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Sirius Loved this book What a great little dog I really enjoyed the Hollywood scenes Sirius was a random library find and I’m so happy I grabbed it off the display as soon as I saw the dog Dogs WWII history how could I not? AND it had a Hans Fallada referenceThis book was delightfully uirky and charming and I don’t think I’ll forget a little fox terrier named Sirius anytime soon “Perhaps a person isn’t even aware of what they dream until one day their eyes open and they see that life itself is simply dreamlike?” LeviSiriusHerculesHansi goes through a series of adventures taking him from a dangerous and deadly Berlin in 1938 to filming westerns in Hollywood to Hitler’s lap literally It’s a wild ride and the reader gets to see history through the eyes of a clever little dog Elements are the story are far fetched and sometimes the horrors are told with slight nonchalance but it works It shows how despite war the world continues to go on around it You fight and try to survive and hold on to what love and happiness you canI liked the translation of the book The language is simple but meaningful direct but lovely I also love that the characters make no apologies for themselves or their personalities they just are I’m happy I discovered this gem and I'm sad it's over This book is a must for dog lovers I have a few people who will receive this book as a gift as I know they will be unable to resist LeviSiriusHerculesHansiin all his roles he is certainly the star that his second name implied It is as light hearted a romp as possible when the subject is a Jewish family in the toxic Germany of the Hitler era But as any true dog lover will tell you the joy that a dog can bring his or her people is impossible to measure The novel is set from the early days of Hitler through the end of WWII and the setting goes primarily between Berlin and Hollywood Those interested in the Hollywood of the 30's and 40's will appreciate the stars that people Sirius's life in Hollywood and those interested in WWII Germany will likewise find the German villains who Sirius encounters fascinating and human than the history books can portray This perspective of those years through the eyes of an amazing dog who was privy to glamour riches poverty and war is one that the reader will remember A cute story with all the major events of this time period covered by Sirius in his own doggy way It was written in a uniuely simple way that made me engage with the story straight away I enjoyed every second of Sirius' tale and hoped especially for a happy ending It was different reading about these events from this uniue stand point I highly recommend trying this book as it is the author's first and definitely worth a go Four stars SIRIUS is an easy to read whimsical book about a smart little Jewish doggie who experiences all kinds of adventure while trying to make sense of the world around him during WWII He escapes Nazi Germany with his Jewish family and lives a celebrated life in Hollywood until unforeseen circumstances land him back in Berlin alone and at the foot of the Fuhrer The book’s writing style is uncomplicated yet uniue Because I haven’t read many translated works I’m not sure if the “uniueness” I experienced was due to the translation from German or to a literary style common in that country The scenes and chapters play out in short bursts as short as one or two paragraphs in many cases and jump freuently from one POV to another which made it a speedy read Some sentences struck me as odd and I had to re read them This most likely was due to the translation; for example the word “giggle” is used in several places where I believe “chuckled” or “smirked” might have been fitting word choices in the contextThe writing style is not flowery or literary yet the story does get mildly philosophical at times SIRIUS also has many brief passages that paint vivid pictures of the time and place which I enjoyed uite a bit Here’s just one example of the latter“Berlin the city of gray stumbles toward summer like a prisoner finally released from his sad cell praising God that he is able to see the blue sky again after so long Hungry for sunshine Greedy for exercise Gasping for fresh air Thirsty for beer”While the book definitely touched upon some of the ugliest parts of Hitler’s directives it was never overly graphic or dark If you enjoy light hearted historical fiction and novels that include a dog’s perspective you will enjoy SIRIUS Fun historical what if featuring the most charming lead of all clever terrier Sirius fka Levi aka Hercules Film and circus star war hero all around good boy Maybe the best boy This book is a delight whether you love dogs or not Sirius was delightfully witty entertaining and touching Sirius captivated my heart with his loyalty courage and childlike wisdom The book revolves around his perspective and the family he belongs to as they flee from their home and find new careers and lives in California Their story is a series is one of fast paced adventure full of coincidences and unusual circumstances The book balances a portrayal of the Nazi regime with elements of humor and sarcasm in a charming wayWhen their worlds change including the world of Sirius their names change to represent their change in roles From Levi to Sirius to Hercules to Hansi he embarks on an adventure that asks him who he truly is and where his home is Sirius and his family remain loyal throughout their lives and journey to find a home that reuires the power of dedication and the flexibility to adapt to new circumstances full review I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Netgalley This story is just so cute I want to rub it's little belly World War II through a dog's eyes What a uniue and uirky idea It could have gone really wrong in the hands of a different writer but Crown managed to tell this tale in a very engaging and interesting manner It would have been very easy to make this saccharin sweet and downright ridiculous but Crown made it really charming and even fun This is a historical fiction novel with a strong emphasis on fiction There's a lot of suspension of disbelief but if you can get past that I think you'll really enjoy Sirius' story Highly recommended to any dog loving historical fiction fanI received this copy via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review I received an advance reader's copy of this book in exchange for an honest reviewI wanted to like this book I was even sure I'd enjoy it But when you're 30% in and you're tempted to give up because it has taken weeks to get to that point something is off Maybe my expectations were too high after reading a book like The Art of Racing in the Rain but I simply couldn't get into Sirius Here's whyOne of the reasons I wanted to read Sirius was because its central character is a dog I'm always curious to see how an author shows the world through non human eyes and while a bit of that was achieved in this book it fell short of its full potential I've read books with many non human characters and I always find it fascinating when they share their beliefs and philosophies from the perspective of their species That was one thing I didn't get from Sirius Our little fox terrier felt like a human in a dog's body and while there can certainly be similarities between human and non human thought Crown overdid it in this bookAnother thing I didn't like about Sirius was how well everything worked out for him Somehow he was always at the right place with the right people doing the right thing at the right time There were small peaks of struggle from time to time but the dog is always well received by everyone Nobody uestions how he could be so smart or how he understands every human conversation and responds appropriately I think that was one thing that irked me nobody uestioned it and simply accepted it as is He was a dog and he was adorable why uestion anything?If Sirius was too perfect the other characters were too flat I sympathized with what they went through but none of them felt real enough for me to care aboutMy experience with Sirius may have been positive if I picked it up expecting an MG depiction of WWII through the eyes of a dog There were moments when the book tried to be comedic and I can see children appreciating its humour There were even nuggets of wisdom to pick up here and there I enjoyed the latter 5 10% of the book but I don't think it was worth the struggle it took for me to get there Other readers may have a completely different experience If the synopsis makes you curious enough to read it do so If you have other books that are interesting you won't miss much by bypassing this one ¿Cómo puede un perrito encantador alterar el rumbo de la Historia mundialUna hilarante y atrevida novela sobre el nazismo y un homenaje a la época dorada del cine a través del original testimonio de su peludo protagonistaBerlín 1938 Sirius un astuto fox terrier disfruta de una tranuila vida perruna junto a los Liliencron una familia judía; hasta ue una noche el cachorro es testigo de uno de los capítulos más sombríos de la historia alemana la Noche de los Cristales RotosLa familia decide entonces refugiarse en Estados Unidos donde Sirius se convierte en toda una estrella de la época dorada del cine y se codea con las más respetables celebridades de Hollywood desde Rita Hayworth Billy Wilder y John Wayne hasta Marlene Dietrich y Cary Grant Sin embargo el mundo de la farándula es una montaña rusa y Sirius acaba de gira con el esperpéntico y popular Circo Barnum Entre forzudos fieras e ilusionistas la carrera de este artista canino es un cohete pero un día un truco de magia sale mal y aparece de vuelta en Berlín esta vez en el seno de una familia naziSerá entonces cuando se convierta en el confidente del Führer# ¿o tal vez de la resistencia

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