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Scavenger Reef This is tough I wasn't crazy about this book at all but I am also definitely not the target audience for this bookI pick this book up for a challenge otherwise I would have never picked it up and I probably will never read another book in the series not that it was bad it just was not for me there was a lot of character development and generally I like that in a book but these were very unrelatable characters for me The only character I could kind of relate to was the wife but other than that not so much I did find it kind of interesting that Augies work as an artist was worth if he was dead rather than alive doesn't say much for becoming an artist The book also made me realize how far audiobooks have come this was recorded in 1998 the sound uality today is just so much better and the performance expectation as well While I expected a kitschy light read similar to Sunburn what I got was a jumbled cast of characters that I could barely keep straight and a mystery that I didn't care all that much about solving Nina and Augie's story was somewhat engaging but the supporting cast and the rest of the details were mostly cliched and silly Everything wrapped up very uickly at the end and the twist if you could even call it that really fell flat I will probably try another book by this author at some point with the hope that this was just a weak installment The basic story of Scavenger Reef is that a painter is lost at sea and is presumed dead Friends and associates who have some of his paintings start to realize they have a windfall in the value of paintings he's given them When the painter turns up alive it turns out that someone is trying to kill him to protect and realize the windfallThis is all written by an expert in South Florida style comedy and the action is replete with all that should make you expect such as mafia goons holding characters over auarium tanks containing hammerhead sharks because they haven't paid their loan sharks All in all I should love this story I remember loving it when I read itThe thing is I almost abandoned it during the re read The pacing is terrible Almost a half of the book fritters away thinking the painter is dead That's by far the less interesting part of the story A good argument can be made that you should start with the return of the painter and fill in the backstory Instead it felt like it dragged on forever It picked up and I'm glad that I finished it especially since I plan to continue with the series but it is weaker from initial slowness I started this the day before I was leaving for a week in Key West the trip was WAY better than the bookA bunch of screwball characters with a mediocre plot nothing to write home about When Augie Silver disappeared at sea during a sudden storm it was a loss felt initially by his young wife and by his crew of drinking cronies When word of his apparent drowning extended beyond the Key West world Augie had made his home however his loss was felt by a greater number of people For Augie Silver was a painter or precisely an artist waiting for recognition And his death proved to be the event necessary to turn a lifetime of eccentricity into a career of genius Suddenly Augie was hot While his wife Nina continued to mourn his friends began to awaken to the realization that all those paintings Augie had given them over the years might have been worth holding on to In fact according to the New York art dealer who was also Augie's agent they might be worth a whole lot So when Augie returns from the dead having been shipwrecked on an island off Cuba it is with somewhat mixed emotions that he is welcomed home His wife is jubilant but all those who had read dollar signs in Augie's obituary aren't too sure how happy they are to have him back especially since each of them seems to need an influx of cash in the worst way And when mysterious things start happening to Augie little accidents that seem less than accidental he's not too sure how happy he is to be back either With the help however of his wife and their fiercely loyal houseboy Reuben the Cuban Augie fights for his life a second time around while seeking out the would be killer From the author of Florida Straits a critically acclaimed story of suspense also set in Key West Scavenger Reef is a funny dark and vastly entertaining novel all about life death and the stages in between written with wit and charm and filled with unforgettable characters A bit too much fillerAlthough I enjoyed the read it seems to have a great deal of added bulk finally I started skipping over pages of somewhat droll fill Overall I enjoyed the story just a bit to filled out okay not greatHope #3 in series is better Just OK Tedious boring and dullI read the first book in this series and liked it This one was beyond boring It took everything in me to push through and finish what was the most boring book I've read in years The storyline plodded along at the pace of a sedated sloth Do yourself a favor and skip on to the next book I'm not giving up on the series so I'll update this review after book 3 Florida humor in the group with Dave Barry Not environmental like Carl Hiaasen and lighter than Tim Dorsey

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Laurence Shames has been a New York City taxi driver lounge singer furniture mover lifeguard dishwasher gym teacher and shoe salesman Having failed to distinguish himself in any of those professions he turned to writing full time in 1976 and has not done an honest day’s work sinceHis basic laziness notwithstanding Shames has published than twenty books and hundreds of magazine artic

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