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Our House 45 STARS Fiona Fi Lawson lives in a very desirable London suburb and she always gets a warm tingly feeling when she enters her street However on this particular beautiful winter's day she spots a removal van outside her house but it can't possibly be her house the house a few doors down has been on the market it must be that one As she reaches her house the realisation that someone is moving their furniture in their personal possessions hits her like a sledge hammer but she'll sort it out won't she? it's just a ridiculous mistake surely Well actually no it isn't a mistake and she desperately needs to contact her estranged husband Bram problem is Bram is nowhere to be found and not only that but their two boys Harry and Leo aren't where they should be eitherWell goodness me what a roller coaster ride of a story this is and what avenues it takes us down as deceit becomes the major player It isn't a thriller in the normal sense of the word but it's gripping nevertheless The characters speak to us through various mediums Bram via Word document and in that respect we get to know much about Bram's part in all this than Fi does You know the old saying Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we set out to deceive? Absorb that thought because this is deceit at its most profound Add in numerous twists and turns and you've got a real winner Thoroughly enjoyed it Thank you to Netgalley and Simon and Schuster for my ARC in exchange for an honest review I'm going to keep this one short and sweet because I've found I don't have much to say that hasn't been said already This wasn't a bad read; the cover is inviting the premise is brilliant and there was even a nice twist thrown in so I did enjoy this overall My main issue was that the middle portion of the story felt bogged down It could just be that I was in a funk when I picked this up and needed something a little fast paced for the moment but I felt the narrative was repetitive and that we were reading the same scenes again and again which caused me to struggle for a bit Overall the majority has raved about this one and I think it's worth picking up to decide if you enjoy it for yourself And by golly that cover is uite stunning I received a review copy via the publisher My reviews can also be seen at Stars Can you imagine coming home one day to find strangers moving their belongings into YOUR home? Unpacking and putting things away while you stand there in shock? Well that’s exactly what has happened to Fiona Lawson in “Our House”The book starts off right at the heart of it Our female protagonist forty two year old Fiona Lawson is heading down her street and sees what looks like someone carrying items into her house She thinks that she must be seeing things But she’s nottwo moving men are clearly walking down HER path taking things into HER houseShe sees a woman who she thinks must be a friend of her estranged husband Bram But when she speaks to this woman she’s in no way prepared for what she hears “We’re just moving in My husband will be here soon with the second van” She's also not prepared for what she sees inside the house ALL of their things are gone The house is emptywell except for the stranger’s things being moved in “I’m telling you – you must have made a mistake I’m telling you it’s not possible for you to have bought a house that was never for sale” Prior to this Fiona and her soon to be ex husband Bram have been sharing custody of their boys as well as their house at 91 Trinity Avenue Whoever's turn it is to be with the children stays in the house with them while the other parent stays somewhere else It’s a fairly new and uniue way of doing things It’s called “ Bird’s nest custody” But right now Fiona has no idea what’s going on Plus she can’t find Bram She calls him but his phone is out of service It’s like he’s fallen off the face of the earth At that moment she realizes her house is the least of her worries Where is Bram? Where are her children? “And in that instant her waking nightmare becomes something so terrifying it has no name” This was such an interesting and uniue read I really enjoyed how the story was told with alternating perspectives I also enjoyed the social media aspect “The Victim” is a podcast where Fiona tells her story Interspersed throughout the novel are comments from listeners of the podcast as well as excerpts from a word document that help to give readers another point of view“This was how human disaster worked you began by trying to conceal a mistake and you finished up here the perpetrator of a hundred further mistakes”Though I did figure out a couple of things ahead of time I was still completely in the grip of this intriguing story An interesting plot some great characters along with a few great twists made this a very enjoyable read I really liked how everything came together in the endIn my opinion Our House was a well written intriguing domestic suspense novel that has me excited to see what Louise Candlish writes nextI'd like to thank Berkley for giving me the opportunity to read this book in exchange for my honest review 4 thrillers are really bad for me trusting other people everyone is a liar stars Roll·er coast·er roll·er coast·er a thing that contains or goes through wild and unpredictable changes Aye you're not wrong there WebsterThis starts right out of the gate and immediately draws the reader in We begin our story with Fiona Fi Lawson arriving home earlier than expected to see strangers seemingly moving furniture in and out of her home without understanding why Upon entering she and these strangers uickly realize that something is amiss The Vaughns have just completed their purchase of a beautiful home in an incredibly desirable neighborhood in London unbeknownst to Fi the now previous owner With this information the story begins and Fi's life falls apart This was one of the most cleverly written and formatted stories I've read in a long time I've honestly never encountered anything uite like this and I really enjoyed it for the most part We are given alternating POVs between Fi and the husband she is currently separating from Bram Not just are we given alternating POVs but the formatting of those views changes as well Fi is now participating in a podcast called The Victim think Serial and she's telling her story first hand We're also given commentary from the viewers in re tweet fashion I really enjoyed the alternating points of view but I will say the commentary from the viewers and their tweets grew tiresome and felt unneeded In the end it felt a little kitschy to me I suppose the point I'm trying to make is that it's hard sometimes to tell the difference between weakness and strength Between hero and villain We're also given Bram's POV through a word document letter that allows the reader to follow along with the information Fi knows and what Bram knows to actually be happening on his end Bram is a decidedly unlikable and unreliable narrator However Candlish did a superb job of creating a lot of empathy through Fiona's emotion and her connection to her soon to be ex husband Despite knowing that he was a Grade A wanker I still felt for his story and through that I felt a deeper connection to Fi No it's not the sense of coming home It's the understanding that what or where or who you love is only ever borrowed There is no permanent ownership not for any of us This ultimately loses a star for me because while it was consistently paced it started to drag a bit in the middle I normally blow through these types of novels and they tend to be very much edge of your seat don't talk to me must finish now and I didn't feel that for the entirety of this read There wasn't wasted time on unnecessary characters but it did feel there was a lot of wasted time on unnecessary detail However despite this when things picked back up in the last third of the book they certainly packed uite the punch The twists for the most part aside from one which didn't feel it had all the proper development were everything a reader could want I was both surprised and satisfied in the end I completed this as a Traveling Sisters read and I'd certainly suggest it to anyone to pick up I hadn't originally thought property fraud would be all that thrilling but I'm happy to report I was yet again wrong Thank you to Edelweiss for a copy of this ARC in exchange for an honest review All opinions presented are my own A domestic noir novel that will pull you into the suspense and shock you with every last twist Wow I am beyond impressed with the new novel Our House by Louise Candlish By 30% through this book I couldn’t have put it down if I tried I first was introduced to Candlish in her previous book The Sudden Departure of the Frasers I loved that book but this one shows a level of growth as a writer that has me positively glowing after reading it This one took ahold of my life and didn’t release me When I finally finished it I couldn’t get over the ending for hours I was shocked and excited—and I’m even excited to share this with readers who will get to experience those twists for the first timeAbout the BookFi and Bram have the perfect house in the perfect neighborhood It’s the sort of neighborhood where outsiders clamor to get in and insiders are desperate to stay in The sort of neighborhood where all of the residents know how lucky they are to live there And each time someone moves out they are aware that none of them are truly entitled to that perfect life They are all just barely able to afford it and one wrong move could send it all tumbling downAnd for Bram and Fi that wrong move comes from a marital indiscretion Determined not to lose their dream home even if she lost her dream husband Fi and Bram set up a birds nest arrangement—the kids stay in the home and Fi and Bram take turns living with them as the custodial parent It’s the perfect arrangement—the boys get a stable environment and Fi and Bram get to keep their perfect just out of reach homeAnd then one day Fi arrives home to see another family moving into her house Frantic and assuming it is a mistake Fi finds the nightmare only gets worse The family claims they purchased the home from her and Bram When Fi tries to reach Bram his phone is disconnected Even worse the boys never arrived at school As the details unfold Fi realizes that she has become the victim of a crime most can only imagine and the only way to hope to find justice means she’ll tell her story to the worldReflectionI loved the story telling mechanisms that Candlish uses in this book to keep the pace moving and the story fresh The book begins the day Fi arrives home to see another family moving into her house Then the book actually moves forward in time but also into the past Several weeks after Fi discovers the new family in her house she is on a podcast called #Victim In the podcast Fi recounts her story from the beginning all the way back when Bram first moved out Fi hopes to bring awareness to this sort of real estate fraud and prevent others from falling victim to the crime she fell victim toAnd then we have Bram’s story written in the form of a letter to an unknown recipient at the same time Fi is on the podcast They tell the story of their marital break up and the crime itself in perfect pace with one another In a style that I’ve come to realize is classically Candlish the story from each person keeps up with the other and a revelation in one person’s story is then picked up in the other’s In this way the plot moves steadily and little tidbits of information come to light with spin from each party And you get the distinct impression neither is telling the full truth The only thing better than one unreliable narrator is two unreliable narrators amirite??This book is truly a slow burning domestic noir masterpiece I read this one over only a few days and when I reached the last page I couldn’t even sit still because my mind was buzzing from the final scene Candlish has a way of dropping hints that the reader completely overlooks But as each twist is revealed the hints add up and make you realize you probably should have been able to tell what was going on the whole time That is how you begin to empathize with the characters When the same things that fooled them fool you as wellCandlish is truly a master of crafting a carefully constructed plot that showcases how easy it is to be tricked into your worst nightmare I am still buzzing from the final reveal days later I can’t wait for readers to begin this one and experience all of the twists themselvesMany thanks to Berkley for sending me an advanced reader copy of this novel to review I loved it I loved our house by Louise Candlish I couldn't put it down it was truly addictive compelling and hypnotic It was by far the best psychological thriller I've read for uite a while and I expect it to do extremely well in the bestsellers chart A family moves into the house they’ve just bought in Trinity Avenue Nothing strange about that Except it is your house And you didn’t sell it Fiona Fi arrives home to find a removals van outside her house Trinity Avenue has been her family’s home for years Where are all her belongings? How could this have happened? Desperately calling her ex husband Bram Fi discovers he has disappeared The Fi uncovers the she realises their lives have been turned upside by a nightmare of their own making A devastating crime has been committed but who exactly is the guilty party? What has Bram hidden from her – and what has she hidden from him?I enjoyed reading Fiona's recollection of the story through a podcast and Bram's through a letterword document interspersed with the events as they happened This was a uniue way of story telling and very creative that was fun to follow and obviously very skilfully put together Although Fi was perhaps a little too forgiving and nice towards her husband it was believable considering her love for the children and the concern for their welfare I personally haven't heard of the 'birds nest' set up before but can see how it could work by putting the childchildren's needs first Property fraud murder adultery secrets lies betrayal double crossing this book has it all and much twists and turns along the way that keep the story exciting and entertaining Many a time I was caught out at the sudden revelationsThe premise of the story is such a frightening scenario especially with the fraudsters being so close to home and it really did have my stomach in a flutter of nerves thinking about it happening to me I will definitely be reading by this brilliant author again as far as I'm concerned Louise has reached the dizzy heights of psychological suspense with professionalism creative imagination and tremendous storytelling I was spellbound to the very last page and uite upset when it ended but wowWith a beautiful cover too this book just oozes to be read and it should come as no surprise that I highly recommend our house to psychological and thriller readers young and old it's tantalisingly good and not to be missed5 stars On a bright January morning in the London suburbs a family moves into the house they’ve just bought in Trinity Avenue Nothing strange about that Except it is your house And you didn’t sell it When Fiona Lawson comes home to find strangers moving into her house she's sure there's been a mistake She and her estranged husband Bram have a modern co parenting arrangement bird's nest custody where each parent spends a few nights a week with their two sons at the prized family home to maintain stability for their children But the system built to protect their family ends up putting them in terrible jeopardy In a domino effect of crimes and misdemeanors the nest comes tumbling downNow Bram has disappeared and so have Fiona's children As events spiral well beyond her control Fiona will discover just how many lies her husband was weaving and how little they truly knew each other But Bram's not the only one with things to hide and some secrets are best kept to oneself safe as houses Our house is a very very very fine housewith two cats in the yardlife used to be so hardnow everything is easy 'cause of youOn Trinity Avenue the sort of domestic bliss described in the lyrics above could not be further from the truthIn this version of Our House secrets and deception reign Our House by Louise Candlish is a taut domestic drama that follows the dual narrative of husband and wife Bram and Fi Lawson The book starts out with a crime a fraud within a marriage and the events leading up to it are then pieced together over the course of the book Through the excellent use of mixed media sources you get both Fi's and Bram's perspectives Hers is told through an extensive interview done for a podcast called The Victim and his is told through a sort of confessional manifesto I have mentioned before that I am absolute TRASH for books that incorporate mixed media sources From Bram Stoker's Dracula Stephen King's Carrie Nick Cutter's The Troop Marisha Pessl's Night Film and everything in betweenI just love how these different elements such as journal entries newspaper articles psychologist's notes and police reports can truly bring a story to life I find overall that this type of format enhances my commitment to a storyline In my opinion Candlish did a really great job weaving the two perspectives together whilst also running it along with a shorter 'present events' perspective If not done well this type of formatting can often become disjointed and confusing but I never felt that hereAs for our protagonists Fi and Graham I didn't like either one of them Fi came off as weak and passive aggressive while Bram is a total coward Did this keep me from enjoying story? Absolutely not I am not a person who needs to like any or all of the characters in the books I read I mean I only like about 50% of the people I meet IRL so how can I expect to be enad with all the book characters I meet? This being said although to me personally Fi and Bram were far from likable I did get drawn down the rabbit hole of deception and absolutely wanted to know the truth behind it I think if we can all learn a little something from this story it would be honesty IS IN FACT the best policyThe ending of this was fabulous Just when I thought at least one thing was going to go the way I wantedDo I think you should read this book? Yes definitely I think this would be a great book to read around the holidays It will make your own family seem so much better by comparison and if that doesn't recommend a book I don't know what will Thank you so much to the publisher Berkley Publishing Group for providing me with a copy to read and review I had a lot of fun with it and look forward to reading from this author 45 Stars Filled With Madness 🌟🌟🌟🌟5 🎵Father wears his Sunday bestMother's tired she needs a restThe kids are playing up downstairsSister's sighing in her sleepBrother's got a date to keepHe can't hang aroundOur house in the middle of our streetOur house in the middle of ourOur house it has a crowdThere's always something happeningAnd it's usually uite loudOur mum she's so house proudNothing ever slows her downAnd a mess is not allowed🎵 Madness Our House 1982Fiona was certainly house proud but whether or not she liked a mess she certainly found herself in the middle of one imagine returning home to find someone else has moved into your house The problem? As far as you know your house was never for sale and why can you not reach your ex husband on his phone? Where is your stuff where are your children? Sounds dreadful doesn’t it?The unraveling of this story was uite brilliant told from Fiona‘s perspective through podcast episodes Fiona was such a likable generous person who absolutely put her children before all else and truly this “bird nest “custody arrangement really played nicely into her house being sold right out from under her BUT I’m absolutely not going to blame the victim here We also got Brahm’s perspective through a letterword doc now it was really hard for me to elicit any sympathy for him he really was a reckless selfish individual The one good thing I can say about him is I do think he truly loved his wife and children he just didn’t know how to go about it but what a horrible mess he left for Fiona to clean upAlong with the podcast and word doc we also got the real time story this was a TS read and some of the sisters found this to be repetitive however I did not I really liked getting to see events unfold from both Fiona and Brahm’s points of view and I felt the use of different medias really kept it freshThis book was such a crazy ride Such a rollercoaster I got all buckled in and then that huge hill that starts your heart kmbeating faster and fills you with anticipation and just when you least expect it you’re headed down that huge hill being turned upside down and then you come to a screeching slamming jarring stop that really is this book so many twists so many turns and an ending that will leave you reelingStrongly recommend this book to all psychological thriller lovers and I hope you enjoy the ride many thanks to Berkley for my copy of this book The beginning draws the reader in it is such a strange happening When Fi returns early from an out of town trip she is surprises and confused to find a new family inhabiting her house Going out of her way to be fair in regards to her cheating husband aware of his love for his sons she had agreed to share custody and to retain the family home The parent would move in and out with the children having a stable environment So how and why could this happen?Secrets intirgue and a format using a television show and Twitter to tell the story We sleep hear from the husband in alternating chapters Twist after twist One would expect this to be a uick moving story but I found it anything but I felt it dragged read extremely slow Plus hearing the story from both viewpoints created much unwelcome repetition I appreciate how this story was put together not sure if it was particularly realistic but the twists were entertaining and clever Never felt any affiinity to the characters either so I ended up thinking this was good okay but not This was a sisters read one in which we had various responses ARC from Edelweiss

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