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Reclaiming Your Calm Center Most people believe that they can't enjoy the peace and benefits of meditation because their minds are too active and distracting Few however understand the real underlying condition of our minds which the author describes as part of an epidemic of low grade PTSD post traumatic stress disorder This uniue book will give you surprising new insights about yourself and all the external and internal influences that have been affecting your mind It provides practical methods to help you find inner peace no matter what is going on around you Reclaiming Your Calm Center will take you on a journey into greater self knowledge that can radically change the way you see yourself and your world This book provides new answers and practical solutions to the following vital uestions Why are my issues and struggles still in my face after so many years of diligently working on myself What are the hidden reasons that growing numbers of people are suffering with chronic anxiety post traumatic stress disorder PTSD panic attacks OCD obsessive compulsive disorder and How can we free ourselves from these experiences and live confidently and joyfully from a place of inner calm For people who believe “I just can’t meditate” what are some simple and effective ways to go within and enjoy inner peace This book is organized into four sections • Weapons of Mass Distraction Explores the hidden reasons for the low grade post traumatic stress disorder that's causing an epidemic of personal stress and anxiety Understanding the real reasons for your unease and energy depletion is the first step in freeing yourself • From Healing Yourself to Self Mastery This section contains simple highly effective practices to reclaim your calm center even if you've failed at meditation before With just a few minutes a day these practices can make a huge difference in the clarity of your consciousness and your enjoyment of life This section will also supports experienced meditators who want to expand the benefits of their practice • Getting help – New Accelerated Methods for Healing Trauma Learn how new safe cutting edge therapies utilizing therapeutic color light and microcurrent techonology can produce rapid results if you're suffering from PTSD depression phobias chronic pain and panic attacks • Where to Go From Here Learn steps for living a passionate fulfilling life based in deep self knowledge

  • Kindle Edition
  • 273 pages
  • Reclaiming Your Calm Center
  • Darren Starwynn
  • 18 April 2015