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One More Round Gamer Boy #2 History doesn't have to repeat itselfOr does it GIALife was on track going greatAnd I couldn't have been happier But then he walks back inThe tall dark broody blast from my pastThe one that got awayOr shall I sayThe one I pushed awayDeleted from my console Now he's pushing the boundariesDemanding answersReady to bring the past to the presentFor a chance at a future SIMONAs a professional gamerI'm focused and detailedWeighing all of my options After she leftI was lostShatteredAnd thought it was game overFor meFor us But when I see her againThere's at stake than just a gameThis time I'm playing for keepsReady for One More Round This book can be read and understood as a standalone but does contain minor spoilers for Level Me Up book one in the series I loved this book It made me laugh at the group of friends with their witty comebacks and fun conversations cry a little over the heartbreak between Gia and Simon and angry at Gia for being so dumb and stupid I was also super excited to see glimpses of Dex and Morgans life who I fell in love with in the first book details to come Man I love Gia and SimonGia is a driven writerblogger and Simon is a professional gamer Both of them have amazing circles of friends and we were able to catch a glimpse of their strained relationship in Level Me Up I immediately closed Level Me Up and opened One More Round I HAD to know what happenedThe strain between them wasn't some sort of misunderstanding There was a legitimate reason for the tension and I loved being able to watch Simon and Gia try to find their friendship that they once had and take it into Simon also stands by her side to help Gia reveal a huge secret she's kept from those closest to her for way too longTheir friendshiprelationship was so believable and I could feel the pull between them I was rooting for them the entire wayOne of the subject lines in here deals with mental illness and anxiety Ms Helms does an amazing job portraying both in a realistic manner and giving us some insight into the ways this impacts a person AND the people around themI laughed because the characters were sarcastic and witty I teared up because I was heartsick for the characters The story was so well written and I can't wait to see what's in store for the rest of the group Ruby's book better be nextRead it You won't be disappointed Rating 35 starsHeat level Medium lowTrigger warnings Anxiety panic attacks bipolar disorderYou may remember I listened to the first book in the Gamer Boy series  Level Me Up last year I called it a sweet romance though on the tamer side for New Adult romances I also said it nicely laid the groundwork for books in the series and I was right As I hoped at the time this second book focuses on Morgan's friend Gia and Dex's teammate Simon who just so happen to know each other already Gia has a secret which only Simon happens to know and it's coming for herThe first uarter of the book was a bit awkward There was some recapping of the previous book in terms of some of the plot but not a lot about the characters themselves so it took me a while to remember who everyone was and what the dynamics were The blurb of this book says reading the first book isn't necessary but I think it would help I'm sure Simon for a start was physically described in the first book but he's only really described in terms of clothing and manliness in this one so I honestly have no idea how to picture him in my head and I refuse to use the cover model as a guide because he looks far too old for 25But almost exactly at the 25% mark on my Kindle things started getting interesting The iciness between Gia and Simon started to really melt there and the heat between them took over One More Round definitely upped the heat levels from Level Me Up and the chemistry between these two was actually stronger than the bubblegum romance between Morgan and Dex That being said while there were some interesting sexy scenes in this book it was never all that graphic Lauren is one to watch for those of you who like your romances on the cleaner sideA big worry for me pretty early on was the inclusion of mental health issues Gia has general anxiety with the occasional panic attacks This was all good and actually welcome I loved how Simon could so easily spot the signs of a panic attack and made an effort to help Gia calm down even when he was upset He put her first and it was heartwarming But that's not the big mental health thing Someone else in Gia's past has bipolar disorder and this person is effectively a villain for a big part of the book which is really sad I mean I know that this does happen and I understand that mental illnesses are fun for the people suffering or the people around them I also know how cruel people can be both with and without mental illnesses Luckily there is some resolution to this issue some sign of things improving in the end which allowed me to relax on this front while readingThe writing in this one was a bit stilted especially with freuently shifting verb tenses I listened to the audio of the first so I can't directly compare the two but it's entirely possible that this is just the author's style and the narration simply smoothed things over for me a bit Alternatively I did read an ARC so maybe this will be ironed out before publication? We'll see But yeah I think this is a case of a promising author who is still working on her craftOnce I got over the first 25% I was really engaged in this romance It wasn't too angsty with friendship and humour and plenty of sexiness to balance out the heavy bits I look forward to the next book – obviously about Link and Ruby duh – and seeing Lauren Helms grow as an authorI voluntarily read and reviewed an advanced copy of this book All thoughts and opinions are my own Level Me Up may have been Dex and Morgan's journey into relationship bliss but it was the undercurrents that Gia and Si set off that had me wondering One More Round delves into the history of Simon and Gia The friendship heartache and secrets help to unite them yet ultimately proved the catalyst that drove them apart Helms has a talent for keeping readers guessing even as she leaves them craving Another example of prime reading

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  • One More Round Gamer Boy #2
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  • 19 June 2016

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