The Shadows I Followed A Phoenix Rises eBook ☆ I

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    Exceptional story that was a very interesting and thought provoking Very well written and I highly recommend

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    This was a great part two from This Shadow Follows Me I thought it answered a lot of uestions I had from book one I thought this novel was actually better than the first novel It was very mature This novel really was a needed story to show the strength that is needed for these characters I am not going to give anything away but I cried a lot and mostly tears of joy Thank you for this part two I am going to put this out there but I want a part three

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    The life and times of Alec as he seeks a balance between himself and the shadows he follows

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The Shadows I Followed A Phoenix Rises This Shadow Follows Me was a story about Alec imposing his own terms on life or accepting what life offers himBy popular demand the story continues in The Shadows I Followed Alec Andrews is back and the life he thought he would always lead has been turned upside down Alec’s story is fraught with hard life changing decisions and intense drama Like all shadows they tend to follow us no matter what life bringsAlec’s story will bring the reader to understand that there is a way out of self destructive behaviors past mistakes and abuse In a world that seems to be tearing him down will Alec find a way to crawl out of the shadows and see the light Anyone who has dealt with overcoming adversity will be able to identify with Alec’s story and help find their own answers