10 thoughts on “How to Write a Book That Doesn't Suck and Will Actually Sell The Ultimate No BS Guide to Writing a Kick Ass Non Fiction Book

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    There are a few useful tips here though the snarky comments about other authors are rude and unnecessary not helped by the constant references to left brained people being anal I found this especially tacky in a book that's supposed to be about helping people with their writing something that should be handled with tact and sensitivityNot recommended

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    GIVEAWAY WINThis was a really easy and fast read He did have some interesting ideas for research and getting started but he was VERY repetitive Despite that I really enjoyed his writing He is down to earth and funnyI did find it a bad sign that he has a section dedicated to using a copy editor since there were uite a few spelling and grammar errors as well as just plain words missing in sentences in the book

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    Not at all what I had expected It sucked big time

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    Holy I'm writing this review because the author has done exactly what he has set out to do within the parameters of this book and for me this book alone because I now know what it is the author was trying to accomplish by writing this book make a buck This does make one a writer Sure there is some valuable information here that's almost a given I do take some offense to the fact that throughout this little ditty the author refers to these steps if followed will make your dream of becoming a writer come true Although I have embellished the hell out of that phrase that is the impression he gives Again a writer this book does not makeAlso stated in the bulk of this tome is the fact that if you follow these tips then geez never will you have a need to do any marketing the damn thing will just sell Great what the author has indeed done here with this book is market himself and this book will sell because of that marketing Most of it is because of the title that's why I bought itbecause of the way it was marketed through the title my curiosity was peaked Again this book does not a writer make Simply because it is now so very easy to publish a book through so many available outlets does not mean most people should do it Because you can does not make it a good idea

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    A great little book I've read three times now It is full of great ideas tips and tricks for writing your book making a good cover crafting a great title and While reading this book I found myself shaking my head in agreement as well as laughing out loud It will entertain you as well as enlighten you If you are easily offended by the occasional swear word or straight forward language I would look else where Although I simply ignore it and extract the principles being taught others many have trouble with this

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    This is a very interesting book written in a very interesting style This is not a book about how to write but a book about what to write about It discusses strategically how to work out what to write and how to arrange what uestions a book should answer and a what order it should answer them inIt’s straight to the point and no frills In fact this book is an example of what it is teaching you about I have read many books on similar subjects and most of them are lots of waffle This book is a waffle free zone It’s brief and inspiring It doesn’t do everything for you but it tells you what you need to know to go do it yourself

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    I appreciated the author’s personality though I can see why some reviewers were turned off by it This wasn’t a literary masterpiece but I also knew that going into it and wasn’t looking for that I wanted ideas action items and not to be put asleep This book delivered and I found myself pausing and making notes through every chapter I got what I wanted from it and was never bored by it because of the author’s humor and straightforwardness

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    Engaging and enthusiastic style If you come away from this book with just one new idea it's worth the price of admission I suggest paying attention to the section on self editing His detailed approach is a roadmap to a well polished manuscript

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    Outstanding No fluffHe gives you a system for writing Loved his chapter on titles but would have liked him to share about searches instead of Google using KDP Rocket Makes even sense to me Great job

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    Some really great tips for the novice writer I like the writing style and action steps

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