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  • Hardcover
  • 301 pages
  • Good as Gone
  • Amy Gentry
  • Norwegian
  • 19 October 2016

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Good as GoneAbsolutely hated this book really ZERO stars What a jumbled mess Alternating chapters between a first person narrative by a mother and then a third person narrative told chronologically backward and then overlycomplicated by a hodge podge of different names for the same character Some reviews indicate there is a twist at the end but I did not really view it as such; they explain what happened but it felt fairly tritemundane in my opinionVery poorly written in my view; I don't understandwhy this is getting any good reviews Da Julie er tretten år gammel blir hun kidnappet og bortført Familien er dypt rystet men klarer likevel å beholde håpet om at Julie vil en dag komme tilbake Plutselig en kveld mange år senere ringer det på døra Utenfor står en ung kvinne som introduserer seg selv som Julie Den savnede jenta er mirakuløst tilbake igjen og familiens lykke kjenner ingen grenser Men snart begynner Julies mor Anna mot sin vilje å tvile på om jenta virkelig er deres savnede datter Hun prøver å undertrykke følelsene sine men det går ikke og da hun oppsøkes av en privat etterforsker som interesser seg for saken starter en smertefull søken etter sannheten I'm going to start this by saying that this is one of the best books I've read in a while Yes I'm a suspense junkie but I thought this one was especially well done If ever I find myself trying to piece things together as I go and feel like I just can't uite figure it out I know it's something that I enjoy Good as Gone is the story of Julie a girl who was kidnapped from her home as a child and her family As the events of Julie's disappearance unfold around them their bonds as a family are uestions as well as their own personal identities and motives What does it mean to be a family? What does it mean to even be yourself when being you isn't easy? If you like suspense novels this one is fast paced and easy to get through I finished it in a couple nights and found it truly hard to put down I liked the shifting of perspectives as I felt it allowed me to get a better glimpse into what everyone was feeling Even if given a single perspective option I think I'd still prefer to do it as the author did It never felt forced or awkward or confusing only highly enjoyable What did I think? I really did love this book It'll go to the top of my list in regards to books I recommend and it'll be hard to top when choosing my next book I thought the characters were fantastically multi faceted and if staying up until 2am reading is any proof of a good book then this one passes that test Who should read it? If you enjoy suspense novels or stories of kidnappings then I recommend this one for you It's not action packed necessarily a reverse telling of a truly life changing event I was provided with a copy of this book in order to conduct this honest review WEBSITE | TWITTER | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM I had heard really good things about this book but it ended up being a waste of time I felt no connection to any of the characters and I didn't feel any connection between the characters themselves The writing used too many plot devices and ended up really choppy The way the story was set up re Julie from the beginning made it hard for me to be invested in her at all Nothing in this book rang true for me and it ended up falling flat 35 At the age of thirteen Julie is believed to be kidnapped at knife point by an unknown stranger The only witness her younger sister Jane hidden in a closet Eight years later she returns with a story about being imprisoned by the leader of a drug cartel? But is any of this true? Anna her mother begins to have doubts is this really her daughter? Her husband has no doubts and welcomes back his lost daughter unreservedlyI really liked how this book was set up kept me guessing going one way and then another Suspenseful realistic I thought with the involvement of social media Things we see weekly on the news The stress on the family the somewhat neglected younger daughter and her bitterness all rang true Still I could not understand why the police were not involved didn't try to get to the bottom of Julie's story that struck me as unrealistic Though it was suspenseful I did want to know what was going on and the author did good job maneuvering the reader through the various threads Will than likely read this authors next bookARC from publisher Good as Gone by Amy Gentry is a 2016 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt publication This novel is deeply consuming and thought provoking At the age of thirteen Julie is kidnapped while her sister Jane watches from her hiding place Her parents Tom and Anna struggle for years caught in the limbo between hope and the reality of Julie’s probable death which Jane pulls out of the stops just trying to live up to her sister’s mythological perfect just trying to be noticed But when Julie suddenly reappears the apparent victim of sexual abuse a trafficking the family is once thrown into an unusual tailspin as hope once contrast with disturbing information about Julie’s sudden return and the truth of how and why she was kidnapped For Anna the only way to reestablish a relationship with Julie and hopefully heal the rift with Jane someday will be to uncover the grim truth not matter what that might be Once again we have the ‘Gone GirlGirl on a Train’ comparison from the publisher and once again I’m going to tell you to blow that off This is a solid and compelling psychological thriller very moody and atmospheric and emotional I was impressed by some of the uniue tactics the author used to weave the complex tale of Julie’s past together but the switches in time and directions occasionally jarred I also guessed some of the plot twists before they were revealed but could not have worked out all the details and so it didn’t diminish my enjoyment of the book This is an effective and compelling read and is a notable debut I will definitely read books by this author 35 stars The first twenty four hours after Julie's reappearance are oddly similar to the first twenty four hours after her disappearance a mirror symmetry that lends extra significance to every detail Julie was taken from her home when she was 13 years old Her younger sister June was in a closet and was the only witness June didn't move from that closet for about three hours Eight years later Julie comes back 21 years old she literally shows up on the doorstep It's assumed Julie had been sold to a human trafficking ring then to some drug lord Other than a little dehydrated and not having eaten much in daysShe seems fine all things considered one of the detectives told Julie's parents She's in shock and needs to see a therapist So therapy is part of the immediate plans To get through the first week Julie's mother takes her shopping She doesn't know what else to do with the 21 year old woman who shows up to replace her missing 13 year old daughter As you might image adjusting to the happiness of having their daughter home is actually traumatic Normal routines just don't feel normal Jane is in collegebut is home She is taller than her older sister There is suppressed communications from each of the family members Andsomething is very fishySomething is 'off' Is Julie even their daughter? The mystery storytelling will keep you turning pages I was tucked under my covers during the dark uiet hours 'having' to know what the hell was going on I had an idea things were not as they seemed however I did not at all guess the theme from where this story grew It was damn interesting I'm still thinking about it The author did something at the beginning of the book though which I can't decide if I see it as a strength or a flaw I know I thought about it certainly it was a choice She didn't go much into vivid details of how deeply the family members were emotionally affected from the inconceivable and debilitating shock during their 8 years Julie was gone Rather the story moved rather uickly into the 'return' of Julie And then it's a mystery ridewho? what? when? and why?It's GOOD uick read keeps you thinkingThank You Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Netgalley and Amy Gentry Find all of my reviews at is a prime example of why uality Goodreads friends are so important The blurb states “Good as Gone will appeal to fans of Gone Girl and The Girl on the Train” Which pretty much causes this sort of reaction by me Lucky for me I saw Bonnie’s review instead of that crapSo what’s this one all about??? “The statistics say that most abducted children are taken by people they know; Julie was taken by a stranger The statistics say that most child abductors attempt to lure their victims into a vehicle; Julie was taken from her own bedroom at knifepoint in the middle of the night while my other daughter Jane watched from a closet And finally the statistics say that three uarters of abducted children who are murdered are dead within the first three hours of being taken Three hours is just about how long we think Jane sat in her closet rigid with fear before rousing Tom and me with panicked crying By the time we knew Julie was gone her fate was sealed” There’s the basics If you think this sounds like a regurge of the details of Elizabeth Smart’s kidnapping you’re correct Up to the point where “And just like that the worst unhappens Julie is home” Eight years later with tales of being sold to a human trafficking ring and later to a drug lordAnd that’s all you get because spoilers aren’t cool All I can say is I’m pretty hard to please when it comes to mysterythrillers and find the majority of them to be uite meh That wasn’t the case with this one I read it in one sitting and couldn’t stop turning pages 35 Stars rounded up ARC provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Thank you NetGalley GOOD AS GONE by author Amy Gentry is a female psychological thriller set in Texas It is the story of a kidnapping of a thirteen year old girl Julie from her bedroom in the middle of the night while her younger sister Jane witnessed the episode from her closet This book is an emotional journey into a mother daughter relationship faced by tragedy It is a short read at 288 pages“Julie and the strange man moved together in slow motion as if his long arm and hairy hand were a chain binding them together The man held the tip of a long sharp knife to her back”The story is told through multiple POV’s the mother Anna and daughters Jane and Julie “And that is the story of how I lost my daughter both my daughters everything everything in a single night”Her family was devastated but hoping that Julie is still alive And then one night the doorbell rings when they are sitting down for dinner Julie is at the doorshe is home eight years later But Anna has her doubtsand has to face them It appears that Julie was sold to a human trafficking ring then to a drug lordThen Anna is contacted by a private investigator Alex Mercado who feels there are inconsistencies in Julie’s story she gave to the police Now Anna must search for the truth about the woman who says she is her daughterThe reasons I didn't give this novel 5 stars is because I felt the ending was a little rushed and also I would have like the character of Jane to be fleshed out Overall I enjoyed reading this book and look forward to reading from this authorMany thanks to Amy Gentry Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and NetGalley for an ARC in exchange for an honest review Things are not always as they seemTom and Anna's daughter Julie is kidnapped from their home at knifepoint 8 years ago when she was 13 years old They think she's gone forever until one day she shows up on their doorstep Is it really her? Could she just come back on her own after all these years? The author weaves a tale of Anna trying to chase down the truth of what happened to her daughter where she's been and who is responsible The story is told from different points of view as the disappearance is peeled back in layersJust when you think you know where the author is taking you you are taken in a completely different direction one I did not expect This book absolutely keeps you guessing till the endHighly recommend

About the Author: Amy Gentry

Amy Gentry is the bestselling author of two novels of suspense GOOD AS GONE 2016 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt and LAST WOMAN STANDING 2019 Houghton Mifflin Harcourt as well as TORI AMOS'S BOYS FOR PELE a book of music criticism in the 33 13 series Her writing and criticism has appeared in the Chicago Tribune Austin Chronicle Paris Review Salon LA Review of Books and the Best Food Writ