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The Wisdom Of Silenus A chapbook of a short story by Lewis Richmond a new voice in Weird Fiction This will please fans of Thomas Ligotti Jon Padgett Scott Nicolay and Christopher Slatsky This is a warm up for an upcoming collection by RichmondLimited to 33 copies

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    The Wisdom of Silenus is a story excerpted from an upcoming collection from new author Lewis Richmond The story is full of strange night time visitors bizarre transformations and somnambulist descents into darknessIs the universe a stable construct? What is real and what isn't ? Is reality nothing than an absurd lie ? This is a point pondered in this short story that will be enjoyed by readers of the weird If you enjoyed Jon Padgett’s The Secret of Ventrilouism then this story may fall into your pleasure domeSeilenos was the old rustic god of wine making and drunkenness He was depicted as a jovial old man hairy bodied and balding with a pot belly snub nose and the ears and tail of an ass He rode in the train of Dionysos seated on the back of a donkeyIf interested Dunhams Manor Press has a small print run of this story at a uite reasonable price

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    Something ominous hangs in the air as our protagonist is invited by Mr Blackwood his former philosophy colleague who left the university under strange circumstances 3 years before to visit He is introduced to a tome which shares it’s title with the story Within are details of the existence of a mystic being A pessimistic philosophy is building momentum and not just in the mind of Mr Blackwood The unsettling atmosphere of the story was painted clearly by the prose This was done well I am anticipating the author’s forthcoming collection which will contain this piece along with many

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    A path of wisdom through darkness A darkness we always ask ourselves is it real or was it ever Shadows that follow you to the end of your time Lewis Richmond’s prose opens up doors in realms untouched until now And this is only a snippet story from the entire collection as I shall get as wellGreat piece

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    Lewis Richmond's The Wisdom of Silenus is one scary story Dr Blackwood the central figure in this disturbing little gem is a teacher who has lost his ability to walk and also lost his wife in a car accident He develops a philosophy of disillusionment and without revealing what is really frightening about the story and the narrator takes in his philosophy As things continue the narrator becomes and mesmerized by what is in the book that Blackwood gives him and celebrates as the text the truth etcThis turns out to to be a defining moment in the story along with the mention of the Greek God Silenus The best for you is to either not to be born at all; and next to that it is better to die than to live This has a shadowy funhouse feel about it and I would absolutely recommend it to anyone who enjoys Poe or the horror genre in general

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    Man what a solid read the sis incredibly well written and carries with it a dialogue reminiscent of William Sloane or Shirley Jackson Really looking forward checking out the full novel this is from

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