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Persephone From Kickstarter In his ancient hymns Homer tells us of the unyielding Lord of the Dead who kidnapped the innocent daughter of Demeter He tells us uite a bit in fact for someone who wasn’t therePersephone is no tragic victim but a kind young woman held in place by her overbearing mother A failed scheme by Apollo leads her to a chance encounter with the humorless Hades who is struck by love’s arrow Now he must wrestle with his aching heart before he loses control entirelyNot that the infatuated Persephone has any complaints regarding Hades' plight As desire blooms between the secluded goddess of the harvest and the ruler of the underworld the world changes both above and belowAllison Shaw creator of comics Far to the North and Tigress ueen drew on her passion for mythology and ear for modern dialogue to create an updated myth for a mature audience She wished to offer to her readers a feminist and sensual take on the story which has grown and popular over the years thanks to its themes of change rebirth and growth 3 StarsReviewI had been searching for a graphic novel about Hades and Persephone something with a sweet romance rather than a dark erotic one when I stumbled upon the Kickstarter campaign for this the exact thing I was looking for But even though I did like some things about this I ended up being disappointed I liked how this authorartist kept the same general story but made it into her own version with little twists and variations I love the idea of good guy Hades and of his romance with Persephone being a healthy respectful one I didn't love the idea of them only falling in love because of Eros's arrows but the arrows made for pretty art at least And it was pretty art There wasn't much detail at least not in the background usually but I liked the style and the colors used Hades was like a beautiful dark old school romance novel cover model My problem though was that it was so short and rushed that there wasn't any depth or chance to explore the relationship emotions or even the characters But overall this was a sweet albeit simplified retelling of Hades and Persephone with pretty artwork Original Review Metaphors and Moonlight 35 starsThis was short but cute I’m a sucker for illustrated myths This was a BEAutiful little book I’d read it again to just get lost in the artwork Story was light and fluffy and adult than the art style would belay at points Would recommend for a uick read which is nice and fluffy Very cute and endearingNot uite a 5 star read though Just not enough substance for that but this is a book I will re read and delight in the gorgeous artwork and fluffy light hearted story Always anything with Greek gods is a plus in my book This is a truly sweet comic that does an excellent job translating traditional myths to a modern story The characters were all fleshed out very nicely Even in a slim story Shaw was able to capture the essence of these classic mythological characters The artwork was simple but beautiful I loved the use of a limited color palette throughout the book Unfortunately I feel like large portions of the plot were missing The story progressed at such a breakneck pace that I felt rushed just reading it While I can appreciate brevity this work should have been twice as long to accommodate all aspects of the story it was trying to tell 35 ⭐Super cute version of Hades and Persephone myth this couple always melts my heart I also love the artist's uniue style and the color palette Unfortunately I found it a bit too short for all the different themes and characters that were introduced it felt rushed and things definitely escalated too uicklyObviously recommended to greek mythology fans and those who seek a bit of romance in life Adorable sweet cute etc etc etcThe classic myth retold as a fluffy romance I wasn't expecting much depth but actually a whole host of side characters came across as very fleshed out in a very short space of time I especially liked Eros Thanatos and Mynthe I was also worried it looked slightly simplistic but it's a lovely balance of simple and stylistic Why are there not Persephone and Hades adaptions in the world One of my favorite pairingsThis was very cute and the art was beautiful I love when comics have such a strong color scheme It got a little steamy in some places but nothing too crazy All in all I loved it and I wish there was originally reviewed at thelibraryladiescom Ever since I was a kid I’ve been completely taken with the Persephone and Hades myth I’m not sure if it’s because Hades is the original Depressive Demon Nightmare Boy or that I’ve always loved the idea of a ueen of the Dead but their romance and part time joint rule of the Underworld is one of my favorite pieces of mythology As such I’m always looking for adaptations of it Sadly I haven’t really found many to my liking outside of a few children’s stories side note if you have recommendations send them my way and it saddens me that the myth is a bit underappreciated But that’s why I wanted to spotlight “Persephone” by Allison Shaw because the moment I started reading I knew that I was going to really enjoy what was done to the characters that I love so muchThe story that Shaw makes takes influence from the original Greek mythologies and updates them a bit to be shall we say less problematic than the source material While it’s important to remember the historical and cultural context at the heart of these stories the idea of a guy kidnapping a woman and making her his bride doesn’t sit well any even if it’s all a metaphor for growing up and leaving home for a new family AND the changing of the seasons So Shaw makes Persephone not only the main character but Hades conflicted about his attraction to her thanks in part to an errant arrow from Eros as he doesn’t think that she would be happy with him in the Underworld Persephone too approaches their romance in a different way as her infatuation slowly grows and is VERY real by the time she and Hades disappear while a domineering Demeter panics Side note even as a kid I thought it was strange that Demeter was SO overprotectivecontrolling of her grown daughter and found it creepy that she’d stop things from growing in a blackmail effort to get her kid back; I’m glad that authors of newer adaptations are willing to point out that this too takes away Persephone’s agency and has it’s own toxicity about it Their characterizations are also uite strong and you get a sense of their motivations and personalities pretty easily She is bubbly and optimistic and kind and he is sarcastic and dour and a bit lonely and the differences round each other out well The romance is very cute as it builds and yes it’s also pretty damn sexy There is a reason this book is described as ‘mature’ It transforms original moments of potential violation in the original story and turns them into moments of very intentional consent with very shall we say steamy results Now I’m not one who reads that much romance fiction but I know good smut when I see it and for the most part “Persephone” has good smut There’s one moment that seems a bit tacked on as an afterthought but who am I to complain about love scenes within a love story especially if they’re between one of my favorite fictional couples of all timeThere are also VERY fun references to other Greek myths and characters from a lecherous and obnoxious Apollo being a creep to a determined Artemis taking Persephone under her wing to a snarky Eros who is dealing with his own conflicted feelings about Psyche and oh can we please PLEASE get an adaptation of that one next IT’S MY SECOND FAVORITE GREEK MYTH Persephone and Hades have interactions with all of these characters and act in ways that seem totally true to how their characters would act I do wish that the story had been longer so that we could have had even exploration of all of these characters but I think that it’s better to be left wanting than to feel like a story is slogging along at a snail’s paceAnd finally I really loved the art work and the character designs From Persephone’s voluptuous frame to the fact that Hades has his own speech bubble type I thought that artwork was uniue and fit the tone of the storyI greatly enjoyed what Allison Shaw did with the Hades and Persephone myth “Persephone” was a sweet and satisfying adaptation of a myth that I have always held dear to my heart Short and sweet with a great spin on the classic myth I never thought I would find this relationship cute a relationship that normally starts with rape but here we are Really hard to get a hold of a copy but I was able to borrow it from a friend

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