any sort of relationshipAlso this plot it’s been done Many many timesDid I mention the h is a virgin?? It was a hair string plot with the very stereotypical biker and the virgin sheriff’s daughterTerrible Destroyed by Jackie Ashenden is the second story in her steamy biker club romance series Knights of Ruin It’s an insta lustinsta love romance with a woman in hiding and the man she turns to for protectionSummer Grant is hiding out from her controlling father the Sheriff of their town She has plans to go away to school and knows her father will do whatever he can to prevent that from happening Some years back her father had hired Jake ‘Tiger’ Clarke as a security guard for her when her family had been under an external threat Summer had developed a crush on Tiger but at sixteen she kept her feelings to herself A few years later she finds herself at the Knights of Ruin clubhouse with the notion that it’s the last place her father might look for her When a club member starts getting handsy with her it’s Tiger who comes to her aidTiger never looked twice at Summer when she was a teenager but she sure has blossomed into a beautiful and capable adult even if she is on the shy side Hiding her physically with his body sparks a flame between them one that neither wants to uench Tiger is willing to offer her his protection but will it lead to something ?For of this review please visit Harleuin Junkie copy of this story was provided by the publisher for review I freaking loved this short and delicious MC story The author revved the story instantly from the get go and made me want it and I was there for it I would have loved for this to be longer but what we got was a sexy as fuck biker hero who falls for the forbidden fruit who has had a crush on him since she was a girl YES oh it was good people 45 starsAlthough I gave the first book in this series Ruined a good star rating I made no secret that I was very annoyed with the editing I cannot express enough my relief that the editing was a million times better in this story Therefore I didn’t get pulled out of the story time after time which means I enjoyed the story all the Jackie Ashenden is uite seriously an ace at writing chemistry and heat She created a sex scene that didn’t contain any sex Tiger and Summer were completely clothed through the whole thing But it was so flipping hot I swear my Kindle overheated This author is truly a master at her craftIt’s the nature of a story of this length to have to rush a few thingshence the need for insta love Yet this story didn’t feel rushed But I do wish in some respects this was a longer book Tiger’s story is fascinating and I want to know Don’t get me wrong I didn’t feel this story was lacking at all It is a complete tale from A to Z with a satisfying conclusion I just really loved his back storyMs Ashenden has become a solid go to author for mehttpsallingoodtimeblogwordpressc Destroyed is Jackie Ashenden's second novel in the Knights of Ruin MC series and the second book that proves that not all of the Dare imprint novels are all hot sex and short on plot and character development because this book grabbed me from the very first page and was so good it kept me reading from start to finish until 330 am It's a pleasure to give it a 5 star ratingI've been reading Ms Ashenden since her Deacons of Bourbon Street MC novel which turned me into both a fan of her books and hooked me on MC romances and while I generally am not a fan of insta love insta lust romances Ms Ashenden made it work in this one Summer Grant daughter of the town sheriff someone we met and disliked in the first novel of this series and when Summer needs to hide from her emotionally abusive and controlling father she needs to hide in the place he'd last think to look for her the Knights of Ruin clubhouse where she arrives dressed for the part scantily clad and looking for Tiger the biker who was assigned as her bodyguard 5 years earlier when Summer was just 17 years old Unfortunately it's not Tiger who brings her inside it's another biker who's uite drunk and since it's party night at the club he takes her directly to his room expecting to get what all the biker gals freely offer raunchy sex Summer is a shy introverted virgin and it's her loud No that gets Tiger's attention He crashes through the door and tries to understand what she's doing there and why but since she's had a crush on him since he guarded her is traumatized by the way the drunken biker treated her she's so shaken she can barely speak Tiger finally manages to get her to explain why she came there and as we learned in the last book he's certainly no fan of either her father or her brother Summer has a genius level I and while in her final year of college was offered a great position for a mathematics whiz at a company in Silicon Valley a job she'd love but her controlling father told her in no uncertain terms that she's wasn't going anywhere and Summer who was never able to stand up for herself ran away and was planning to hide from her father until she boarded her flight to California several days away Tiger agrees to bring her to his home and keep her hidden but with one caveat she'll have to have sex with the hot and hunky biker who she crushed on years earlier Seeing no viable alternative she agrees to his terms and these two characters who outwardly seem as different as night and day slowly begin to discover that they have in common than was at first apparent But Keep the president of the Knights of Ruin has established a working relationship with Summer's father and expects his bikers to help find her when called to do so by the sheriff and lying to your club president and hiding the target of the search is very risky indeedYes you can expect lots of Jackie Ashenden's signature sizzling and erotic sex scenes that's what the Dare imprint is all about after all but Ms Ashenden manages to offer you than just hot sex and insta lust in this story she manages to draw you into the growing and revealing relationship between these two characters while giving you a deep understanding of what drives and motivates them as individuals and it's that care in developing the depth and breadth of these characters that sets both this novel and her previous Dare novel apart and miles above the other Dare novels I've read I voluntarily read an advance reader copy of this novel The opinions expressed are my own The chief of police's nerdy daughter Summer has a prestigious new job lined up but her father will hear none of it So she runs away to the last place she thinks her father will look for her the local biker haunt Here she reunites with Tiger the biker who had been her bodyguard for a while back when she was 17 She promises he can do anything he wants to her as long as he can keep her hidden from her father until it's time to leave Despite hating complications how can Tiger possibly say no?So positives I like how smart Summer is and how she is willing to do whatever it takes to get what she wants I also like her personal development how she ditches Tiger to stand up to her father on her ownWhat I wasn't so keen on was Tiger stupid name for a start although being a biker nickname is slight justification I guess Not sure I totally buy him not being able to read in this day and age and I don't know despite being told often enough how alpha male he is we don't see that much of him he's pretty emotional which for me didn't uite ring true to his set upThe time frame on this is a bit rushed I think the novel only spans a couple of days which makes the emotional build feel less convincing However I really like Summer and Tiger together they compliment each other despite their outward differences and clearly strengthen each other plus of course the great chemistry The other nice thing about this one is the fact that it goes back and forth between both summer and Tiger's POV's I do like the fact that we get to see the inner workings of both of themIf you like Biker herovirgin heroine trope romances this is a nice light sexy read “You’ll let me do whatever I want”How can he resistWhy would a hot as hell biker put everything on the line to help the police chief’s nerdy innocent and very off limits daughter Simple—Summer Grant is offering Jake “Tiger” Clarke something he can’t refuse her It means playing with deliciously wicked fire but Tiger is prepared to risk everything for what he really wants—even if it destroys them both AwesomeLoved it This was a great read as the over protected virgin daughter of the police chief runs to the local biker club to hide Well written and Summer and Tiger are awesome together Definitely a recommended read

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